Monday, June 10, 2013

This Is Lengthy and Linky

It's Hank's actual birthday today. I feel certain that I have written about his birth approximately fifty times so I won't go over it again but I will say that it took me forever to have him and part of me is probably still in labor in some parallel universe but if that is true, then perhaps in a still different one I am being handed my baby over and over and over again, my joy and my ecstasy undreamed of, my baby, my baby, my baby....

Ah well. He's a thirty-seven year old man today and there is no one like Hank in this world. And sure, there is no one like anyone but trust me- there is NO ONE like Hank. He is his own person, true and through, and being his mama is just a huge privilege and a pleasure and has been since day one, second one. I love it when I am introduced to someone as "Hank's mom," because those two words make me sound a whole lot cooler than I ever will be. Still, I just go along with it, nod my head and smile knowing that although I am not nearly as cool as that would imply, I am even more blessed than it would begin to hint at.

Yeah. I'm Hank's mom. And not to make this all about me but Jesus God Almighty, Holy Motherfuck! If he's thirty-seven I must be...really old.

Phew! That party last night! Okay, you would think from the way I talk that I'd prepared a ten-course meal for fifty when in fact, there were only fifteen or so of us here and all we had was salad and bread and pie but as I said, I'm old, y'all, and it took me two days to pull that off. But everyone always pitches in and helps and Sweet Uncle Matt ended up washing a lot of dishes and this morning you'd barely know there'd been a party here at all and I've even taken all the trash and recycle, all evidence of our indulgence erased from sight, even the toys put up, although I did find this this morning, a sweet reminder of how Owen wanted me to tuck in some of his friends before he left after his and Gibson's bath in MerMer's tub.

No party at MerMer's is complete without a bath for the boys. This is a ritual now and it's a good one because they invariably fall asleep on their way home and being in their pajamas makes it a little tiny bit easier on Mama who had worked all day and was so tired. So very tired.
Being a mother means being tired, doesn't it?
But it's also a joy to have naked boys streaking and shrieking through the house and there is always plenty of help to get them wiggled into their pajamas, to kiss and sniff them.
That reminds me. I need to buy baby wash.

Okay. Noted on phone where I have taken to keeping my grocery list. There are two other items on it. They are: Linguine and Vegetable broth.
Do you go visit over at Messy Nessy Chic? 
You should. It's cool. And today Miss Messy Nessy included among her Thirteen Things I Found On The Internet Today, a recipe for this

from the website here .

Are you serious? A pasta dish you cook altogether with no draining? Hell yes. And it includes fresh basil which I am awash with at the moment and we are going to be trying this tonight if Mr. Moon doesn't go out of town and tomorrow if he does. 
I'm far more excited about that than I should be and la-di-dah. Being old enough to remember the invention of fire and cooking and pasta and so forth, I am most appreciative of such a fine-looking one-dish meal. 

Well, I better get moving around here. I'm going to go meet Old Fred for lunch. I watched his latest film the other day. It's a full-length project and as ever, I am in awe of his abilities. The dude writes the script, casts it, films it, edits it, gets it out there. With no budget whatsoever. 
Old Fred is twenty-six.

I know he wants me to "review" the movie but obviously, he's never read any of the movie reviews I've written here which can hardly be called reviews and I am NOT a reviewer. I'll just say that it kept me interested for the entire length of it and despite the fact that neither I nor Bill Murray are in it, there is some superb acting and one of the best first kiss scenes I've ever seen. Also, the very concept of it is cool and somehow he got permission (you DID get permission, right, Freddy?) to film at the FSU Mag Lab which is awesome. 
Here's the trailer.

A little creepy, no?

So. That's it for me today. A lot of links but mostly what I wanted to say is that it is Hank's birthday and this is going to be a fabulous year for him. He graduates from TCC next semester and since Prick Scott relieved him of his state job duties, he has not only gone to college, he's also found jobs that use a few of his many skills and they include being a Trivia Master twice a week, wrangling drag queens, doing free-lance graphics work and getting the gig of lay-out editor of TCC's latest literary magazine.
The most important thing about all of these jobs is that they allow him to mostly keep his normal schedule which is to stay awake until dawn and sleep until a bit after noon. Someone has to stay up all night to make sure the world continues to spin and Hank is one of those people.

So happy birthday, my like-no-other son! Happy birthday and I hope that this year is just the beginning of the most amazing part of an already amazing life. I wish you all good things and more and more and more love.
And thanks for coming to me thirty-seven years ago.
And thanks for finally being born.


And love to you, too...Ms. Moon


  1. Happy Birthday Hank!!! I wish I knew ya. Your momma is one of my favorite people.

  2. Happy real birthday Hank! You do seem cool and so is your mama who is not old but at all but merely just out of her teens when she had you. She tells tall tales about her advancing age. Sweet Jo

  3. Happy Birthday Hank! and happy freedom-from-pRick-Scott as well!

  4. I too have taken to keeping track of pretty much everything on my phone. I just added a reminder this morning that I need to take a picture of my old oak ice box to show a co-worker that just bought one. There is no way in hell I'd remember to do something tonight when I get home at 3pm when I first got the idea at 6am. No way no how. I need my reminders.

    Happy bday Hank and Ms Moon!

  5. Happy birthday, Hank! Give yer mama some sugar. Who's mama's big boy?

  6. Thanks, mama and thanks, everybody.

    We are so blessed, all of us, to have a mama like you. What kind of person would I be without your support? I can't even imagine.

  7. Happy Birthday to Hank! And glad you had such a wonderful celebration. Love tucked-in monkey, btw! :)

  8. Glad Hank's birthday went well! I'm also glad to hear Rick Scott actually did someone some GOOD, though I'm sure it didn't seem like it at the time.

    Interesting movie trailer! Does Old Fred get his films into festivals, or what? How does he distribute them?

  9. Maggie May- You'd love him if you knew him. I promise.

    Sweet Jo- I am not making this shit up. I am old.

    Magnum- Yeah. Turned out to be a real good thing.

    Jill- I call our phones our back-up brains. They really are.

    Nancy- Hank is!

    Mr. Downtown- Well, yeah, but you had to live with the Crazy Woman for a lot of years. I hope that in the end it balances out. I sure do love you.

    Mary- I'm leaving that chimp in the bed because he makes me smile every time I walk past.

    Elizabeth- Thanks, sugar. On Hank's behalf.

    Steve Reed- I think Hank was relieved pretty much from the get-go. But of course it was scary. Freddy does enter festivals and so forth. It's a hard market to break into. He's doing pretty well with it, though. Also, he's an engineer and has invented some things that are his bread and butter.

  10. I'm glad that Hank had a great birthday. He does seem to be a fellow who knows who he is and is without pretense. That's very cool indeed.


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