Thursday, June 27, 2013


Well, my throat is not sore. This is good. However, I still feel like shit.
Maybe that is just a residual of the weeding, the yard-working, the boy-tending, the worry. Or too much gluten. Who knows? Not me.

Lily has been texting me about Owen's refusal to take his medicine. She wishes that I had an idea about how to get him to do that but honest to god, I have nothing that she hasn't already thought of. My kids loved the pink medicine, probably because it was the sweetest treat they were ever allowed to have. Mmmm! Pink medicine! Tastes like yummy SOMETHING!
But it doesn't matter what it tastes like. Owen does not want to take medicine. Not liquid, not chewable caps. Maybe if they made it in the form of gummies.
I am wondering if he was either a Christian Scientist in his last lifetime or perhaps a mule. If Lily does manage to get some down his throat by bribe or milkshake or whatever, he gags it up. I told him that if he doesn't drink it, he's going to have to get a shot in the butt the way we used to do. He doesn't care. Shot in the butt. Bring it on. He told his mother that if she takes him to the museum he'll drink it there.

I've taken the trash. That's about as much as I plan to accomplish today which requires actual movement. I've also called our phone company because there's so much static on the line that we can't make actual conversation. We don't get cell phone reception in the house so a land line is a necessity. Plus, after the Zombie Apocalypse (or a hurricane) when all the cell towers are down, I'll still be able to talk on the phone. To whom, I am not sure. Some old lady in a nursing home with a land line, I guess. Whatever.
Anyway, I'd like to be a witness that CenturyLink has excellent customer service. Once you get to a real human, anyway. You get the feeling that if it were up to them, they'd take off their headsets, jump in their cars and come right over and fix the problem themselves. And probably bring some sandwiches, too, to make up for my inconvenience. They apologize all over the place for what, in this case at least, is not their fault. I'm sure some critter has chewed something. This is always what happens. Anyway, as long as my internet is working, I don't really care in that I hate the phone. Also, the fact that a tech could come by any time and will quite likely need to get in the house, gives me an excuse to stay home.
Win and win.

Moving on. I'm trying like hell to figure out the Feedly thing to replace my beloved Google Reader. I am trying so hard not to be all I-HATE-CHANGE about it. I remember how I fought the New Blogger thing and then when forced to use it, had no problems at all and couldn't remember the Old Blogger if I had to. But it's just not making sense to me. I want a list of my subscriptions and I want it in alphabetical order. Sorry, but I do. And it seems like I should be able to figure that shit out. But somehow, I can't and it would just be ridiculous to have to make Hank come all the way out here to physically sit down with me and show me how to do this shit. Plus, with his new schedule, he doesn't really get up until it's about time for me to go to bed so I'm not sure I'll ever see my son again. So what I'm going to do today is first go through and prune some of my subscriptions and see if I make it a little less daunting. I have subscriptions to blogs which haven't posted in approximately four years. If, by some chance, you happen to notice that I usually comment on your blog and then become silent, I may have accidentally removed you so let me know if that happens. And let me reiterate here that I can't comment on wordpress blogs for various reasons and no, I can't figure it out so if you're on wordpress and I love you and you know it but I never comment on your blog, it's not because I'm an asshole. It's because I'm technically challenged and it has to do with having an account with wordpress myself that I can't seem to cancel.
Anyway, back to Feedly. I went to the help section and it used terms like "transit time." WTF?
So I'll be working on that today.

And that is my boring world. I'm still very, very happy about the overturn of DOMA and honestly, I never thought I'd see such progress in my lifetime. I'm not naive. I know that this ruling is not going to eliminate discrimination or homophobia but it sure is going to make a difference in a lot of people's lives. People that I love, people whom I'll never meet.
I'm a bit appalled at some of the right-wing response, and especially that of the so-called Christians but what do we expect? What absolutely blows my mind is how these people can't understand that it's not about sex which is what their obviously obsessed minds can't seem to grasp. It's about equal rights, it's about love, it's about the family.

Well, I can't even grasp an RSS feed so there you go.

What are you thinking about and dealing with and trying to grasp today? I'd love to know.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Thinking about the fact that my therapist has pancreatic cancer, and today I am going to give her a big chunk of amethyst and a smaller chunk of carnelian. And that the words below for me to type because I am not a robot are "chemso" and "posi"

  2. "I am wondering if he was either a Christian Scientist in his last lifetime or perhaps a mule."

    HAHaaaaa love it... your mindset kills me... how did I come upon your blog... it was recent... hmmmm maybe Lo's? whatever ... I love your attitude. no matter what ... your sense of humor will win

    The folks who depend on an ancient book to dictate their beliefs and judge other folk are so tiresome ~ cherry picking this or that from the book to justify their fears and shortcomings… one shortcoming being … thinking ~ seems to be a lost art amongst this set ..

    okay on second attempt to read verification words... sigh

  3. FDA regulation of mobile medical devices. Seriously. That's what I am trying to get my head around and be a complete expert by tomorrow.


    Carry on.

  4. I'm trying to get my head around leaving for a long scheduled weekend break while my mom may be coming home from the hospital #herbaddaughter #watchmehitthewalll

  5. I am glad your throat does not hurt and that you have to stay home. I used to prefer shots to medicine - maybe Owen and I are related. It is over much faster than the continual swallowing of yucky medicine. Sweet Jo

  6. I'm thinking about stuff that can't be put into words, not right now anyway. I'm glad you're not SICK sick. And I'm saying "Way to go!" to Owen. I like resistance, even if it's fyoo-tile in the end.

  7. Oh man. I am on my third round of antibiotics for strep. Haven't had it since I was a kid! Anyway. If poor Owen does have to get the butt shot, it will be ok and then maybe he'll take the medicine next time. Or maybe not. who knows? Christian scientist. ha!

    I love those bottles dangling in the picture.

  8. have i ever told you how much i love your tree bottles? i do. and a quiet day of being still sounds absolutely right.

  9. Yep, feedly. Takes a while to get the hang of it - at least I am still looking for a couple of handles. But basically - never mind, you'll get there.

    I think it was the meds that my kid refused that made me cherish the value of decent and honest bribes in mothering. Good bribery is regretfully seriously uttunderrated. Maybe Owen knows that.

  10. Just a crazy story to tell about my 3 (or 4) year old that would not take his medicine a long time ago. He was in bad shape from the flu and becoming dehydrated because he wouldn't drink anything either. We took him in the middle of the night to the ER and when he wouldn't cooperate for them either, they strapped him to a cradle board to put an IV in. When he was feeling better soon after, the Dr gave him a popsicle and he willingly slurped it down. The Dr looked at me and said all I had to do instead of bringing him in was to offer him some juice, soda or a popsicle. Really doc? They do not know some of their toughest patients. When some children are stressed they won't cooperate to save their own life! This same boy later choked on gravel in the schoolyard, choked on chicken at the restaurant and darted in front of his school bus in second grade. He also held his kindergarten class hostage with his round tip scissors, until Mom had to come and calm everyone done. Doctors and teachers: go get some more training please.
    Tell Lily to keep calm, this too shall pass. I sure know how she feels though. He's now grown and never had a broken bone, a car accident or even a ticket!
    Sending love to Lily!

  11. Would it work to thaw a popsicle, smush it up, add the medicine and refreeze?

  12. I have some SOS messages out re Feedly....I have signed up, I can see a list of all the blogs I follow(I hate the format but will complain Later) ....BUT THERE ARE NO COMMENTS AND NO WAY TO LEAVE AS COMMENT.
    What good is a blog without comments? I am so fed up the walls are full of new holes and my head hurts. Shitpissfuck.

    Well, maybe Feedly will not have3 word verification.....that would be a plus.

    And while I am ranting, in what year of what century did parents completely surrender all power to their young children?? Is there not a shred of the Fear Factor left? How can anyone possibly raise a child when they are powerless? Can this really be a good thing? One of the many things I cannot possibly comprehend.....sigh.

  13. Spelling? What spelling? I am typing in the dark.

    I just remembered that we once treated a very sick teddy with antibiotics and he made a real mess because he simply would not take the mushy icecream where my feverish little daughter had helped me to hide the medicine in. In the end she had to show him... But I suppose Owen is already way too smart for this.

  14. My daughter had strep, once. She was ten, wouldn't take her medicine. Came or fell down the stairs the next night, couldn't walk. We sat on her, pinched her nose, she opened her mouth, medicine in. She was hours away from rheumatic heart disease. Took it from then on.

  15. Anonymous- My heart goes out to you. I'm so sorry.

    Carolyn- Sometimes all you can do is laugh.

    SJ- You win.

    Denise- Oh honey. You HAVE to go.

    Sweet Jo- He's a stubborn one, that boy.

    Nancy- Yes. I almost admire his will. I have been thinking that you have not posted in quite some time....

    Ms. Vesuvius- What???!!! Don't tell me that. Get well now!

    Angella- I don't feel good enough to appreciate it though. Dammit. Thanks for loving my bottles. I love them too.

    Sabine- I always said I belonged to the Bribe and Distract School of Motherhood.

    Robyn- You win an award for surviving that boy's childhood. You're right about the Power of the Obvious in some doctors.

    Suz- I doubt it. But not a bad suggestion.

    Lo- Click on the titles and you'll go to the regular blog site and you can comment there.
    The problem with fear and kids is that they KNOW you're not going to kill them. Or even (in most families) BEAT them. And honey, children have always been stubborn. This is the way it is.

    Sabine- Sadly, probably.

    Dona Marie- Hello! Well, they did force some of the antibiotic down his throat last night but he gagged it up. Kids.

  16. I'm thinking about how much I love you and what you write and think about. I'm also thinking about how much I hate seeing photos of myself on Facebook that I haven't personally put up there and approved, especially when I look like the fat lady at the circus. I'm thinking about how lame it is to still be worried about that bullshit when you're almost fifty years old.

  17. I have Feedly but the Old Reader is pretty similar to the existing one that is going extinct on July 1. It doesn't have an app for the iPhone though. Sigh--I hate changes like this because the reader just felt good to use and was easy. Oh well....hope that your sore throat is better. I awoke with one this AM.

    My challenge of the day was getting back from a three day outing on the boat and then organizing a Sail meet up with 15 people I hadn't met before. It was fun though. More on that late.

  18. Ha! Just about the time i was wondering why you didn't just get together wtih Hank and be done with it, you literally answered my question as I was finishing up the process of thinking it! It was really weird! Like a conversation of sorts. QUIT freaking me OUT! :-) Just kidding. It was cool.

    I've been haggling with my HMO most of this week so my brain is mush. In the evening I've been listening to Youtubes of Terence McKenna and Ram Dass just to chill my ass out! So, it's been that kind of week.

    Hope ya'll are feeling better soon. Just call hank. You know you want to!

  19. Oh, poor Owen. My boy hated taking medications when he was little. They made him gag. Sometimes it helped to crush it into a fine powder (if it is not contraindicated) and put it in chocolate pudding.

    Christian Scientist...that cracked me up!

  20. I must admit I have not dealt with Feedly, or any reader for that matter. I just click down the list of blogs in my sidebar and read everything that way. Feedly is quite the IN thing, though, so if you master it you will have a valuable talent! :)

  21. Elizabeth- I worry obsessively about things like that and I'm almost sixty so I don't hold out a great deal of hope for things in that area to change for you although you are a more enlightened being than I am.

    Syd- I'm learning Feedly. I can make it work. And it does have a phone app. So that's good.

    Ms. Fleur- Your idea of how to chill is definitely different from mine.

    Birdie- It's a liquid. So, no crushing and mixing.

    Steve Reed- It's not that big a deal, honestly. Just a change, which is always difficult at first.

  22. I love Hank and I am sure he would be happy to help you.



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