Sunday, June 23, 2013

I Don't Know. Looks Just Like A Regular Full Moon To Me


  1. I LOVE that last shot :) beautiful!!

  2. O but it got me right outa bed!


  3. I can't even see it here -- too many clouds!

  4. we had a nice clear sky here but my attempts at pictures were dismal.

  5. I think sometimes the coming up part may be more spectacular than after it's already up... It's normally much bigger looking and sometimes has a yellowish or orange color. Fancy!

    I love your photos. Makes me want to hoooooowl!

  6. I went down to the end of the pier with a folding camp chair, a rum-spiked slurpee to watch the moonrise. It rose from the haze of the delft blue lake, a pink-tinged tangerine in a delft blue sky, shining a pinky-orange reflection across the glassy surface. It was magical, but probably no more than any other moonrise. Probably no more than the two middle-aged girlfriends, imperfectly coiffed and not surgically enhanced who sat on the end of the pier in the moonlight, shoes off, feet dangling, talking and laughing like teenagers. Only this time I was present to witness it all. Life is good.


  7. I thought the same thing last night.

  8. Donna- Howdy, Redneck Princess! And welcome.

    Beth Coyote- I shamelessly slept through it.

    Steve Reed- I'm not sure you missed much.

    Ellen Abbott- I was trotting down the road and all through the yard to get what I got. Was it worth it? Nah.

    Ms. Fleur- Yeah. Especially around October.

    Invisigal- Sounds perfect to me.

    Elizabeth- What was UP with that?

  9. I will post some photos of the moon soon. I was happy to get a few good shots of it.


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