Tuesday, June 25, 2013

What? What?

Well, Gibson does have what Owen had plus he has a little case of impetigo which he had to go to the doctor about yesterday and now Lily has a sore throat which is how Owen's illness started and Lord, this is one of those times, isn't it?
She called me this morning because Gibson threw up his antibiotic (and this is the first antibiotic that either of her boys have ever been on) and I was still asleep at the shamefully late time of 7:55 a.m. and I didn't know what to tell her but now I'm awake and we've discussed it all and she's called the doctor again and I'm going to go into town and pick up some crackers for that little baby boy because he needs to eat something before he takes his medicine and he doesn't want anything she has except breast milk and he has been nursing a lot.
Then I'm going to bring Owen out here so that Lily and Gibson can rest together. I don't have anything else I HAVE to do. I mean, I weeded the garden. That was pretty much enough of an accomplishment for me.

I hope I remember how to operate an automobile.

I talked to Mr. Moon this morning. He is READY to come home. It does seem like he's been gone about a month. It'll be a whole new life, having him back. He texted me and said he wants to come home and kiss his sweet wife's face. I felt like texting him back asking him if he has another wife because I'm not sweet. But I know what he means and I AM his wife and I CAN be sweet if necessary and it will be nice to have my face kissed.

Seems to me that the world, even my tiny small one, can tip and turn in the space of a night and I'm feeling a little bit of vertigo but things will balance back out and it's good to keep your seatbelt fastened because there can always be turbulence, unexpected and a little scary mixed with exhilarating and we go on, hoping that the pilot got a good night's sleep and a healthy breakfast with something from all the food groups and not just a doughnut.

Good morning.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Having been overprescribed antibiotics, I know that's a slippery slope. I hope those babies of yours will be okay, Ms. Moon. And I hope you get a hundred kisses...you deserve every one of them.

  2. I am sorry the babies are/have been sick again. I hope you don't get it too. And your last paragraph is exquisite. Sweet Jo

  3. Hope all your babies feel better soon! And that the pilot has a nutritious breakfast!

  4. e- As I said, this is the FIRST antibiotic for either boy so they have hardly been overprescribed for them but it does indeed happen.
    As to kisses- those boys are being stingier with them than they used to be.

    Sweet Jo- Well, who knows if I'll get it or not? Maybe I shouldn't beg kisses as ardently as I do.

    Angella- Gibson is feeling better but now my baby Lily is feeling punky. Dang viruses.

  5. I had some impetigo when I was a child and I hated antibiotics because they smelled and tasted bad.


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