Thursday, June 6, 2013

Here We Are Again

I've started putting that Solaraze crap on my face and I guess you can't call it crap if it costs over seven hundred dollars a tube but of course I'm not paying for it so I can call it crap and I'm on my fourth day and so far my face hasn't fallen off although I can taste it a little on my tongue after I apply it and it's a bit stingy but hey- three days down, only eighty-seven more to go.

All my wishes for rain and of course we've got us a tropical storm already, five days into the season. Andrea. Her name is Andrea.

I believe we shall be getting all the rain I wanted and maybe not too many winds. Keep your fingers crossed for Hank who has planned for months to go to the island with his friends for his birthday. MONTHS and of course, well, we shall see. I talked to him last night and he said that if the captain of the boat will take them, they're going. 
I should have thought about hurricane season getting in the way of him celebrating his birthday when I got pregnant. 

So, stingy face, rain and rain and rain and I'm going to town today to go with Lily to a check-up appointment for Gibson. "Be prepared," she warned me. "He's getting shots." 
She knows that I do sometimes cry when this happens. 
I'm so silly. 

I made fish tacos last night. I'd never made them before. How can this be? I don't know but they were delicious. Mr. Moon caught the fish and we grew the cabbage I shredded and some of the peppers I cooked to go with them. Then I had heartburn and couldn't get to sleep until after one a.m. and too bad, it was worth it, those little bites of garlicky, lime-soaked, chili-powder-sprinkled fish I cooked, wrapped up in velvety warm corn tortillas with avocado and thinly sliced cabbage with green onions and cooked onions and peppers and the sauce I made to go over it all and the jalapenos. 
Hell. I'd do it again but we ate it all so forget it until next time. 

And that's the news and I have to get ready to go to town and I have one more bank account I shared with Mother, unbeknownst to me to shut down and I need to do that too and it's a rainy day and so not too hot and maybe my son and his friends will be able to cross the bumpy water of the bay and go to the island and hang out at the house and watch the beautiful rain fall on the water and play cards and do all the things they love to do there with the exception of going to the beach and swimming although if I know these folks, they may do that anyway.
I surely hope they can go.

Let's all stay safe, okay, because maybe it wasn't the fish tacos that kept me awake but a little tiny bit of worry. No. Really it was the tacos. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I knew a girl named Andrea in high school. She was a short little firecracker. Let's hope yours is too.

  2. That's a no go. Damn storm. We'll try again later this year.

  3. Dang. It's fire we fear here on the left coast. Stay safe. Oh, and send me one of those fish tacos!

  4. Oh, I am so sorry for Hank being his birthday and all. I wonder if there is a pretend way of being on Dog Island. That's silly but I wish him a happy celebration anyway. And I hope you don't cry when Gibson gets his shot. But bring on the rain. It is gloomy here in S. CA but I just got my car washed so I'd prefer the rain stayed away for a bit. Happy day. Sweet Jo P.S. I think you were making fun of my "dark" side. I shouldn't have vented on your blog. I might be getting a reputation that is undeserved.

  5. Oooo! Now my mouth is watering for fish tacos, and i just (just) finished my lunch! They sound so spicy good!

    I hope Andrea doesn't amount to much. Stay safe though. Maybe she just has a mild cough and not too much gas...

  6. I'm making me some gaspacho today in honor of our 80 degree weather. The lake is too cold to swim but we there's time for some cold soup!

    Be safe in Florida, honey lamb.

  7. Here's hoping you and yours stay safe, Ms. Moon!

  8. Sorry that Hank can't go. Hopefully, the storm will go by and all you will get is rain. Roads are flooding downtown here. But that happens anyway. No charter for me tomorrow to captain. I can use the day to rest and enjoy the rain.

  9. heartinhand- Andrea has her own Facebook page. It's hysterical.

    Mr. Downtown- Yes. There will be other opportunities although I am so sad you didn't get to go today.
    Ah, love.

    Denise- Those fish tacos were amazing. I'll be doing that again.

    Sweet Jo- He did mention drinking some margaritas so perhaps the idea is not crazy at all. And of course I was teasing you about your dark side. You tickled me.

    Mary- I think we are mostly out of harm's way for this one.

    Beth Coyote- If my tomatoes ever make and my cucumbers get big and fruit, I will make gazpacho too! Thank you for reminding me.
    And we are fine, dear lady.

    Lynne- We are! Cozy. Thank you.

    Syd- Yes. You need a day of rest and rain enjoyment. Very much.

  10. I thought of you this morning when they were talking about Andrea on the radio. I hope you get just the right amount of rain. Fish tacos might be my favorite meal. So that takes care of tomorrow's dinner.

  11. Those fish tacos sound great! When I first saw them on a restaurant menu, I thought, "Really?!" But I've grown to like them a lot. Never made my own, though.

    Too bad about Hank's birthday. I hope he can reschedule his trip, if not the birthday itself.


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