Friday, June 7, 2013

The Famous Mr. Peep

Stood at the fence today and spoke to Owen, a sort of throat-music and allowed the boy to reach in and stroke his Mr. Peep beard. 

So much more. But that is enough. 

Okay, this. 

That's all I need to say. 


  1. Yeah, nothing more needs to be said of your day. Here in L.A. we are bombarded by news of yet another seeming domestic situation that ended in 6 dead and closing down the streets in Santa Monica, just a few miles from my home. Since I have always turned my bad feelings inward, I am absolutely unable to even understand how one could hurt innocent people thru their insanity. I wish I could pet a chicken right now. Sweet Jo

  2. It was a weird day in my corner if the world too but coming here soothes my soul...that Gibson. His smile lights up everything doesn't it?

  3. That is one fine turkey. I hope he's a pet and not dinner.

  4. I wonder what it feels like to be a turkey and have someone stroke your wattle? That's got to be strange.

  5. I'd be Mrs. Poop if I was standing that close to Mr. Peep.

  6. Sweet Jo- We pet our chickens every chance we get. They do not exactly like it but we do. It is soothing. I wish you could do the same.

    Angella- He's like a damn Christmas tree, that boy. So is Owen, really, but he won't let me get his picture like that very often.

    NOLA- God yes. He's a pet. Believe me.

    Steve Reed- Turkeys are somewhat alien if you ask me.

    Heartinhand- Well, he is behind a fence. So there is that.

  7. I think Owen might like this, it makes me laugh in sympathy - love when the guy can't keep going cause he's laughing so much :)

  8. Nice turkey! And that rooster of yours isn't any slouch either.


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