Thursday, May 30, 2013


Dear god it was a busy day.
Here's a partial list of the things we did:
Let the chickens out of their coop and fed them their scratch.
Checked for eggs. Found three.
Had choose-your-own breakfast. Owen chose Honeynut Cheerios. Gibson choose a scrambled, very fresh egg. Damn. You should see that kid eat eggs. It's...almost scary.
Fed goats.
Played with the rope that's been hanging down from a branch on an oak tree since before we moved here.
Played tea party AND washed the tea party dishes. Washing up was done by Owen in the bathroom sink.

Played with animals on Mer and Boppy's old bed (now known as Jessie and Vergil's bed).
Went to the side porch and sat in the swing for a little while.
Walked around the back yard a lot. We discovered a darling little begonia reborn from one planted last year in the old cement swan.

Climbed the fig tree. Okay, only Owen did that.
Discovered many baby figs. We won't get to eat any because the squirrels will eat them all but it's a cheerful sight anyway, to see all those nice little green figlets.
Pretended to ride horses across the yard. Gibson's and my horse was pretty slow. And no, WE DID NOT PRANCERCISE NOR WILL WE EVER!
Made popcorn in the Whirely Pop as predicted and shared with the chickens. More on the Whirely Pop in a moment.
Told jokes. I decided today to try and introduce Owen to the elephant joke. He sorta didn't get it but he laughed. Then he told me some jokes. I sorta didn't get them either but yes, I laughed. We are a polite people.
Cleaned up a poop.
Cleaned up a broken shot glass. ("Don't tell Boppy!")
Had lunch. Here's Owen munching on the most beautiful heirloom carrot that our friend Tom brought over last night.

Rested. Haha!
Played one and one half games of Candy Land.

I'm sure there was more. I know I also washed dishes twice, got two loads of clothes done, and tried until I almost cried to get Gibson's car seat put back together with all of the straps in the right place after I washed the pad because it got wet yesterday in the unexpected rain storm. Long story. Anyway, I never did figure that motherfucker out and Jason had to do it and I feel like an idiot and think that maybe they should use this exercise as one of the challenges on Survivor. Owen kept saying, "That's not how it goes, MerMer!" and dammit, he was right. Unfortunately, he was too busy playing with his Megazord and breaking shot glasses to do it for me.

Needless to say, MerMer is exhausted. Mr. Moon just asked me if I'd gotten those seeds planted yet. He is lucky that he still has a head.

Okay. The Whirely Pop. I've been meaning to discuss this. I got everyone in the family one of these things for Christmas and they are absolutely fabulous. If you, like me, are somewhat suspicious of microwave popcorn and don't mind twirling a handle for a few minutes you can enjoy fabulous popcorn with very little added fat.
It looks like this:

Go HERE to check it out.
I highly recommend the Whirely Pop for all of your popcorn needs. 
This is a completely unsolicited and unpaid recommendation. 

Well, I guess that's it. An action-packed, fun-filled day in which jokes were told, chickens were fed, popcorn was whirled and Owen won Candy Land for about the ONE MILLIONTH TIME IN A ROW! 

Here's hoping your day was every bit as exciting as mine. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I have never heard of an heirloom carrot! Sweet Jo

  2. A happy day but an exhausting day. Someone gifted me a Whirley Pop a few years back, before I was ready to appreciate it, and I gave it away. Damn tragic.

    "Don't Tell Boppy" just seems perfectly meme ready. A code phrase, perhaps, for an afternoon drink. Come on over for a Don't Tell Boppy.

  3. LOL on the shot glass. You had a busier day than I did. We went to the local garden center to buy some flowers. That was really fun.

  4. I'm exhausted just contemplating the fullness of your day but delighted too. What imaginations you all have! And Ms moon could it be you watch survivor? How have we never talked about this?

  5. Hilarious. I need an unsolicited Whirly-Pop.

    Thing is, I'd add a ton o' butter anyway. :-)

    Looks like you had a great day and I want to try that carrot!

  6. He is lucky that he still has a head!! You'd think he'd know better than to say something like that by now. :)

  7. Stephanie- I want a lifetime supply of them. They are gorgeous and delicious.

    Sweet Jo- He does a seed exchange thing.

    Ms. Vesuvius- Haha! Perfect!

    Syd- I shouldn't let him drink his water out of shot glasses but it makes him so happy. What kind of a grandmother am I?

    Angella- I used to watch it. Not so much anymore.

    Nicol- Yes, but at least it would be real butter.

  8. Mama D- He tried to act like it had been a joke. I was not laughing.

  9. I won't tell Boppy. I promise!

  10. Will you be my grandma? Your day sounds like it was so much fun. And I may have to get one of those Whirly-pops. I don't like microwave popcorn and I always make a mess when I make it in a pan.

  11. I love eggs, Ever does too. ANd then, a few weeks ago, I saw a documentary where an enormous lizard stole a big egg from a bird nest, smashed it open, dunk his head in and began drinking it, every now and then looking up and around with yellow egg sliming from his big lizardy mouth. And ever since, eggs have not been the same.

  12. It all sounds so terrific, particularly the Whirly Pop. I think I might order one because we definitely need another cooking utensil in our house! Also, I'm amazed that you played Candyland. Since you are my grandmother model, I was hoping that this part of being a grandmother would not happen but sadly it appears to have --

  13. What in interesting color for a carrot! I've never heard of a Whirely Pop, though I used to have one of those hot-air poppers years ago. It made popcorn that tasted like styrofoam. I kind of decided that oil is just the price you pay for decent popcorn.

    Sounds like everyone had quite a full day!

  14. Hello me luv. I just wanted to say the the Whirley Pop has changed our lives in a most delightful way. It's a party on the stove.

    Love you!!
    Can't wait to see you!!


    xo xo

  15. I think Prancercizing is just how folks should amble down the lane. It's perfect for Lloyd!


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