Thursday, May 16, 2013

Random Thoughts In A Random World By A Random Woman

Jesus. I slept so hard that I can't seem to wake up this morning. It's like I was drugged, which I was most certainly not. The boys will be here in about an hour and Jessie and Vergil should be getting in sometime in the early afternoon. They split the drive up and started from Asheville after Jessie got off work last night and if all went according to plan, stayed the night a little bit south of Atlanta. They try to time things up so that they'll be in Omega, Georgia at lunchtime. According to Wikipedia, Omega has a population of 1,340 people and it is a small town but within it is the Maria y Jesus Tacqueria and it's worth the effort to get there for lunch.
They do not serve Tex-Mex. They just go with the Mex. Stepping in that little room is like being back in Mexico and it fills up fast at lunch time.
I love immigration!

So there's a lot going on in the news. Angelina Jolie and her preventative mastectomy has created a small firestorm. She wrote an op-ed for the NYT about why she did it and what the procedure was and I have to say that the woman is incredibly pragmatic and even though my breasts are not world-famous I think I would have a very hard time doing what she did and I admire her for it.
If you have been in ICU with your eyes taped shut and your ears stopped up for the last few days, you can read the op-ed here. 
Also, in a sort-of related but sort of-not way, the latest issue of Vanity Fair magazine has Angelina's world famous fiance on the cover and I'm keeping that thing around because, well, here you go:

Dude is pretty.
Dude is really pretty.
On a good-looking male-human being scale, he's right up there. In my opinion.

Then there's also all this other stuff lighting up the internet and news services, mostly White House stuff and Obama is being compared to Richard Nixon and the Republicans are going crazy and to be honest, I'm letting it all happen without a lot of thought or contemplation on my part. I can't seem to parse what's real which I should get all huffy about and what's a bunch of pro-active crap on the part of the Republicans to slur Hilary Clinton before the next election and the whole Democratic party in general.

I am very happy that Minnesota has become the 12th state in the nation to legalize gay marriage. Good for them! Slowly but surely things are changing. One day (I swear!) we will look back on all of this and just be all What the FUCK was that all about? 

Meanwhile, Florida is still as firmly stuck in the Old Testament Bible Belt as surely as a tick stuck up the butt of a fat old redneck but Florida is a pretty strange place and maybe even here things will change one day. I sure hope so.

And so here I am, just taking care of what I have to take care of and barely adequate to that. I better go get ready for those boys. I wonder what sort of devilment they will get up to today. One never knows.
To be quite frank, one can never be quite sure about anything, to tell you the truth, except that the sun will come up, we were born, we shall die, and the inbetween can be interesting, boring, incredibly difficult and unbelievably joyous.
And there will be taxes and tears and if we are very lucky, some really good tacos now and then.

Yours truly...Ms. Moon


  1. Ummm...thanks. It's 8:30 AM here, and now I want tacos for breakfast.

    Oh, And Brad Pitt. I want Brad Pitt for breakfast too.


  2. I haven't been in ICU with eyes taped and ears shut but I may as well be for all the news I get. no tv no radio and only limited internet stuff. I do occasionally see tabloids at the supermarket, always good for a giggle.
    Brad Pitt for breakfast, lunch, dinner AND a snack.

  3. I definitely think Brad Pitt has gotten better looking with age. How come that never happens for us women? It's not fair. And you have summarized life in a nutshell in one paragraph, quite nicely. I don't know how you do that. That's why I keep coming here.

  4. How exciting to see Jesse and Virgil AND the boys! Have a great time! Sweet Jo

  5. Taxes tears and tacos - wonderful memoir title, you should sell that to someone :)

    I'm not brave enough to get the BRAC test... maybe I should... I dunno...

  6. I too admire Angelina Jolie for what she did and her children will hopefully have her around for a much longer time because of it. Speaking of children, I saw two of yours on Mother's Day when I had brunch at the Mockingbird. My youngest grandson enjoyed meeting Hank and flirting with May!

  7. What wonderfulness is ahead today!

    I love your random thoughts. I am sort of letting the political news wash over me for a while. i don't have the energy to work out what's what.

  8. I loved this post.

    And the news is washing over me as well -- although I liked the idea of Obama just being like Warren Beatty in "Bullworth" -- I've been wanting a Bullworth to tell us what to do and what he thinks for years and years and years.

  9. Yay for yummy tacos! And yes, Angelina has lots of courage for sure and her fiance is one of the best looking dudes on the planet! Glad your boys are visiting. :).

  10. I think the political "scandals" of late aren't producing much reaction in you because they're not really scandals. If there were truly something to be outraged about, you'd be outraged. As it is, most people are just confused.

    (I'm outraged about the AP reporters being phone-tapped by the Justice Department, but that's probably because I used to be a reporter.)

    Anyway, have a great time with Vergil and Jessie. That lunch place sounds superb. I'm already wondering if I can drive up to Omega when I'm in Florida in July!

  11. I was not in the ICU but I did not know this. Not sure how I missed this. Whether it is A.J. or any other woman, she has made a good decision. A friend of my mom's was diagnosed with breast cancer and refused to have her breasts removed. She is now dead. And for what? I have wanted to look into checking how high I am at getting breast and ovarian cancer. As you know Ovarian cancer took my mom and my grandma had breast cancer before age 40.

    I will take a taco anytime! Mmmm!

  12. The current news is confusing. I want to tell the Prez to kick ass with the people who are causing the distractions. No more fodder for Rush and his ilk.

    Yes, Angelina was brave and considered science and probability when making her decision.


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