Friday, May 24, 2013

We'll, its been a pretty sweet day. The sun is taking it's slipslide journey down to its pink and gold descent. Owen and Boppy are flying a kite and the wind is picking up which is lovely because it deters the persistent biting flies which have pestered us all day. 
The bamboo chimes are knee-knocking like merry skeletons and the tide is going out to reveal the secrets of the flats. 
The men went fishing and I napped with Gibson and Lily napped with Owen and when we got up I made cookies and then we went down to the water again and played with the naked babies. 
I really can't think of anything much better. 

As with so much of my life these days, I am thinking deeply about what these boys will remember either consciously or -un. I deeply and truly hope that they do retain some sense of what this part of planet Earth is like. The water, the sea creatures, the sand and the great, wide sky. The way their parents and grandparents love them. 

This, I think is the best thing they could take with them as they grow into adults. And selfishly, I realize that in this process, they take their parents and Glen and I too into an ever-more deep appreciation of it all and in doing so offer us whatever genuine joy there is in this thing we call life.  

The whole messy, chaotic, simple grandeur of it. 

That's the report from Dog Island, Florida tonight. 

And happy birthday, May. And Bob Dylan too. Let's all live long and prosper. 



  1. They will remember all the lovely things you do, it will be in their bones. Sweet Jo

  2. That truly looks like paradise, and I imagine they have paradise in their genes and now tissues and organs and skin and smiles.

  3. I'm sure they'll remember all of this on some level -- or at least it will be incorporated into their identities and character. You're raising them in an environment of security and family and appreciation for the Florida landscape. How could that NOT make a difference?

  4. OH those boys! Such gorgeousness.

    Love your holiday posts. And Happy Birthday May!


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