Tuesday, May 21, 2013

No Real Point Here But I Love Mel Brooks And President Obama

I'm going to the dermatologist this morning to get those precancerous (possibly) places frozen on my face and of course I'm experiencing high anxiety merely because it's a doctor thing and also, we are going this weekend to Dog Island with Lily and Jason and the boys, and the men are going to fish to replenish the freezer with grouper (hopefully) and that is causing me a little anxiety, too- three days in that tiny house with two small boys and it's going to be hotter than blazes and there's only so much time little ones or big ones can be outside in that, even with sun screen and my god, I haven't had a second's downtime, it seems since January or even way before then, and then I look at the pictures from Oklahoma, people carrying children out of the devastation and I think, "Oh, shut up, Mary. Shut up, shut up, shut up."

Which doesn't work. Not really. It only adds fuel to my fire which of course is built on the flames of life's uncertainties and fragility.


Speaking of High Anxieties, we watched the PBS Master's show last night about Mel Brooks and it was a good program. One of the things I liked most about it was a clip from when Brooks received the Kennedy Center Honor from Obama a few years ago. I heard him yesterday on NPR, talking about receiving that award and how they had offered it to him when Bush was president but he politely refused it then, saying that he thought he'd wait for another president to give it to him. Which cracked me up. It turns out that Mel Brooks has suffered anxieties and depression his whole life and yet, with his comedy, he has created so much laughter which to my mind, is one of the best antidotes to those two horrible devilments of the human mind ever devised.

Here's sort of a fuzzy clip of that video. I love the part about God creating every tenth Jew to be crazy in order to relieve with amusement the perpetual lamentation of the Jews.

I wish I could be amusing today but I am not and now I need to go and take a shower and get ready to present my old, wrinkled, sun-stained and blemished skin to the doctor.

My perpetual lamentation goes on, even as I know I am crazy.

Be well, y'all. Let's all try to find something to laugh about today.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I Couldn't agree with you more. I heard the Mel Brooks interview. He and Ann Bancroft as a couple always made me smile. What an interesting marriage they must have had!

  2. We watched that also. well, most of it. the man is so funny, knows no boundaries.

  3. Thank you for this, Ms. Moon. I hope all goes well at the dermatologist.

  4. That tornado came within 8 miles of my parents house. Scary. Scary.

    OKC has become another one of my numerous homes. It's heartbreaking to see it so destroyed.

  5. Thank you for posting this clip. Yes I love these both too and the tenth jew story. Today I laughed with a colleague and it felt good. My face feels frozen and my mouth downturned most of the time just now. I feel unable to laugh and let myself go so your post today was a reminder. I was going to post something about Obama today also but it would have been deadly serious. I lost my funny bone somewhere.

  6. I watched it too! Very funny man, Mr. Brooks. I didn't know that Pres Bush had offered him the award first, and he declined! Lol. Good for him i say. I woudn't want to accept anything from W either. I'm grateful every day that Obama is President now. And i'm rooting for Hilary in 2016.

  7. I adore both Obama and Mel rooks....thanks for posting that clip.......

    .....and, Mary....are you sure you are not Jewish?.......

  8. Kris- Isn't that the truth? He must miss her so much.

    Ellen Abbott- I think he does know where the boundaries are. It's just that he chooses to cross them.

    e- Thanks, honey!

    Rachel- So horrific. I am glad your parents are okay.

    Anonymous- If I had one wish, it would be for the ability to make people laugh. I swear.

    Mary- Your lips to god's ears.

    Lo- I have often wondered that myself. I think I would have made an excellent secular Jew. Not so much with the religion part, though. The culture part has always delighted me.

  9. I do see you as someone with that ability dear Ms Moon. Maybe I got you wrong but I don't think so.

  10. I don't like getting those precancerous things burned off my face and arms. It hurts for sure. Good that you are going to Dog Island though.


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