Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Oh Wolf

Go HERE to read what this picture is about.
Or, watch the video:

Would Mr. Blitzer also feel it necessary to ask a parent whose child did not survive the tornado if he or she was cursing the Lord?

I seriously doubt it.


  1. Well that was awkward. Even if you are in the habit of thanking the Lord.

  2. Me, shaking head, wondering about fellow humans.

  3. She neither thanks the(ir) lord nor blames him. As it should be. And not to be unkind to those that do this but really, what good is it, does it do to pray for the victims of the tornado? I've seen so many memes on FB...join a prayer chain, sending prayers, etc. Are those prayers going to resurrect those people's homes and belongings? Will it send down manna from heaven so they can eat? Will praying for those people do anything at all to help them or better their situation? No.

  4. Gradydoctor- No kidding. AWKWARD! And really piss-poor journalism.

    Syd- Agreed. Me too.

    Ellen Abbott- I feel the same exact way. What in hell good does it do?


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