Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Pretty Good Day

 Has anyone noticed anything weird about the way Blogger is uploading pictures or is it just me?

I was going to show you what my grandsons looked like at 7:30 a.m. this morning but I appear to be having image problems. Anyway, let me just say this- they looked WILD!

By the time they'd been here an hour they'd had smoothies, cheese toast, torn up the kitchen, and were well into pretending to camp. With all of the stuffed animals. I seriously wasn't sure I was going to make it. However, there may be a god. As proof I offer the fact that they both, for the first time since I've been taking care of Gibson, took a nap. At approximately the same time! There was some overlap. I knew Gibson was going down so we all piled on the bed and I put a movie in and Gibson fell asleep and I sort of dozed while Owen was pitching and twitching but then he finally fell out too. I couldn't believe it! The main problem was that the movie was Tarzan, music by Phil Collins and he annoys me. He's like an emory board to my nervous system. Not a pneumatic drill or a hammer, but definitely an emory board. I finally got up and cut the damn thing off.
But another nice thing was that Gibson woke up before Owen and so I got to spend some time with just him, which is also very rare. We read books and he proved to me that he knows what eyes are by poking mine and saying, "Eye," and he realized that I have breasts and went searching but couldn't really find them and I blew bubbles for him and we just had a fine time.
Then Lily got here and Owen woke up and there was watermelon and they left and Hank and some of his posse showed up and well, it's been a good day.

So okay, I remembered why this Eating All Healthy And Shit diet works. It's because if you're not eating crap food which ALWAYS TASTES DELICIOUS, you realize you're not really that hungry.
"More salad, Mary?"
"Nah, I'm good. Thanks!"
"How about a few more raw almonds?"
"Oh, I think I'm full!"

Let's face it, there's not only always room for Jello, there is also always room for cheese toast and leftover blackberry cobbler.

I've been cooking soybeans all day and the brown rice is almost done and I have broccoli and tomatoes in foil in the oven with a little olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper and Bragg's Liquid Aminos which is pretty tasty stuff and I suppose it must be good for us. The sun is going down and painting the magnolia leaves gold and things are real quiet and peaceful in Lloyd. I've got two movies from the library for us to choose from to watch and the boys won't be here until a little after nine tomorrow so all is well. The Confederate Jasmine is having a banner year in the scent department and I can smell it all over the yard and on all the porches and it finally warmed up some today. My hot water heater is making hot water and since hot running water and libraries are, in my opinion, the apex of civilization, I'm feeling pretty sassy and civilized and shit.

All right. Talk to you tomorrow. The newlyweds will be arriving in the early afternoon, I believe, and that'll be a whole other party.

Sleep well. I intend to.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Oh, isn't that the truth about food and what's good for us?

    My squishy bits are squishier than ever and I don't like this situation one bit. I just feel that I have no real control here in Morocco, so I need to find some. Or go to France, where I'm sure I won't be tempted at all by those pastries and cheeses. sigh. Hopefully soon I'll end up in a country that will provide me with the dysentery diet.

    Please keep inspiring me to be healthy!

  2. I learned in one of my Anthropology classes this term that irrigation is one of the reasons that state-level societies flourished in seven different spots on the planet. Running water leads to calmer brains which leads to libraries, museums, and lovely tiled courtyards. Enjoy your movies, beautiful Mary Moon!!!

  3. bragg's liquid aminos. now that is some straight up hippie shit right there, which is just fine with me.


  4. "and since hot running water and libraries are, in my opinion, the apex of civilization, I'm feeling pretty sassy and civilized and shit."

    yes. yes, yes, yes.

  5. I'm excited to be reminded of the existence of Bragg's.

  6. I can't get Picasa to upload photos to Blogger. It used to work just fine, but now it tells me to delete cache. It's aggravating. Hope you get it sorted out on your end.

  7. You are on a good roll. A good night's sleep tonight will be icing on the cake. Sweet Jo

  8. Bragg's Liquid Aminos? That's a new one on me. Sounds like a good day, though. :)

  9. I've never heard of Braggs either, but you can bet I'll be looking for it now.

    I'm intoxicated with the scent of everything this year too, but it feels like my olfactories are going the way of my eyesight, blurry, mostly. So when I smell something lovely, I pay attention.

    I'm in complete agreement about the apex of civilization and marvel at hot water and electricity daily. Especially since we went from heat to air conditioning in one day. Sheese.

    I know you will have the best time ever with the newlyweds, you'll likely weep happy tears a dozen times. Enjoy.

  10. I think Google is doing weird stuff with blogs and Picasaweb. They are getting rid of Reader and wanting Google Plus to be the go to thing.

    The honeysuckle and jasmine are intoxicating here.


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