Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Just When You Need It Most

Thought I'd pretty much licked that insomnia problem and have been sleeping peacefully and well for weeks now, even in different beds, even away from home. Even before trips.
But of course last night, with the boys coming early this morning, I awoke and awoke and awoke and finally just gave up and got up and the dawn is cracking, the roosters are crowing, two boys are coming soon and it's going to be a long day.
I hope it's a good one.
I hope Owen's brain worm has been left at home.


  1. I'm sleepy as can be today so I think I am connected to you in that way right now! I'm driking my ridiculously expensive coffee house drink and I am sure you'll be sipping your espresso from Ms. Moon's coffee house.

    Have fun with those boys. That brain worm seems to be behaving itself lately so I hope today is one of its good days.

  2. maybe you can all take a nap together. good luck!

  3. Oh how I hate insomnia. I'm sorry. Sweet Jo

  4. I know that I have a brain worm.


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