Monday, May 13, 2013

Home Life

Ah. Lloyd. It's a beautiful, cool morning here and everything is fully leafed creating deep spaces of shadow within the brilliant light. Pools of light, pockets of shadow, sweetness all around.

The confederate jasmine is blooming, the small white flowers so powerful that they take your breath away and replace it with perfume.

The garden.

The amount of snow peas ready to pick is ridiculous. What in god's name am I going to do with this many snow peas?

The oak leaf hydrangea has begun to bloom, it's paper-thin and delicate blossoms like a Japanese dream on their beefy, leafy stems. 

And of course my chickens are happy. I have let them out and they are doing their daily dance. They strut, they scratch, they chitter-bawk around the yard. 

Everything just seems shot-full of life and I am here to pay witness with a heart-full of gratefulness.

I'm going to see my boys in a few hours and am more than grateful for that. 

Fullness. Fulfilled. On with this day filled with light in North Florida, so strangely cool, so completely where I am so alive. 


  1. what a lovely welcome home for you....all that beauty... And jasmine! I have two outrageously out of control vines that I occasionally scalp. Yesterday yielded a fat clump of blossoms I lay on the mantel and the fragrance is beyond sweet and lovely.

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  2. those kids have the best day care possible.

  3. Hydrangeas are my very favorite flower, though I love the name "Confederate jasmine". I'm glad you are home in your beautiful part of the world. I'm sure the chickens are happy.

  4. beautiful....have been chitter-bawking about the house myself today waiting on someone getting back to me with possibly life altering information and it's been nearly 2 weeks now!!x

  5. perfect. happy monday, dear friend.

  6. Ms. Yo- I cut that jasmine back every winter like crazy. Otherwise, it would take down the fence and it may anyway. But when it blooms...
    Yes. Heaven.

    Magnum- I have to agree. Not to be all proud-y about it but I do have to agree.

    Ms. Vesuvius- I love hydrangeas too. The oak leaf and the tamed, blue and pink versions. They are stout and they are lovely. I dry the oak leaf blossoms and they last forever and it's a different sort of beauty.

    Young at heart- For some reason, that scares me. I hope and wish that all is well.

    Angella- It is GOOD here today and I am all the more aware of that for having gone away. Thank YOU, dear friend.

  7. Welcome home! Your garden is so lovely. I am sure it takes a lot of work but the results are likely that much more satisfying. I bet your boys are excited to see you today too! Have great fun. Sweet Jo

  8. I think we all love Lloyd at this point. I sure do.

  9. spent the entire day yesterday in the yard, puttering and planting. we also have all our shade back but it has been surprisingly cool this May.

  10. For heaven's sake.....freeze the extra snow peas. That's what to do with them.

  11. Those chickens crack me up!

    I need to start planting tomatoes. We had snow a-week-and-a-half-ago, so I've held off. But, it's time.

    Glad you're home.

  12. I could smell the Confederate jasmine and the honeysuckle from the boat. It was wafting across the water. Heavenly smells of fresh flowers and summer coming on.
    The garden looks great!

  13. Sweet Jo- I think my boys WERE happy to see me. I got great hugs and many kisses.

    Elizabeth- Oh. That makes me so happy.

    Ellen Abbott- I have never, ever seen a May this cool. I am wearing socks and a jacket. Ridiculous! But lovely sleeping.

    Lo- You're right! I should give some away, though. They're so good just off the vine.

    Nicol- Get them maters in the ground, girl! Surely it cannot snow again, right?

    Syd- Well, the bugs are already munching on peppers and tomatoes. I swear. Is it worth it?

  14. Chitter bawk! What a great way of describing that sound -- I can HEAR them!


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