Wednesday, May 29, 2013

And Then

The earth became a place of more ease and a storm came through and burst the sky with first thunder and lightening and then rain, powerful and beautiful.
And this.

And then, this.

I even got my closet squared away.

Twenty-four hours can make the biggest difference in the whole wide world. 


  1. I love that last picture? Is there anything better than the sweet weight of a baby falling asleep on you??

  2. Ditto Nicol and I love Gibson's tiny hand on Mr Moon's big hand. Sweet Jo

  3. the cuteness factor...through the roof.

    AND a claw foot tub! of course.

    so glad the storm washed the world clear again.


  4. Pictures are worth a thousand, indeed.

  5. Glad that peace of mind has returned. It's all good.

  6. Nicol- Agreed.

    Mama D- I do not think there is.

    Sweet Jo- I am so glad you noticed that.

    Gradydoctor- We have cute boys, don't we? You and I both.

    Jill- They are so joyful.

    Elizabeth- When they're not pooping in the bath.

    Ms. Yolie- The tub came with the house. Major selling point.

    Nancy- At least.

    Syd- It sure is.

  7. that photo of gibson with his hand on boppy's. oh my word.

  8. Such sweet boys! I am loving these pictures. And it rained? Perfect. Thanks for sharing, always.

  9. AAAAAAGH so lovely! Two boys in a tub and all the sweetness :)


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