Wednesday, May 22, 2013

If I Had A Title, I'd Use It

I am a weak, weak-ass woman. As proof I offer this:

1. I turned on the AC.
2. I am drinking a beer midweek.

Fuck it. Fuck it. Fuck it.

I girded my loins and took my walk. Some asshat had dumped fresh trash in the woods. I came home and called the Jefferson County Sheriff's department and reported it. Maybe the asshats are so stupid that they left some sort of identification in there. I hope so. The deputy called me. I gave him all the information I had which wasn't much. The deputy was a very nice man. When we hung up, I told him to take care.
I hope he does.

The boys came and we played everything. We talked a lot about Dog Island and what all we're going to do. Owen seems excited. Gibson is always excited. Whenever Owen does something these days that he shouldn't and I bust him for it, he says, "Don't tell Boppy!"
I mostly agree that I will not. He knows that MerMer is not going to get mad at him. Unless MerMer is deadly tired and I was not today. Not really. And the things he does are mostly not so bad. Lamps fall over. Sometimes that just happens. Doors slam on baby brothers' arms. I understand. But..."Don't tell Boppy." Cracks me up. Like Boppy's going to make him go cut a switch and then beat his ass with it.

Sometimes he adds, "And don't tell Daddy." And if he really feels guilty, he says, "Don't tell Mommy either."
He knows I keep his secrets.

Here's me trying to get Gibson to take a nap.

Could you just die?

Boppy came home with kites for the beach and a sun shade thing to put up. We have so much to do to get ready. We're going to be up to the gunwales on that boat with all the stuff we're taking. A pack-n-play for instance. And all the food and all the water and all the beer and all the clothes and books and games and puzzles and toys and, and, and...

We might end up taking two trips across the bay.

It'll be okay. Whatever happens, it will be okay.

After the boys left, Mr. Moon went out to get things ready boat-wise. I don't know what all. Life jackets, batteries, fishing stuff. I went out and dug potatoes and brought them in and washed them. And squashes. And started dinner and tidied up the house. And turned on the AC. And cracked a beer.

I have to pack clothes (no bra) and pillows and stuff. My own books and books for the boys and tomorrow Lily and I will go do the real grocery shopping. I have an entire long list of things we need to take over including dish scrubbers and Kaboom! and Miracle Whip and pot holders and brown liquor. Getting to Dog Island is always crazy and I've never gone over with two small children although I have gone over with a boatload of teenagers. That's a whole other story but Lily was one of them and Dog Island is not unlike Las Vegas in that what happens on Dog Island, stays on Dog Island.
Owen's secrets are not the only ones I keep.

Shit happens.

We survive.

I have to go finish dinner. I should have gone with the can-of-tuna idea but I'm trying to finish up leftovers. Again- we will survive.

This is life. This is the great, messy, complete hallelujah of life.

Maybe we'll see dolphins tomorrow. I want to show my grandsons dolphins. Wouldn't that be something? And osprey and eagles and minnows and sunsets.

I'll let you know how it goes.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Jeez. I'm drinking some sangria and it's wednesday. And I did yesterday too, and the day before. Fuck it; sometimes, it's weird spring and you need a drink.

    Holy cheese and crackers, as my grandpa used to say, Gibson's cute as hell.

  2. Awesome on going to Dog Island. It will be great to do that. Looking forward to island reports.

  3. Don't feel bad about the beer! I cracked one EVERY DAMN NIGHT so far this week. I'm really hoping the yeast or the hops or one of the other ingredients will help keep the blackflies off me !! (That's my story and I'm stickin' to it). Enjoy your time on Dog Island and enjoy those adorable grandboys of yours!!

  4. Well, I'm enjoying both those creature comforts at the moment.

    I'm heading to the lake this weekend, and I can't wait to be on the water too.

  5. that picture just made my evening a little bit sweeter.
    a place called Dog Island...with those boys! Sounds heavenly.
    Have a super time Ms Moon.

  6. I am very excited to take another trip to the island with you. We all have so much fun there. My favorite thing you said here: It'll be okay. Whatever happens it will be okay. It sure will. And Gibson in that picture did just about kill me - what a sweetheart.

  7. "Don't tell Lily" that I want her baby Gibson. That face makes me so happy. Have fun on your trip. I bet it will be a great time with beer, books, and cuteness. Sweet Jo

  8. What is a pack-n-play? And what is Kaboom!? I learn so much from your blog.

    I wish I had a Dog Island to escape to. I could use a long walk by a warm beach right about now.

  9. No bra, the hell with damn bras, I say.

    I love you, Ms Moon.


  10. I'm so excited!!! No--not about the beer. About the trip to Dog Island! Have glorious fun and tell us all about it.

  11. You think of yourself as a writer, but I think you're short-changing your visual side. Words may be your most beloved medium, but you really do have an eye, even if you're not self-conscious about it (or even conscious of it). Yes, it helps that photography has gotten so technologically easy that all one has to do is be in the right place at the right time with the right electronic gizmo--but still.

  12. Ms. Moon...enjoy your time over on Dog Island and don't forget the Benadryl!!! LOL

  13. Eow but that little boy's face is so cute! Have a lovely time.


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