Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Where's The Beef?

Okay. We're home. It was a long day and not nearly, for some reason, as much fun as the day we spent the day at the hospital finding out that Kathleen had cancer. I guess part of the reason is that Dr. G, the Famous Italian Pathologist, was not involved. At all.
It was sad.
And on that day, the day that Kathleen got prodded and poked with a big long needle and fluid drawn off her lungs and her thyroid got biopsied, we were all OVER that floor and got to meet lots of fun and interesting people.
Today we spent the entire time in a very small room with a view of the roof next to us and windows of the building next to us. I noticed this...thing...

across the way and it turns out it is NOT an empty giant condom, it is part of a reverse isolation room.
No. You do not need to know what that is. I vaguely remember the theory of reverse isolation from nursing school but it's weird and odd to realize that something which looks like THAT can be part of the technology.

So there we were, Judy and Kathleen and I, and Kathleen drowsed through most of it. They gave her her teaching and her pamphlets and her chemicals and they brought up a sandwich for lunchtime. Around three o'clock two volunteer ladies came through with a tea-cart with a silver tea pot and cookies and brownies and that was freaking sweet. Kathleen was asleep so she missed it which is too bad because that was really the high point of the day. There was a place on the wall where a TV had been but there was no TV.
Look- if there's one place in the fucking hospital where a TV might come in handy, it might be the room where people get chemo. For hours at a time.

Well. Whatever.
It's done. The first of three. At least.

And when we got back to the house here, Freddie was filming Owen (the actor, not the grandson) in the old barn on the east side of the property and Kathleen and I helped him, holding that thing which must be held (it has something to do with sound) and Kathleen held his other lens (that is not a metaphor) and then did a sound effect for him so that was awesome. Freddie got bit by something and we went in the house and I treated the bite with a paste of baking soda and water and gave him a Benadryl.
I'm a handy person to have around, don't you think?

And that's been my day. How about yours?


  1. You're a good friend to have Mary.

  2. I am so glad you were there...and yes why don't they have a TV there? Really in this day and time. Something to pass the time. How long do these treatments take from someone who does not know? I know you must be tired tonight...all of you!

    The tea cart was a nice idea...

  3. You are such a good comfort. Even to me, from afar. I do love you

  4. You are indeed a good friend. Your week has been as full and busy and eventful as any I can imagine. I've been reading, but too frazzled to comment much. But I'm visiting, and enjoying every post, you can be sure of that.
    Can't wait to see the next movie.
    We gave mom music to listen to while she got chemo, and the room looks out over the river, which was a damn fine idea on someone's part. There were eagles and turtles and ducks and no end of things to look at. Took the awful edge off the process.
    Hope Kathleen isn't too sick from the dose. Hope Owen is better too.

  5. That blows about not having a TV in the chemo room... Next time, ya'll can come prepared... maybe bring some fun mags or board games or something?

    Yay for Kathleen for kicking so much bootie! We're all rootin for ya here at the house of Chaos.
    xo m

  6. It sounds like a long day. I hope that Kathleen is doing well and is there with you. My day was spent relaxing which is occasionally a good thing.

  7. maybe she needs an ipod ? you are such a good friend.

  8. you are a good woman, Ms. Moon


  9. Freddie- And so are you, my talented friend. So are you.

    Ellen- Today we were at the hospital at eight-thirty and left at four-thirty. I think. It takes one hour for one of the chemo drugs and three hours for another. Plus the pre-chemo meds. And lab work. It's a long day.

    SJ- And that makes me feel worthy.

    Mel- Kathleen mostly snoozed and Judy and I read and chatted and went down to the cafeteria in turns and it was fine. Music would be nice, though. It would.

    Ms. Fleur- We had Esquire and Vanity Fair and then we found some People magazines in the lobby. They were the best.
    I don't think there's enough room for board games. It was a pretty small room.

    Syd- Yep. Kathleen's here. I just tucked her into bed.

    deb- I think she has some sort of iPod-like device. Maybe we'll remember that next time.

    Michelle- So are you, baby. So are you.

  10. Maggie May- I can pretend to be, anyway.

  11. How lucky you all are to have each other. Not lucky, I mean fortunate. And blessed.

  12. Oh, that contraption. And of course, you'd take a picture of it and show us -- that's one of the things that I adore about you. Reminds me of the scotch tape that the tech once used to hold leads down on Sophie's head -- yes, scotch tape.

    You are an amazing friend -- anyone would want you in their court and I'm glad that you're there for Kathleen.

  13. Ms. Moon, you are a blessing. Lucky all who are your friends.

  14. You are damn handy to have around. My day was the suck. There's a short answer for you.



  15. You're a good friend.

    I didn't like going to chemo--being in a room of sick people with poison drips. I wouldn't have minded as much if I could have stayed in the room with a view of Biscayne Bay and listened to harp music but I don't think there are many harpists in hospitals. I went by myself for all 6 treatments and I was scared every time, even though I knew what to expect. It would have been immensely comforting to have had two good friends there with me. You'll go to heaven (Cozumel?) for this.

  16. Lisa- I know exactly what you mean and yes, we are.

    Elizabeth- I had so share that picture. I mean- please! Scotch tape, huh? Ha! I guess if it works, it works.

    Angie M- And my friends and my family are my blessings and you know it.

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- You have GOT to quit having these bad days. I love you.


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