Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sweeter Than Honey

Another day of shooting and this one started with me believing that because it was happening at my house, I need to Of course.

So I made a potato-crust quiche with peppers and onions and spinach and capers and I made oat bran muffins with peaches and bananas and of course, no one wanted anything except for Sweet Mean Aunt Jessie who came out because Freddie wanted to shoot her in another scene.
It's funny because Mean Aunt Jessie is going to play a murderer. Here's a picture of her I took while shooting was on hold so that people could go down to the truck stop and buy Vitamin Water.

Ah lah. My beautiful daughter is going to be in a movie.

We shot over at the old van where our generator lives and poor Freddie. Yesterday, every time he tried to shoot, a car went by. Today, every time he tried to shoot a rooster crowed. Elvis, realizing that something was going on, came over to where we were and crowed which excited the neighbor's rooster and so HE crowed and then Elvis crowed again and well...poor Freddie.

In this movie, it turns out that I have a husband and the actor who is playing him is someone who wrote a letter to the newspaper twenty-one years ago defending me when a column was written about me being told by a security guard that I couldn't breast feed in the mall. All these years I'd never met him and here he was today in my kitchen, playing my character's husband.

It's a small world.

And it went from there. Oh my. A movie. It's going to be called "Disconnect." It's about what happens when all communications in the entire country are taken away from us. TV, newspapers, internet...all of it.
And the chaos which ensues.

So there will be film of Jessie and me and this house and yard. And Elvis. I feel sure that Elvis will be in the film. I hope so, anyway.

When Freddie is filming, he's like a machine. "Do this, do that. Again. One more time. Okay. Great."

At one point I said about the man who plays my son, "I love this man's face!"
And he said, "I love this woman's face!"

And I was so glad to be fifty-six years old and have the face I have because that is the face he was talking about.

And there you go- life in Lloyd on a Sunday at the church of the Batshit Crazy which is soon to be on film at a Youtube near you.

Stay tuned.

And tomorrow? I get to babysit my grandson.
Life is good.

Trust me.


  1. So will you all be at the Cannes film festival this year?

  2. Ah, can I get in on all this beautiful face loving?I love the small world story, that's cool.

    Stupid ass 'security'. Where's the security in that?

  3. It's really, really not good for me right now -but I loved hearing about it for you.

    I watched that movie today -funny to hear your voice. Wish I could hear it in person, and tuck away in your house and have biscuits. I really do.

  4. Rebecca- Hahahahaha!

    Jo- He was a young Nazi,that security guard. He had to ASK me if I was breastfeeding.

    SJ- Oh darling. I'm so sorry. Well, you'll hear my voice in person one of these days. And of course I'll make you biscuits.

  5. Thanks. My blog sort of says it all.

  6. Totally cool!

    Sounds like a good time all around.

  7. Your life is so interesting and full! Maybe it doesn't feel that way when you're driving your trash to the dump, but seriously, what a super neat experience you had today!

  8. The idea of Mean Aunt Jessie playing a murderer made me giggle.

    I love your face too. And it was like a Christmas present to hear your voice in your movie debut.


  9. I knew that you are a star. It is now confirmed.

  10. That was fun today! And thank you making that quiche and the yummy muffins. Those silly people were whack for not trying your delicious foods. Although, they were pretty cool people, so I'll let then slide for their silly choices.

    Thank you for being my mama and bringing such joy and interesting experiences into my life. Have fun with O-boy tomorrow.

  11. Wow, Ms. Moon! I've been missing soooo much. They're really shooting a movie at your house?! I really hope Elvis ends up in it too. If we can't see him, I bet we will be able to hear him. :)

    Your quiche looks divine...I would have been standing there holding my plate out. Screw vitamin water!

  12. These people must not eat food if they did not want yours. Can you tell me how you made that quiche with a potato crust? (You prob don't need to detail the eggs/spinach/milk or cream part). Sounds like heaven.
    Amazing about the security at the mall. These days there'd be a breastfeeding sit in, right?

  13. just wow to all of it.

    vitamin water, good lord.

    I think I'm starting to be glad I have the face that's coming along for the ride with me too.

    good morning, and I 'll no doubt be back as I have some posts to catch up on:)
    hugs to you and Owen

  14. I love the photo of you! You are a damn good-looking dame.



  15. SJ- And I understood. Dammit.

    Ms. Fleur- It was!

    Lora- Hell. I have some of my most interesting experiences at the dump. You're right- my life is full.

    Michelle- Really? Oh. Be still my heart.

    Syd- Every body is a star...

    HoneyLuna- Oh my dear sweet baby...
    You were amazing. You ARE amazing.
    I love you.

    Mel's Way- Freddie explained to me that when they shoot, they try very hard not to cause anyone any expense. NO BUDGET!
    Bless his heart.

    Michele R- See above about the food. Now- let's see. Potato crust quiche. This one was a very simple, easy one. I grated two large baked potatoes and smushed the water out of them in the colander. Then I sprayed a large pie plate with Pam and put the grated potatoes in there and sprinkled them with salt and baked them at 400 degrees for about half an hour. I took that out of the oven and put in the vegetables, grated cheese and sliced tomatoes. I poured the beaten eggs with milk and mustard and spices over that. I baked it until a knife inserted in the middle came out clean.
    Is that good enough?

    deb- Amazing that even with wrinkles and sun spots, the eyes can say what need to be said. Yes.

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- I am what I am. Not to quote Pop-Eye or anything. Love to you...Ms. Moon

  16. Ms. Moon - you are on cloud nine as well! I like the return of the comment man. That is a lovely circle right there. But then I think everything's just peachy right now. Seriously though - great stuff.

  17. I swear, you are the only celebrity I know. Stay honest and real, okay? And send me an autograph, please.


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