Sunday, August 1, 2010


Well, laudamercy, chilluns, we are home. The Great Birthday Tour of '10 is over and we are back home where, as hot is it was everywhere we went, it is hotter here by far. And more humid.
It's so hot that I heard that people can't even go swimming for the heat. And that is not a joke.

But. Still, we're home and that's a sweet thing. The chickens are running around the yard and here I am in my sweet old shabby house and it's good to be home.
We spent last night at the home of the mother of my friend K's wife. Got that? When K heard we were in Albany, he wrote me and said, "Hey! If you want to, go check out the house and property on your way back. Spend the night."
And we did.
The mama lives in Winter Haven, mostly, where K and his wife live and this beautiful old home is sitting in a park-like setting with no one in it but there is a caretaker for the grounds and his wife is the caretaker of the house and I doubt I've ever seen such a beautiful place except perhaps on a tour of some sort. It really is that gorgeous. Ceilings have to be fifteen feet tall and everything about it is perfectly perfect. We were somewhat awestruck to tell you the truth.
I'll post later with more pictures but the one above is what part of the front of the house looked like. I could have wandered around with a camera for days.

But now I have to go to Monticello for a rehearsal and of course there's unpacking to do and even though the children left the house in good shape, I have to do all of those things that make it mine again. Peeing in the corners, I call it, although the dogs have taken that particular chore for me themselves.

It was a wonderful trip. I don't think we could have planned out a better itinerary, even and including Helen, Georgia because of the great post I got from it and all the laughs. So, there is that.

But now we're home and trying to run to catch up to that train which is perpetually leaving the station, hauling our bags, holding out our hands and saying, "Wait, wait!"

And so it is and it's fine.
It's good to travel away with your love and good to come back to where you live with him.

I'll be catching up over the next few days.
I have missed you all so much.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Glad that you are back safe and sound.

  2. Next time you plan summer travels, come up to the North West. Our high today is about 82 degrees.

  3. Welcome back! I want to go home, too, but won't be back in Los Angeles until the 11th.

    And that house IS gorgeous!

  4. Laudamercy we avoid Helen and other tourist traps at all costs. But you still had fun with your man and you are home safe and sound so that is perfect.
    I flew to FL and played in the Atlantic while you drove on the busy highway near me. Madison is lovely and a good way to get south and east of Atl like you did.

  5. I'm back, too! I've missed you tons, will be trying to catch up at least some. :)

  6. Welcome back to the hood! Hope to hug you soon and give you birthday treasures.
    xoxo m (This IS the birthday that never ends...) :-P

  7. Glad you had a safe and happy journey.

  8. Syd- Thank-you. Me too.

    Mwa- Okay. I'm home. You may have your baby now.

    Sandra- Too long for a four-day road trip. Otherwise, sounds perfect!

    Elizabeth- You have no idea.

    Michele R- Where on the Atlantic?

    Ginger- Me too!

    Ms. Fleur- No kidding!

    Kathleen Scott- We did!

  9. Thank you so much for sharing your trip with us!

  10. Welcome home you love doves....

  11. going to try and spend some time soaking in all of these gorgeous words and photos...

    so so glad you did this,
    and of course shared in the way you do...


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