Sunday, August 1, 2010

Pictures From An Amazing House

Another shot of the exterior of the house.

Yes. I am obsessed by the chandeliers.

Pool? Uh-huh. We did not get in it ONCE! Just as we were about to, a huge storm came up, cracking the sky in half.
But. Here it is.

The fanciest bathroom. And this picture does it NO justice.

Mr. Moon and I kept walking around going, "Look! Here's another door to another porch!" And "Oh my god! Another bathroom!"

We never got to meet the woman who care-takes the inside of the house but these are a few things she left for us:

Yes. Seriously. (Did you notice there was bacon?)

Yes. These are real.

Mr. Moon and Jack, the soul of the house. He was there to greet us good-morning and we were sad to say good-bye to him.

Thank-you so much, K, B, and Mrs. C.
We only wish you had been there, too.

Love...M & G


  1. Yes I noticed the bacon.

    Yes that is a big-assed bathroom.

    And yes, Mr. Moon looks exactly the same as he did when I saw him last. I can practically hear his laughter through that picture!

  2. Goodness me. That is one incredibly beautiful house. The outside is so perfectly perfect!

    Her hallway looks like yours though.

    I love how you're in the bathroom photo, sneaking in like someone who's run away from the tour, seduced by the marble and faucets :)

  3. Very lovely place. I like little Jack too.

  4. Whoa! That first one looks like a jeweled spider web. The kind that you see some mornings with dew glistening in the sun. Spectacular shooting... you have a great eye for photography!


  5. Wow, that's one amazing home! What a treat. Welcome back from your vacation, where food is not laid out for you in piles, but where you get to feed your chickens and see your Owen.

  6. Omgrrl- He is grayer but the same. The very same sweet man.

    Jo- The only thing that hallway has in common with mine is that they are both hallways. It is magnificent, that one. And very, very, VERY clean. Mine? Not.
    But I still love my hallway.

    Syd- It was something else. And Jack was cool.

    Ms. Fleur- I just couldn't do anything justice. I laid on my back on the floor to get one of those shots.

    Lora- OWEN!!!!!

  7. Jill- Unfortunately, we did not get around to eating the bacon. Sigh...

  8. That's the cutest photo of Mr. Moon and the dog. That place is something else. Wowsa.

    Love you,


  9. My favorite photos from your trip are of dad.

  10. Ms. Bastard-Beloved- Isn't Mr. Moon darling? And so is Jack The Dog.

    DTG- I know. I deleted almost every one that I was in. Because, well, I could.

  11. What a beautiful place! Dream home to escape to....oh yes.


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