Sunday, August 8, 2010

Tell The Truth And Fear No Man

You know, you know, you know, sometimes life is just odd.

I won't go into it except to say that once again, Mr. Moon was the hero because he killed a chicken. This time it was a chicken who was very sick, probably with an egg stuck in her (nature is not always perfect) and a ten-year old boy asked him to ease her suffering as the other chickens had begun to peck her on her death bed.
Nature is not always not only not perfect, but cruel as hell, too.

And so he did it. He released that hen into death and there was a burial and there was a cookout and there were quite a few people and Kathleen sat there and took phone calls and tried not to look as tired as she was and pretended to eat (she's having trouble swallowing due to the radiation) and I wanted so badly to just say, "Everyone! Out of the way! She's coming home with me!" and then bring her here to let her be quiet and not in charge of anyone's happiness or well-being or comfort, not even a dog's or a cat's, just hers and hers alone and to rest.

But it didn't seem possible and so we just came home and here we are and it's almost another week and so, here we go, life as we know it.

Soon, I tell you, I don't care what anyone but Kathleen says- if I feel that she must be taken and given permission to rest, then I'm going to do it.

I'm warning you, Kathleen!

Let's all have sweet dreams. Let's all get up tomorrow and do what we have to do, what we should do, and let us not worry about the outcome.


  1. I think that's what a good friend would do, if needed. I hope everyone has sweet dreams too.

  2. I'm glad that the chicken is out of its misery and that Kathleen has such a great friend to help her during her tough times.

  3. Let us not worry about the outcome.

    I'll try. I'll bloody try.

    (WV diwxqxfu - WTF!?)

  4. Nicol- It's hard, sometimes, knowing what is being a good friend and knowing what is being a bossy bitch.
    Fine line, there.

    Syd- Sometimes I think that Mr. Moon does more for her than I do.

    Mwa- That is one hell of a WV.

  5. It's hard to feel like we are just standing by watching someone suffer and not DOing anything about it... however, this may be her way of getting herself through it. (Fake it till you make it) or something like it. Hard to say. Although, I would LOVE to be kidnapped by you and be your TLC hostage!

    When my brother had cancer all he could tolerate sometimes was pine apple juice, chocolate milk or smoothies. Smoothies are great because you can put the nutrition of a whole meal in that blender! and make it taste good. I think the coldness helps too.

    I sure do hope she's feeling better and resting better soon.
    much love,'
    pf ps Yay mr. moon!

  6. If anyone is the world could guide a person (or a chicken) through misery, I would pick you Ms. Moon.

  7. Mr. Moon is a damn doll and so are you.

  8. Ms. Fleur- All true. And I want to gather her under my wings and make her smoothies.

    Omgrrrl- Thank-you, honey. But I think in terms of pure practicality, Mr. Moon is the go-to guy.

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- "Mr. Glen, Mr. Glen! Come kill the chicken!"
    Poor Mr. Glen.

  9. Our brave Love had to do an act of mercy on one of our hens a week ago. She just wouldn't get up for anything and was distressed. It is awful what the others hens do or don't do....ours were just ignoring her or trying to take the food that I had brought out to them...I was the one who found her down...she was the best egg layer we had too. Our egg production took a nose dive after her death.
    Having been following Kathleen's blog I hope she doesn't overdue. Take your lead and do what you feel you must do...friends help friends...wish I was near and could help too.

  10. Ellen- You can't tell that woman what to do or not do. Believe me. But I gently suggest. And then step out of the way because when she gets pissed off...
    Well, she's never gotten too pissed at me yet but it could happen. But I'll still love her if it does.


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