Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Cancer Card

So good morning and can I just tell you that despite the fact that Ms. Kathleen has cancer and just had a massive dose of chemo yesterday she was up before me, filled with plans. They include things like going to the Lancome counter at the mall and getting extra free samples. I think someone may be hearing that Kathleen has cancer today at the Lancome counter.
Who am I to stand in the way of successful free-sample acquisitions?
We may also go and get her hair trimmed very short because she knows it's going to fall out and she wants to go there gradually until the point comes where it must be shaved. And Costco. We must go to Costco because Vicki's coming and we're going to the beach and we need food for the beach. The menu we have come up with so far is:
Caviar for Vicki.
Yogurt for Kathleen.
Chips and salsa for me.
What the hell else would we need?

And so that's what we're going to do. Get dressed, get to town, take care of business before the chemo starts to make her sick. And maybe it won't. But the odds are real good that it will so let's get this show on the road before that happens.

I am learning a lot from Kathleen. Get up early, do things you need and want to do, don't complain and use what you got while you got it.

And puree your food if it's hard to eat. That's a good one to remember.

I think I'm going to have a hard time getting around to everyone's blog here in the next few days but please know that I'm thinking about you and missing you.
Remember- my friend has cancer.

I am also learning to use the cancer card. It's powerful.
Sometimes you even get free Godiva chocolate.

Take note, people. Take note. God forbid you should ever need this advice but if the time comes, remember it and use what you got.
If life hands you cancer, make it work for all the free samples you can get.

You heard it here first.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. May Mother Ocean rejuvenate and heal each of you in whatever ways you require. The three of you make a powerful circle/core.

    One of the most intense and successful ceremonies I was ever involved in was at the beach. I believe the Ocean was the reason for it. We could feel the power of our purpose, our words and our movements. Just sayin.

  2. Thank you for that brave and sage advice!

  3. you need guacamole with those chips, sweets! Sending you a big hug!

  4. Hey, Ms. Moon, I love your page layout color change. It's probably been there for a while now, but I obviously fell of the face off the earth, and wouldn't know. I've missed you most of all throughout my blog absence. It's all a long, boring story about finding myself again, and reclaiming my artist self, etc, but I'm here. For now, anyhow. I set up a new page for my new start, and I hope to see more of you now that I worked out some of the kinks. Wishing you the best, always. -AJ

  5. I agree about the guacamole. The beach sounds so fun. Enjoy and savor. These are memories your making.

  6. Have fun -- at the Lancome counter and at the beach! Stay well and not sick, Kathleen!

  7. Kathleen is so smart! Tell her to also contact the county American Cancer Society which has a program called Look Good...Feel Better for women in cancer treatment. I did it and it was great. Major cosmetics manufacturers donate skincare products and makeup and an aesthetician teaches how to use them. You meet other women in treatment, take home a goodie bag at the end, and there are laughs int the process. Also, the local ACS office has a selection of wigs available to patients. You and Kathleen can go and try them on, maybe now while you can match her hair color?, and take one home. She can trade it in later if she wants.

    Have a great time at the beach.

  8. The Middle Place is a book Ms Kathleen should read. It's about Kelly Corrigan's battle with breast cancer and how she made a party out of shaving her head. Lots and lots of prayers.

  9. May the waves be cool and soothing and refreshing for you all. I already know your skin will be Lancome fab.

  10. I will miss you too but take care and enjoy your time with Kathleen. I know that this is hard for all concerned.

  11. Playing the cancer card sounds like a great idea to me. Try the Origins counter too. They have all sorts of yummy skin rub stuff that smells so good you wanna eat it. Have a lovely time at the beach.


  12. DTG- Note to self: Remember the rum!

    Ms. Fleur- Peer's wedding?

    deb- It will be a happy day when we get down there.

    Jo- Just doing my job!

    Cozzie Laura- Hey girl! It's so good to hear from you! I still love the newsletter. I sure do miss you all on your sweet island. Big sigh. I will take avocados. I promise. And limes.

    AJ- How I have missed you! I will check out your new home. SO glad to hear you are well.

    Nicol- Oh. Much savoring will happen. Thank-you.

    Lisa- The best kind of free samples!

    Elizabeth- We had fun. And I'll tell Kathleen that YOU said to stay well. She'll listen to you.

    Kathleen Scott- Good thinking! I think that Kathleen is going to just do hats and doo-rags and scarfs but she's always up for free skin-care products and make-up. Definitely.

    Rebecca- I'll pass it on.

    Nancy C- Kathleen's will, at least.

    Syd- Actually, so far we're having fun. Weird, huh? I think they have wi-fi at the beach house so maybe I'll be able to check in.

    Michelle- We got hung up at Sephora. Next time- Origins!

  13. Nope, I wasn't at that one. It was a ritual that I did with a few friends concerning that person who would not leave me alone. It worked.

  14. I hope you swinging chicks have fun on your trip to the beach.

    Love you so,



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