Friday, August 27, 2010

He Said It Far Better Than I Could Have

Yesterday on my walk I had no book to listen to on tape and so I was listening to NPR but they were doing a local show on reading and it was boring the living crap out of me so I decided to go down the dial on the radio and came across the Glenn Beck show where they were talking about this huge gathering they're about to do to reclaim the honor of America.
Of course, they have advertisements every fifteen seconds on that show (have you bought YOUR gold yet?) so I didn't really get a whole lot of the gist of it but it involved Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck and honor so it made me want to spit my teeth out and I was going to do some research and learn about this gathering and then write about it but this morning I found in the newspaper that Leonard Pitts, Jr., one of my favorite columnists, had already said everything I would want to.
Go read it here.

I'm glad that Mr. Pitts said it for me because if I started writing about it, I'm almost certain my head would explode.

Sometimes I am in complete and utter despair over the times we live in.


  1. Leonard Pitts is one of my favorites too. I was living in Miami when he moved down and wrote his first column for the Herald. In all those years, he's taken the level-headed, real-world, don't-back-down-from-bullies stance and we're all better for it. Our San Antonio paper doesn't run his column so I'm thankful you posted this one here.

    Hope today is great for you--much laughing and contentment.

  2. I'm just glad I'm getting the hell out of town for this. Ugh.

  3. There was a big article in our newspaper about this event, and I thought my head would explode as well. Instead, I think I'm going to regress and be utterly condescending about it. The people who support that man are stupid, ignorant, racist, greedy, hateful animals.

    How's that?

  4. Oh, thank you, Mrs. Moon for your support of the Good folks who r3ecognize the truth and try to fight the poisoned garbage and lies of the Becks and Limbaughs and all the other jackasses who have shit for brains and, sadly, a medium to sell it to the brainless.

    I worship at the feet of Jon Stewart and am thrilled to have found Leonard Pitts, Jr.

    Thank you and Bless You.

  5. That is a powerful article. God.

    But, reading The Lacuna made me shudder in horror at the McCArthy witch trials, and the moronic mindset of a sheeplike, infantile populace then too. Are these times any worse than other times, other than the fact that we're so much closer to killing the world?

  6. Kathleen- Mr. Pitts is a treasure. My day? I'm supposedly house cleaning. Which means I'm doing everything BUT.

    SJ- Good timing.

    Elizabeth- Well said! Perfect! And happy birthday. I adore you.

    Lo- I'm glad I could steer you to Leonard Pitts. I am constantly sending him e-mails that just say, "Thanks. You rock." Or something like that. And Jon Stewart- thank GOD for that man.
    Love you, dear.

    Jo- No. People don't change much, I think. You're right. Why IS that? It's so fucking depressing.

  7. I love Leonard Pitts; he is reasonable and usually states his views in a calm manner, which I admire. I'm so glad you didn't write about this topic 'cuz I really like your head where it is, fully intact!

    Sarah Palin is the new face of feminism??? OMG, we're in bigger trouble than I thought.

  8. The point on how imbecilic many are is what is scary. Most do let Beck and Limbaugh do their thinking. That is just frightening.

  9. lulumarie- All I could think about yesterday when I heard that stuff on the radio was how these are the exact people who have taken the honor out of our country to begin with.

    Syd- That point struck me too.

  10. that is a great article. thanks for posting it

  11. I'm almost always in despair about the world we live in.


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