Saturday, August 28, 2010

Party In Lloyd

I love to take a posed picture and then snap what happens right afterward.

You get the real stuff there. And so it is here.
Ah lah. It was a good party.
Not everyone was in those pictures but they'll do. They'll do.
In the one at the top of the page you have Kathleen and Ron (the preacher and actor) and Jan and Jack (the lovers) and Brittany (our newest Opera House actor) and Marcy (actor and friend) and Fred (her funny and darling husband).
There was food, there was drink. I don't think anyone cared how much dust was still abounding. I made everyone go outside with me and let those who wanted pat the chickens on their roost.
Have you ever been to a party where the hostess took you out to pat the chickens? Probably not.
Freddie came out and showed us the intro to the film he's been working on. He came out earlier this afternoon to shoot a little more film with me. I had to take clothes off the line and get all emotional about having no phone service and I sat in the middle of the road in front of the house and went into complete despair. Oh! It was so much fun! He even got Mr. Moon to be in the film, walking past a window.
Anyway, we had a bit of a film festival and we watched the intro and also the two shorts that I was in and when Natasha came onscreen, everyone roared with laughter. Oh. It was fun.
He gave me a CD of "my" movies when he left and he said the same thing that Ron, the Preacher said when he left, which was, "God bless you."
And you know what?
That was fine and I took those words into my heart knowing that both men were saying something which, although I am not on the same page as they are about god or God, meant something very dear.
And when Kathleen left, I kissed her on the lips and I didn't need to say "God bless you," because, well, she is Kathleen and she is blessed. And she has blessed me in so many ways. She brought me my chickens, she called Freddie and set up auditions and she introduced me to Vickie and Judy and Denise and she has taught me to make soap and she made me feel less crazy when I was crazy.
And all of the people here tonight are part of this joyous life of mine which has changed so very much in the last year.

It's late. I'm going to bed.
It's been another good, busy day.
Tomorrow will be too.
I wish I could take all of you out to pat my chickens on their roost. They are so soft and they fuss so sweetly.
Somewhere in this country there are people desecrating the civil rights movement and talking about Jesus and honor and restoring this country.
But right here, tonight in Lloyd, Florida, there has been sweetness and love and that, to me, is what life is all about, whatever country we are in.

Good night, y'all. Good night.


  1. you have more people in your kitchen on a weekly basis than i do every year!

    looks like a great, satisfying, fall into bed iwth a smile night.


  2. Maggie May- I swear. At one point there must have been a dozen people in my kitchen which is not THAT big and I have this huge house with rooms everywhere and I was like, WTF? But that's the way it is.
    And yes, time to fall into that bed. I can't wait.

  3. I see the teenager in that last picture of you. It must have been a good night.

  4. This post makes me think of the bumper sticker, "Think globally but act locally", which, when I despair, is what I strive to do. Love the people who are around you and do everything you can to make them happy; worry about the rest when you have the energy for it. Love you, Mary Moon!

  5. What a joyful post, Ms moon.

    The picture I love most of all is the last one - I presume of you - your gorgeous face and smile, and all those shiny silver bracelets.

    I love silver bracelets, a heap of them such that they clunk together, clunk, clink, rather like chooks cluck, if I dare to stretch the image.

    Chooks/chickens seem to be everywhere in the blogosphere at the moment.


  6. you are a beauty inside and out.
    sweet dreams ms.moon.
    sweet chicken and owen dreams.
    and while we are at it let's dream of peace like a warm breeze settling around us. all of us. everyone

  7. Damn, love that pic, so sexy and fiesty! Love the silver, but even more so, your beautiful mug.
    Wonderful party and people.
    Night night to you too.
    (I finally just just finished painting my damn room!)

  8. As I listen to a LAPD helicopter circling in my yard, I think about the different worlds we live in, like you said in your comment tonight -- yet, we ARE alike, no?

    Except that you have really beautiful lips, and I don't.

  9. I love the double photo trick – “posed” and “straight afterwards”. I plan to give this a go
    - and of course I’ll say that it was my idea.
    “tonight in Lloyd, Florida, there has been sweetness and love and that, to me, is what life is all about” - You’re right. And it’s here in Isaan Thailand too, day and night, through good and bad, thick and thin.
    Thanks for this lovely post.
    I wish you peace, happiness and prosperity.

    All the best, Boonie

  10. What agorgeous picture. And I love your jewelery! Lovely party too :)

  11. Jeannie- It WAS!

    Lulumarie- My problem is that after I take care of my locals, I have no time left for anything. Is that okay?

    Elizabeth- Yep. That's me. And my kids always knew when I was going out. My arms made the music which I danced out the door to.

    rebecca- Always. We should always dream of peace.

    Bethany- I am so proud of you for finishing that room! It was a symbol and a reality and you made it happen.

    Elizabeth- I got the lips and the legs. The rest? I'll trade ya.

    Boonie- Thanks for the sweetness and yes, do that after-picture thing. It always works nicely. Why do you live in Thailand? Should I too?

    Jo- I wish you could have been here. I do.

  12. I wonder whose honor needs to be restored. One has to have honor in order to restore it. I think the crazies were in DC.

  13. You do make homey lovely parties, Mary Moon. Thanks for sharing them with us. Keeses, N2

  14. I love the party photos. It looked like a grand time to me.

    Great photo of your lovely mug as well.

    I adore you!


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