Monday, August 16, 2010

My Chickens. And Elvis Has Sex

Freddie has unleashed a monster.
Look- I promise not to make this a habit. I would hate for people to come here and see yet another video and groan. Hate it.
And yet, here I am, learning new things which make it possible for me to share my story, my life in another way.

This video is of my chickens and it's PG 13 rated because Elvis, well, he gets him some off Miss Mable right in the middle of it.
You can't plan this stuff, it just happens.

But maybe you'll find it interesting to see and hear what it really looks and sounds like here in Lloyd. I hope so. And if you don't want to watch the videos, well, that is just fine with me. I understand. Life is short. Why would anyone want to watch a video of me feeding cherries to my chickens?
I don't know. I don't even know why anyone would want to read the things I write.

It's been a beautiful day. First, that light and then a good walk and then lunch with Owen and his mama and a good long playtime with the boy. He has learned to throw his head back and flirt like a pro in the past few days. There were some beautiful ladies at the restaurant, standing in line for the lady's room and I thought he was going to throw himself backwards out of the high chair, doing that thing with his head. It was SHAMELESS!

Pop-Pop came by Lily and Jason's house to kiss his grandboy and Kathleen came by too. Owen flirted with her although he was so tired that he was like a drunk on a rolling deck.
"He's a happy drunk," I told Kathleen.
"And may you always be a happy drunk," Kathleen told him.

I walked her out to her car with Owen on my hip and we both agreed that something has tipped in the weather. Summer is no longer speeding towards us or smothering us. Fall is in the offing. There's a feel to the air, a look to the sky and the light and the green of the trees. The peak has been reached and we going to start noticing cooler mornings and less steamy days. Not all of them, believe me. We are not done with summer's heat quite yet, but we have been given notice that it will indeed end at some point and there will be moments soon when fall blows its breath on us from wherever it is standing in the wings. We who have lived in Florida forever will stop and take notice when that happens. Our seasons may not be as obvious as the seasons in other places. They are subtle but we know when they are changing.

And in two days, Kathleen who brought me these chickens in the first place is going to start her chemo and Judy and I will sit with her while the weapons of mass destruction drip into her veins. I'm going to bring turkey roll-ups and magazines. We'll chat and laugh and crack jokes and I'm telling you the truth when I say that we'll have a good time.
Chemo? Good time?
Sure. All you need are the right people and the right situation and you too can have a good time.

By this time next week Kathleen may not be having such a good time but between then and now, we will have as much fun as we can. Her BFF, Vicki, is coming in on Friday and on Sunday we are heading for the beach. We are all three women raised on the water and we will draw sustenance and strength from the flat line of the Gulf as the water roils and tumbles to our feet and the sky meets the water and the dolphins break the surface as they pass by.

All right. This video is taking FOREVER to download or upload or whatever sort of loading is going on and I should just quit writing now. I selected the higher quality video and I suppose that's why it's taking so long.

I'm learning. About video and chickens and friendship and grandsons and summer-into-fall and I'm learning to get out of the way and let life pull me along.

Do you want to know a secret? I wouldn't go back, even to my forties which were, I had always thought, the best time of my life, for anything.

This. This time is the best.
Thanks for being part of it.

Night, y'all. Enjoy the show. Or not.

I'm just glad you're here.

P.S. The higher quality video? I don't think it would finish uploading before the Rapture so I'm going to post the lower quality one.
I will figure this shit out.
I promise.


  1. Oh, you did good with it! I love it! :)

  2. Loved your home movie Ms. Moon. Meeting your hens and of course the dashing Elvis. He is a handsome rooster and I think you gave him a good lesson but whether he listens or not.....well?

    I won't get bored and it is funny your doing a video. I was on another blog of a women who does some video of her very special loving mom..I really enjoyed her sharing that. I though hey that gives dimension to those keep on doing it.

    Also you are such a special friend for Kathleen...we all should be so lucky. And she will draw strength from your support...she sounds like such a lovely lady. I have started following her blog...keeping positive thoughts to her healing and cure...

    ***We have a kitty named Luna too!

  3. lopo- Really? You like?

    Ellen- Kathleen will be a gift to your life, too. I promise you that.

  4. So good to hear your voice!! I'm an audio person and love voices. Yours is musical.
    Those are some happy chickens. I'd like to come over and pick up Luna. Would she let me?
    P.S. Need to know how you make that quiche with the potato crust.

  5. Michele R- My voice is much sweeter than I thought it was. Funny. I think I hear myself as an old salty-sailor.
    Gave instructions for the quiche back on the Sweeter Than Honey post's comments. E-mail me if you have questions.

  6. That was so great! and yes, you have a sweet voice, Ms. Moon.

  7. Who knew chicken porn could be so much fun?

  8. Aw, those are some GOOD looking hens! And Mr. Elvis is rather dashing himself.
    I cracked up at "One bite of cherry is not foreplay." Some men might disagree... ;)
    Your accent is darling! Thanks for sharing with us.

  9. Nichol- Believe me, I am not as sweet as my voice would indicate.

    NOLA- It's chicken porn around here about eighteen hours a day. Sigh.

    Notjustafemme- Some men might disagree but THEY WOULD BE WRONG! My accent? I have an accent?

  10. for some reason the uploads straight to blogger take longer then putting stuff onto you-tube and then putting the code in your blog....this is from a girl who made videos of the dryer on 'fluff'....


  11. I loved the video Ms. Moon. Those chickens are good looking in pictures but there's something about seeing them (and hearing you) in action. You made me smile.

  12. I love the multi-media thing. And it's weird and wonderful to hear your voice. Wow. It seems like I know you!

  13. we're glad you're here too. Thanks for sharing parts of your life with us, even the chicken porn. :-)

  14. Mom, that was hilarious. I loved it.

  15. Aw, it's lovely to hear you talking. So nice :)

  16. Oh, I saw the instructions for the quiche! Thanks!

  17. What could possibly top the flirting boy and chicken porn?

    It sounds so wrong when I say it... but the strange thing is, it doesn't sound strange at all when you say it!
    It's a gift.

    Keep rockin with the new toy!

  18. Mrs. A- I need to try that. I think you're right.

    Mel's Way- My chickens always make me smile.

    Elizabeth- I think you do know me.

    Terena- Pretty mild porn. But still- live sex!

    DTG- Now. To get them on film running.

    Jo- That's me!

    Michele R- You're welcome!

    Ms. Fleur- We work to achieve!

  19. I can't believe that the cat doesn't try to eat the chickens. What a good kitty.

  20. Well, I don't hear any accent :) Really.

    Love the video, all the sounds in your yard and your voice.

  21. I can't get to this video either. The space where the video goes is just a blank. Goddammit. Guess I'm going to have to haul the goddamn laptop home. These fuckers here censor EVERYTHING. Fuckers. Did I mention they are fuckers? Well they are.

    Fuck it.

  22. I was expecting your Natasha voice. One bite of cherry could be foreplay for some people--just sayin'.

  23. Ms. Moon - "One bite of cherry is not foreplay." Oh me, oh my. How many men could benefit from THAT tasty tidbit! I loved hearing your voice. It's a very nice voice. Great combo of sexy husky lovey dovey mommy tender.

    Steph - Psssst. Floridians don't have southern accents. They just think they do.

  24. Rebecca- The cat is smart enough to know that Elvis could tear her ass UP!

    Stephanie- What? No accent? I love my accent. I'll try to make it more profound next go-round.

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- Mr. Moon can't see it either. I need to figure out a better way to post video.

    Syd- It had better be a dark-chocolate covered cherry. Just sayin'.

    Ms. Trouble- We folks in North Florida are pretty southern, actually. We're nothing like our more geographically southern brethren.

  25. I couldn't figure out the sound at first either, but still loved seeing the chickens in action. When everyone was commenting on your voice I went back and fiddled and got the sound working and lets just say thank GOD I didn't hear your voice when I first found you. I mean I was already smitten enough. I would've just fallen flat. I'm calmer now and think I can handle this amazing mix of what ATT described perfectly: "sexy, husky lovey dovey mommy tender"
    Keep shooting and talking to us in anyway you want to. Love it all.
    But really, that was a special treat.
    Loved your last bit about not going back.

  26. I like the video, and agree mightily with others, your voice is great for this media. Yeah, I cannot see you goin' back(wards), ever.

    Kathleen is a blessed woman, as are all of you. Our friendships deepen our life, teach us otherwise inaccessible lessons. You each will be in my prayer-lights, on my altar.



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