Sunday, August 1, 2010

There Is No Spell-Check On Yellow Legal Pads


  1. Sigh. Your writing is sooo pretty.

  2. Yes, very romantic writing. Oooh - wouldn't it be nice if you started a trend, and we could see everyone's handwriting? That would be interesting.

  3. Oh, Ms. Moon. I do love this post. Thank you for the slowing-down, for sharing your handwriting, and the yellow notepad.

    I think that now I am going to go write and draw something.

    Yes, I was about 12 when I read "The Yearling." It had a profound effect upon me.

    Wow. Thanks.

  4. Seeing your handwriting is such a gift :) It's such a personal part of us, one we don't see nearly enough these days...

  5. This was like getting a letter in the mail from you, a real letter. As much as we are used to reading each other through the internet, there is something about experiencing another person's handwritten account of their life that touches a bit deeper I think.

    Thanks for taking the extra time to write and post this. As always, it is nice to hear from you and to know a little bit more about how it is going for you and yours.
    Love, N2

  6. Something about this made me miss you very much.

  7. Oh yes, very beautiful. My friend Patti would always give the daily Zen calendar to the Cafe as a gift each year, 365 days of Zen sayings for 5 or 6 years. One of them that still stands out in my mind said, "I have learned one thing about life. It goes on."

    That is what you are saying about those people in the "olden days" and how they survived so much.

    You are so zen, Ms. Moon!

  8. I just bought a twelve-pack of my current favorite cheapo pens, having reverted to writing in a notebook, scrawling across paper instead of facing a screen. My handwriting is close to illegible; yours is classic!

  9. I'm with MWA! Let's write some letters and draw some pictures! Fun!

    Your handwriting is gorgeous, by the way.

  10. I enjoyed reading this. It was very soothing to me. My mother had a beautiful hand at writing. And she never touched a computer. Always handwritten in her flowing cursive. Wonderful.

  11. Jo- Written in the half-dark. Well.

    Mwa- Go for it, girl!

    Swallowtail- It is a wonderful book to read as a child for the story and then to go back as an adult for the story AND the writing, which is amazing.

    Corinne- I miss hand-writing.

    N2- It was such a joy to sit and write silently.

    SJ- Aw. Sweetling.

    lulumarie- Within us and without us, it goes on.

    A- I have always loved to hand-write. Learning to write cursive and getting my first "real" fountain pen was magical to me.

    Ms. Trouble- Do it!

    Syd- And I'll bet you have many of those beautiful letters of hers.

  12. Nice post, Ms. Moon. Great idea!



  13. You do have lovely penmanship!

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