Wednesday, August 11, 2010

It's A Baby Shower For Kori's Daughter! (Let's Go Shopping!)

When I first started blogging I kept seeing, in comments, the moniker, See Kori Rant.
Mmmmm....I thought. Who is this Kori who rants?
And so I started reading Ms. Kori's blog and oh honey, what a blog. Kori is a no-holds-barred, tell-it-like-it-is mama/woman/blogger who has been through some STUFF! Can I get an amen on that?
And yet, every time something happens in her life that threatens to push her down, she somehow gathers the strength and the courage to rise again and face whatever needs facing. When I think of Kori, I think of a Mama Lion because I know she would do whatever it took to protect and raise her young'uns. And she does.
I also think of a strong tree which knows enough to bend in a high wind, who never gives up although she sometimes despairs, who doesn't even KNOW her own strength.

When Kori told us some months ago that her seventeen year old daughter was, ahem, pregnant, we of the blog community rushed to her with our virtual support because

(a) We have come to love Kori, and those of us who have been reading her for awhile know that Hannah is as brave as her mother,
(b) Most of us, ahem, know quite well we could have been pregnant at seventeen.
Well, speaking for myself.

So today I want to throw a virtual shower for Beautiful Hannah because her sweet daughter, Aubry is due to arrive around September 10th and it's one thing for us to rush to give our support with words and it's another to support this young mama-to-be-really-soon with a small giftie of some sort.

It's so easy these days, of course, with online gift registries.
Hannah is registered at

The Target Baby Gift Registry
The JC Penney Baby Gift Registry and
The Walmart Baby Gift Registry

Just type in her name, which is Hannah Dunn and go shop. It's fun! I did it!
And let's show sweet Hannah and sweet Aubry that blogging is about more than words.
And that words mean something.

And let me add that unfortunately there is not a gift registry for grandmothers. If it did, it would include a bottle of Ativan and two cameras (one for back-up emergencies).
But there isn't.
So let me just say that Kori doesn't really need any gifts right now because she's about to get the greatest gift of her life. And I say that from experience.

All right. Go shop!
And Hannah- we send you love above all else and as you go through this new and incredible journey, remember you are in no way alone.
And most importantly- you're about to find out what real love is and welcome to the club of mama's. Best club in the world.


  1. i am low on funds but full of good intentions. i do have some books that are primer level i can contribute for down the road....let me know and i can send them via ms. moon!


  2. This is a wonderful thing you're doing! I love Kori too and will be headed out to shower shop today.

  3. going shoppin and linkin up


  4. Linked up over at my place too. I will be looking at the registries tonight when I get home.

    Thanks for doing this, Ms. Moon. I have heard of you over at Kori's before but somehow never visited - I will certainly be back in the future though! What a wonderful idea.

    Kori, you and Hannah deserve the best. Big Hugs from Washington here!

  5. I so wish I had the funds right now--It's a tough time of year, what with school registration and all. I will try to WIN her something, though--The baby giveaways are all over the place, so I'm going for it. Thanks for doing this.

  6. I will buy her something come payday. What a great idea, you sweet thing you.

    I love Kori.

  7. You know I'm on board. We should do this for Maggie May too!

  8. Happy Baby, Hannah! You're going to be a wonderful mama.

  9. You are a good G'ma in the blog world as well as every day! I got something in 6 month size, because we know how fast they grow. The cake was delicious and this was a lovely shower. x0 N2

  10. As Kori knows, I have the perfect baby gift planned for her daughter, strange as it may be. That said, I think this is a great idea, and I'm sure Kori and her daughter are both very thankful to have such supportive friends!

  11. Any excuse to give Target some of my money :)

    Wishing, Hannah, Kori and their family all the best!

  12. Oh, and I was 18 when I got pregnant. So, yeah.

  13. Hello! I just did a search and found a $5 off promo! Click the link on this website and when you check out, $5 will be deducted from your total!

    Thanks for hosting, Ms. Moon!

  14. Mrs. A- I'll be glad to do that if Kori okays it. Drop me an e-mail.

    Tara R- Terrific!

    Michelle- You are such a honey-bunny.

    Rachael- Awesome! And thanks for linking! Come back anytime.

    Mrs. 444- Great!

    Nancy C- Even the tiniest thing can mean a lot, don't you think?

    SJ- Yes! We definitely SHOULD!

    Aunt Becky- Young mamas can be the best mamas.

    N2- Wasn't that cake yummy? Good idea on the bigger size.

    Matt- We're a family.

    Stephanie- Me too! With the Target thing.
    I waited until 21 to have my first. By some damn miracle.

    Julie- Ah- you're so smart!

  15. I was already the mother of two precious little children when at the ripe old age of 3o I found myself to be surprise! pregnant with my sweet Zoe. I was a nurse but a poor, poor family planner :o)

    Congrats, Hannah! We are gonna get you some STUFF, girl!

  16. Mrs. A- Please e-mail me. I have the address.

  17. September 10th birthday people are the BESTEST! :)

  18. Such a great idea! Funds are low here, as everyone's seem to be, but there were plenty of reasonable things on the registries and I <3 babies!

  19. NOLA- I can't disagree.

    ZenGato- Oh. Thank-you.

  20. Hannah looks like she is hurting. I guess with all that baby in there doing flips or whatever they do, there is some discomfort. I am wishing her the best with her birth and the life of her baby.

  21. yippee. Let the shopping commence. Thanks for hosting this Ms. Moon!

  22. This is so wonderful, Ms. Moon. Kori and Hannah, I will post my gift to you this weekend. Love and hugs!

  23. How wonderful, Ms. Moon! You are the best. And best of luck to Kori and her daughter and the beautiful baby about to be born.

  24. Ms. Moon,
    I am really strapped to the gills financially right now. The divorce and concurrent taxes this year hit hard. The main item in my cupboards is Kraft Cheese & Macaroni currently. I kid you not. Hopefully I can tribute on down the line.

    Love you.

  25. Ms. Trouble- We all need STUFF, especially when we're about to have our first baby.

    Syd- You're so funny. She's fine.

    Jill- I am so thrilled to do this.

    Angie M- I really wanted to do it.

    Elizabeth- That's exactly what I'm saying- we're sending love and all good messages.

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- Honey. You save your money for Thanksgiving.

    Lisa- Yay and thanks!


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