Sunday, August 2, 2020

(Temporary Backup) What A Day!

First off, it turns out that lying on a bed is about the least comfortable thing I can do. After I gave it a try for about 20 minutes my ribs felt as if they’d been mis- and dis-placed. And they hurt worse than they have in days. So forget that for now. Settling back into The Chair is such a thing of comfort for me. 

But today I felt as close to feeling like myself as I’ve been since I fell. I unloaded the dishwasher, folded laundry and put it away, made up the dough for a loaf of bread, and then I damn well went out and picked beans for almost an hour. 
So, so many beans. I got hot and by the time I was done I truly was DONE but it was okay. I didn’t die. I’m sure I missed a bunch of the beans that were there but I did all I could do. And later on I snapped and strung almost a gallon which is about half of what I picked. It has been hurting my soul to think of all those lovely beans going to waste. 

Mr. Moon discovered where Miss Pansy has been laying her eggs which was in the baby coop. He brought in about nine of her lovely blue green eggs and float-tested them. Three did not pass and were tossed out. Still in the past two weeks we have gone from needing to buy eggs to having far more than we can use and there are only going to be more. In fact, I just went out to check and found four more eggs in the nest in the pump house. 

And so here I am, less than two weeks since my feet slid out from under me and I slammed into the back steps and broke those ribs and I cannot believe how much healing has taken place since then. I’ve gone from not even being up to snapping beans, to picking AND snapping them. From not having the energy or strength to feed my sourdough starter to making bread again.  From having to pre-consider every move to sitting down and getting up easily and without pain. The ribs still tell me when I try to do something that I should not. I am still relying somewhat on Ibuprofen. And of course I cannot sleep in my bed with my man and Jack but it’s not so bad to sleep in that chair with the tiny weight of Maurice on my lap, her softness under my fingers. 
In fact, I am doing so much better that I got truly cranky today. I got a notice from GoDaddy today which hosts my blog site that my payment method was no longer valid. This was true due to the fact that I have a new card because my old one had been compromised. It took me hours to deal with updating that one little thing due to having no idea what my user name and password were to a GEE DEE website that honestly is fucked up. I still don’t know if I’ve got it straightened out but the fact of the matter is- I’m not due for renewal until December! 
And yes, I got cranky. 
Since I injured myself I have been mostly in a state of either being quietly curled in on myself or being just damn grateful that my injuries weren’t far worse than they were. So I suppose that having enough energy to be pissed off is a good thing. 
Like the fact that my still-horrifying looking hematoma is itching like hell. That indicates healing, right? 

I think so. 

The human body is amazing. I’m so grateful to have been reminded of this in such a relatively benign way. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. It's slow but it seems that your body is gradually mending itself. Clearly, you were a bit too optimistic about sleeping in your own bed but perhaps a week from now Glen will have his cuddly teddy bear back.

    1. And until then he does have Jack so there you go.

  2. I would say that you are healing really fast, though I am sure it seems like a million years to you- it is all relative as they say. The egg game is fun to read about- little green eggs! The dark brown ones too are just gorgeous. A treasure hunt!
    All will be well soon, you will feel like yourself every day, You are doing very well, bone broth might be a helper..

  3. Since I've never broken a rib I can't comment on how fast those heal but you seem to be doing quite well. especially since it's supposed to take longer as we get older. I used to love sleeping with my husband but we sleep in separate rooms now because I do not sleep when we are in the same bed. all kinds of reasons that I didn't realize until I spent 3 weeks in Portugal where i slept well every night. after a couple of months he realized he was sleeping better too.

  4. It sounds like very fast healing to me. Probably not from your viewpoint though. Just please don't get too ambitious and start plowing the back forty because you feel better, okay?

  5. Beans, beans, the musical fruit...sorry. I couldn't help it.
    Having broken several ribs, not at the same time, I can comment. I was about your age the last time, and got better at the same rate. And slept in a reclining chair for a long time, too. With a cat. You're progressing well.

  6. Please don't overdo...So glad you are feeling stronger.

  7. Take care because often when we think we are much better we overdo without realizing it until it is too late. Yes, I've been there before! I am so happy for you that you are feeling better and able to do some things around the house. Aren't recliners wonderful when you really need them?! I had a bad back problem one time and could not lay flat for anything. I slept in a recliner for over a month and I was so grateful for that recliner!

    Isn't it amazing how some online services can make a simple thing so complicated? I'm glad you got the GoDaddy account straightened out but I'm sorry it was so much trouble.

    Rest up, enjoy the Office and HEAL!xx

  8. I'm so glad you're feeling better... even well enough to pick beans. That has to be a milestone in your recovery. Good for you! ~Andrea xoxo

  9. I'm so glad you're feeling good, but just remember this itemisation of business when you're aching tomorrow!

  10. Also very glad you're feeling better!
    Re the credit card thing: After too many episodes scrambling around changing numbers on ongoing regular payments setups after a card was compromised, we got a card that we use only for those things(as a rule) and now have to fuss with it only when it's been renewed (still a hassle--took 3 calls to the online pharmacy this year). Because so far none of those arrangements have been compromised--it's always the card we use for general--gas and groceries and other shopping.

  11. Well at least you know you're in good shape and capable of relatively quick healing! That's got to give you some confidence. Itching is a good sign.

    I never thought about what you might have to do to maintain your blog address. I hate stuff like that -- wrestling with passwords and Internet BS. I get so frustrated that it scares Dave. LOL

  12. Was the godaddy email legit or a scam? Did you check the email address? There have been a lot of scammers lately from paypal and other legit places.

    It always amazed how fast bones heal, it's the soft tissue that takes so long. Bones have lots of blood vessels and are so vital to our survival so they heal quickly, or at least that's my theory:)

    It's the cartilage, ligaments, tendons and muscles that take so frigging long.

    You guys are going to be eating beans every night for the next year. Is there a foodbank you can donate some to?

    So glad you're on the mend.

  13. Well hurray for recovery. I hope you can move to your bed real soon.

  14. I got into the habit of writing all my codes/passwords etc. down in a Word document as I set them up and then put a password on that document. It works for me as it's just such a hassle trying to remember every single password isn't it, particularly the ones that insist you change them every 6 months! And I'm glad you're starting to feel better. Who knows, snapping beans one day - pumping iron the next!


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