Tuesday, August 18, 2020



August Glinden and Curtis Glinden

The hugging and kissing drought ended today for us and two of our grandchildren and their mama. I think that picture says more than I could ever manage. 

And then this one. 

My heart could have burst and I hugged them both and my daughter too but I think it almost meant more to me to see Boppy hugging our darlings. I can't explain it but it's one of those things involving love and joy and how we don't really understand how all of this works but luckily, we don't have to understand it. We just accept it and are grateful. 
But oh! To feel their smooth skin, their soft hair. It was heaven. 

Now. If only I could get my hands on Lily and Owen and Gibson and Magnolia June along with May and Michael and Hank and Rachel. 
Slowly, one day, this will be a reality. 

Jessie called this morning. She'd gotten a test for Covid after her last shift at work and the results came back this morning. 
Negative. And the next thing you know, Boppy is canceling his plans to finish up work at Hank and Rachel's and I'm on the phone with Jessie telling her what leftovers I had that we could make our lunches with. 

We wanted to go vote before they came out and so we did. 
That turned out to be a little more difficult than we thought it would be. I had read that if we had requested ballots but wanted to go vote in person instead of voting by mail, we just had to show up and vote. Turns out that unless you take your unmailed ballots with you to the polls, it's a bit of a process to prove you didn't send them in, thus voting twice. We hadn't brought ours in and Mr. Moon had thrown his away and on the way to vote we'd taken the trash to the dump. 
We got back in the car and came home and got my ballot and then back to the dump where Mr. Moon found our bag and opened it and got his ballot. 
And thus, we got to vote. 
We even got to keep the pens that we marked our ballots with! When we walked out of the church where we vote, our hands freshly sanitized and with our I Voted! stickers, I said, "Wow! A free pen! What a great country!"
I sort of meant it. During these times you have to take what you can get that makes you happy about the government and today, a free pen was that thing. 
Well, that and voting. And watching some of Michelle Obama's speech from last night. 

And then Jessie and the boys showed up. August ran to the door and his grandfather opened it and scooped that boy up and hugged him hard. I had to settle for a gentle hug because of my ribs but I snuck in a few kisses too. And then it was Levon's turn and he wasn't quite as sure about the whole deal but he let us hug and kiss him and then both boys ran off to find the things they love most about Mer and Boppie's house. Books and a dump truck and puzzles and all kinds of things they haven't been able to play with for so long. Before too long I was reading The Jolly Christmas Postman to August and he was leaning against me with every one of his molecules and I was in heaven. While we played with the children, Jessie made us all a lunch out of the leftovers and we ate on the porch. 
Within touching distance. 

Oh, it was sweet. 
And then the best part- the boys got to play Wii games with their grandfather. 

I doubt they could have been happier. 

We talked about plans for them to spend the night this weekend. This will be Levon's first overnight with us. We have the menu figured out- chicken and dumplings and then, when they wake up, pancakes and bacon! What a surprise. 

Fairly soon, it was time for them to go. Levon needed a nap and old Mer still doesn't have a whole lot of energy. In order to bribe them away from the Glen Den with the Wii and the toys, I made them bowls of ice cream to eat, each with three dark chocolate M&M's from their grandfather's stash. 
They were thrilled. 

August's ice cream smile.

Levon's ice cream smile. 

There was a lot of talk about love today. Glen asks August frequently- who loves you?
The answer, of course, is Mermer and Boppie. While they were eating ice cream I asked August, "So, do you think that Mer loves you as much as Boppie does?"
And the boy, with his mouth full of ice cream said, "Definitely not."
This belief is based on the fact that Boppie lets him watch TV. 
Sigh again. 
It's okay. I know the truth. And honestly- so does he. 

When they went into their car seats to leave, we were able to kiss them on their cheeks instead of just their toes but they still wanted toe bites and toe kisses. I told them that next time I am going to get out the ketchup to put on their toes before I kiss them. I will eat their toes like French fries. 
"That's funny," Levon said. "To put ketchup on my toes."

I can't believe how well he's talking. He's full of words and is also quick to correct us if he feels that we've said something in error. He's not even three yet! Also, he can say his A-B-C's. 

Jessie reported that when Levon woke up from his nap the first thing he said was, "Boppy?" 

It's been a good day. 
It's been a very good day. A day I've been looking forward to since March 17th which was the last time before today that I got to hug and kiss them. 
Bless our hearts. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. What a wonderful, wonderful day! I'm so happy for you and Glen. This made my heart swell with happiness--seeing your beautiful grandkids with their granddad and knowing that you got to love on them.

    Love to you all. xx

    1. Oh gosh, Jennifer. It was sort of unbelievable.

  2. WOW! that is fantastic, We are STILL in stay at home, stay away mode. I am really cranky- old woman cranky. I probably need human company, but I am not sure, Your grand children are enough for me, thank you, Darling photos. Levon and ice cream just rocked my world! The adorable meter just broke!

    1. I am here to tell you that Levon is a character.
      I'm beginning to wonder just how much human company I need. I seem to be making do with very little. But it's very nice to have the company of these lovies again.

  3. So, so, so, so, Happy for you! I can't wait to hug my brother and his family. Hope you rest well tonight :) Bobbie

    1. TOO MANY CATS! That's what I have to say about last night.

  4. You must put ketchup on Levon's toes, to prove you can. Perhaps a little pickle between two.

  5. It was a bit like Christmas Day for you. I love Mr Moon's cool shirt - so Florida or maybe Hawaii!

    1. It was far better than Christmas which I really do not enjoy. I like that shirt too! I can't even remember where or when he got it.

  6. oh what a joyous day for you all! That first photo of Mr Moon and August brings tears to my eyes...... how good it must have felt to hug those dear children. Your cup is full today
    Susan M

  7. How very, very wonderful! I loved seeing the pictures and reading of that most precious visit!

  8. Well that got my eyes all teary. What joy and love!!

  9. Fantastic! I'm so glad you got to break the fast or end the drought or whatever. Life, looking more like normal! I know the kids must have loved finally hugging and spending time with you as usual.

    And bravo to your voting dedication. A lot of people wouldn't have gone to all that trouble. I doubt Karen Purser is happy about it, though. :)

    1. I think the kids liked being able to snuggle with us a little. Those boys aren't the most kissy or huggy guys but they like a little of it for sure.
      It wasn't that much of a hassle to vote. The church, the dump, and our house are all about two blocks apart.

  10. Okay, made me tear up. Pure love. What a wonderful day.

  11. I sank into these photos and took in every detail. So much love in them, so much love. And in your words. Joy.


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