Sunday, August 9, 2020

Brothers And Sisters- Who Among Us Is Not Batshit Crazy?

 Have any of y'all become fans of Leslie Jordan? He's the cutest little (self-described) pocket gay you'd ever want to meet and he has just about the prettiest smile I've ever seen. 

I started following him on Instagram and I love his Tennessee accent, his southern sensibilities, and his seemingly endless delight in life. One of my favorite things about him is the way he says, "Well, shit, y'all. What chu doin?" And then he sighs and says something about quarantining or tells one of his many, many stories about other actors or his mama or perhaps one of his adventures before he got sober. 
Somehow he's comforting. 

I feel like him tonight. 

Well, shit, y'all. What chu doin'? 

My day has been a Sunday. A drag ass, non-productive, semi-painful Sunday. I guess my bean-picking yesterday was not a good idea because I woke up in the night with achey ribs again and I did not sleep well. It wasn't that bad but it wasn't great. At one point, while I was snapping and snipping beans today, I thought to myself, "This is ENOUGH!" and truly, it is. I've got enough beans in the freezer to last until next bean season or at least mostly. I wasn't even that comfortable doing the beans and so I've been lazy, watching even more of "The Office" and dear god, it's truly become an addictive behavior and I've got at least three more seasons to go, maybe four. But it's okay. The people on the show have become my companions, my friends, my people in this time of isolation and healing. Hell, May even turned me on to a podcast done by Pam and Angela (Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey) where they go episode-by-episode talking about what was happening behind the scenes, "fast facts", and related trivia. I sometimes listen to this while I'm cooking supper. 
How pathetic is this? 
And oh yes, I am still listening to Mormon Stories podcast too. 
I have no idea. 
And honestly, I don't care. I haven't become addicted to OxyContin and I get dressed every day, take a shower every night and I floss my teeth. 
Of course what I get dressed in every day is one of the three dresses Lis sent me, all of which are as comfortable if not more so, than my nightgown. 

Let's see. What else is there to talk about? 

Oh. I know what I wanted to say. I need to apologize. I read one book about a man written by his wife and then I felt the need and the right to diagnose his so-called mental illness. 
Who do I think I am? 
I have no credentials, no training, no degrees, and I certainly never met Walter Anderson. From what his wife wrote, it sounded a great deal as if he had struggled with bi-polar but for all I know, it was merely his genius. 
So there. I apologize. We humans just love to put everything into neat and tidy little boxes, tape them up, label them, shove them in the attic and call it a day. I am as guilty of this as the next person. If not more so. This sort of thinking allows us to call a thing explained and done and if there is anything I know, human nature is neither tidy nor neat and labels and boxes can make us feel better but feeling better is not an excuse. 
I started reading this book last night. 

It is a a scholarly work with lots of attributed quotes and won't be as free-flowing and personal as the first book about Anderson I read but I am excited to delve into it. 

As I watched TV today after I snapped about a gallon of beans, I did a little work on a monkey doll that Lily asked me to repair months ago. 

Lily made this one herself and Pepper got ahold of it and injured the poor little monkey. Lily suggested that if I had extra socks (which I do), I might want to just replace the right arm which Pepper had given special toothy attention to but I found some satiny red blanket binding and am making bandages for the arm. I feel like this is more personal and will bring to mind their beloved doggie when she was a pup. 
Or maybe I'm being ridiculous. This would certainly not be the first time. 

Here's a dead golden-orb weaver spider, clinging still to the wall outside my bathroom. 

I'm sure she left a silk purse full of eggs to hatch next year. 
Isn't she an amazing creature? Just look at the bottle brushes on two of her legs. I have no idea what purpose they serve but I do know that the webs of these mamas are strong, beautiful, and yes- golden. 

I have no sermon for today. No great insight from the Church of the Batshit Crazy; just a little window into the world in which I live. 


Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I love orb spiders. I thought they lived forever, or at least as long as Charlotte! I supposed all those babies are the reason there was an orb spider pretty much the same place on our deck every year.

    1. Yes. They do not live longer than a season but their babies carry on with life.

  2. love the repair on the monkey toy! And...all that stretching and turning motion required for bean picking sounds like it caught up to you. Hope you sleep better tonight, in the Glen chair with your nurse cat. ;-). Slow and steady.......
    Susan M

    1. I slept like a rock last night. I suppose I was very tired. It was nice.

  3. You are so right that "humans just love to put everything into neat and tidy little boxes". Isn't that what is happening when folk ask, "What do you do?" or "What do you do for a living?" When the answer is given assumptions are made. Why are people so interested in what we do to make money? Surely there are more important, more fundamental things than that.

    1. Absolutely. "Career" is one of the main boxes we like to fit each other in. And of course what one does to make money is part of the whole picture but it is certainly not the definition.

  4. "A drag ass, non-productive, semi-painful Sunday."


  5. girl, you've got enough beans to last you til next bean season even if you ate them every single day! I hope you aren't disappointed in how they turn out. maybe you'll have better luck with that type of bean cause the blue lake green beans I always grew were just plain rubbery after thawing and cooking. not worth the effort.

    I haven't seen any golden orb weavers so far this year, in fact none of the usual spiders have shown up. maybe it's still too early here.

    and I wear the same thing every of the two skirts I made and a tank top. I'll put on shorts and a shirt if I have to leave the house, otherwise...

    1. Well, I figure the beans will be good in soups if nothing else. I sure hope I haven't wasted all this time. At least the pickled beans are good.
      You and I- we have our uniforms.

  6. I think the monkey repair makes it infinitely more appealing. It's a wabi-sabi monkey. And the spider IS beautiful, though I wish it was still alive. And so it goes.

    1. Yes. A Wabi-Sabi monkey.
      I didn't realize at first that the spider was dead. When I first saw her I'd gone out to throw the hair from my brush into the yard and later I went back and checked and she was still there. Quite dead but beautiful.

  7. The red silk repair on the monkey is a great and meaningful addition. I like that actor too but am not on Instagram, I would be drawn into it never to appear again, I just know.

    1. You can find him on FB too. I don't spend much time at all on Instagram. For some reason it does not call to me.

  8. I do love your red satin binding solution to sock monkey’s arm. What got you going on your Walter Anderson exploration, I wonder. Did I miss the spark in a previous post?

    1. A few weeks ago, I guess, I got a new comment on this old post:
      As I went back and reread the post, I realized that I had never sought out the books mentioned and decided that I really wanted to do that. And so I did.

  9. Nice to know people on tv have become friends of someone else, too. It has become a lonely time for many of us. Unless I'm going outside I often stay in comfortable pajamas, it's easier to stay cool that way. -Mary

    1. I don't think of myself as lonely but it is nice to watch now-familiar faces go about their daily lives in the TV box.
      And being comfortable is what it's all about right now, isn't it?

  10. I love Leslie! One of my Texan friends turned me on to him and to the characters from “Greater Tuna”.
    There’s a lego sculpture display at Flamingo gardens, a giant orb weaver was one of the impressive builds. Hope you’re healed completely very soon. Much love.

  11. I love the monkey, reminds me of one I had as a kid and the spider of Charlotte's Web. Full of memories today.


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