Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Where The Fun Never Ends

Lily and I went to Monticello today and we stopped first at the very cool library where Maggie, who is not really a book lover, took over the kids' room and made it her own. The very first thing she did was to set a stuffed animal on each chair by the little table as if supper would be served any moment. Then she found a bin full off shaker eggs that had been used in a music activity and began to line them up in order of color. Eventually, she asked if she could sit in the bin on the eggs but I told her that no, she wouldn't fit in the bin but that we could make a nest out of a bean bag which we did.

My little mama hen! This was so much fun that we had to put all the eggs back in the bin and then spill them out into the beanbag again. 

Lily checked out a few books one of which was this one. 

I have to tell you that it is one of the best books I've read in awhile. 
Of any genre. 
I give it five stars for sure. 

After we'd tidied up the kids' room, we headed over to the Rev for a traditional Rev lunch which was delicious AND our server was just about the cutest little guy you've ever met with a perfect dimple in his right cheek and I bet his mama dotes on him. He was cheerful and efficient too. 
Then of course, we strolled over to Wag the Dog where many toys were played with and I found four more beautiful plates and Maggie picked out two cars and I was happy to discover a copy of Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel which some of you who are as old as I am may remember Captain Kangaroo reading to us on his wonderful TV show. 
Let us take a moment of silent respect to remember the Captain and Mr. Green Jeans and Dancing Bear and Grandfather Clock and Bunny Rabbit. 
What a different and innocent time that was. A time when a child would sit in front of a TV and be absolutely delighted to have someone read a fairly long book with not too many pictures to her. 
Anyone remember Tom Terrific? 

Ah well. 
On our walk back to the car I made Maggie pose for these pictures. 

She did not protest too much. 
And after that we came on back to my house and Maggie resumed the play she'd begun when she and Lily first got to my house before we left on our adventure. Each grandchild has his or her own ritual of what they do when they get to Mer and Bop's house. Maggie's is to first go find her babies. The one she has in those pictures is a doll that I brought Lily home from Mexico once. Her name is Rosie and she'd been tucked up sweetly in the cradle since the last time Maggie came to visit. And then Maggie rides the little scoot bike all over the house and these are the things she did. 
We also fed the chickens the french fries which she did not eat at lunch and they were most grateful to receive that special treat. 
And then she and her mother had to go to pick up her brothers from the bus stop and I got down to some chores that needed doing and now everything is ready for Jessie and her boys who are coming over to stay with us for a few days while Vergil is out of town. I didn't even bother to fold up August's bed, knowing that he would be back soon. 

Sadly I must report that Dearie, my most attentive and affectionate little hen, a jungle fowl, has not been seen since yesterday and I feel sure she has met an untimely end which makes me very sad. She was a very dear thing but if she were around, she would have shown up to eat french fries, at least. She didn't come to roost last night which is not unusual, but she didn't arrive for breakfast scratch this morning either. 

This is how it goes if you let your chickens free-range and we all know that by now. 
Darla is still on the nest and yesterday I dared her wrath to check her eggs and she has five, two of which are green and so definitely not hers. I certainly hope that at least a few of these eggs hatch. We shall see. 

And look who's here! The adventures shall now begin! August just asked his mama when she was going to leave and was not overly thrilled to find that she is, in fact, not leaving at all but will be staying here too. I assured him that he would be sleeping in Mer and Bop's room on his bed on the floor and he seemed to be okay with that. 

Here we are and once again I give thanks that my children are all close enough for me to get my arms around at a moment's notice and that my grandchildren know my house intimately and where all of the best things to be found are at all times. The other day August opened the refrigerator and pulled out a bag of grapes, slung them up on the kitchen island, climbed up on the stool and proceeded to chow down on them. 
Every one of them is the boss of me and they know it. 
I suppose I would not have it any other way. 

Off to cook supper! 

Love...Ms. MerMer Moon


  1. Oh, how well I remember Mike Mulligan on Captain K. My dad was a dragline operator—diesel, not steam, but still. My boy loved the book when he was little, too. ‘‘Twas one of his beloved books he recite word for word pretending he could read.

  2. Maggie is the cutest. Have a lovely sleepover!

  3. I remember those books and Captain K and his friends. Sadly, I don't think he liked kids as much as Fred Rogers did. It sounds like you had a great day. I hope the sleepover is fun, too.

  4. I want to come spend a day with Mer Mer and Bop and forget about the trials of being a grown up for a little while. Sigh.

  5. oh that Maggie, a little hen sitting on her eggs. little ones are so much fun.

  6. Well, we did not have a TV in the house till I was in college in the middle '60's. But we read lots of books from the library or hand-me-downs that we thriftily bought with our pennies. When my son was little, he watched Sesame Street and Mr. Rodgers. My daughter, then and now, could not be bothered to sit still for even five minutes of mindless entertainment. That is my child who rewarded her childhood habits with a DVM and a PhD. So.....

  7. You are living the life, Lady. All the good Bosses! Jenny

  8. Three of my grandchildren live 8 hours away while the newest lives about 1600 miles away. There is no wrapping my arms around them at a moments notice, to my regret. I so enjoy reading about all your exploits, though! My grandmother was the best thing that ever happened to me!
    I remember Captain Kangaroo and Mr. Greenjeans. They weren’t my favorite. I think I was too ‘old’ for them.

  9. I'm sorry to hear about Dearie. :( I hope some of Darla's eggs hatch too!

    I once met Captain Kangaroo, a fact which I had completely forgotten until I read your post. It was during my reporting years, of course. I'll have to find that clip too!


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