Wednesday, October 17, 2018

One Week Post Storm

Still wasn't feeling too well this morning but I knew I was going into town to grocery shop with Lily in the early afternoon and Jessie was going to take the boys to Baby Time at the library so I met them there.

What could possibly be more healing than Baby Time at the library?
And it was fun, as it always is. Mostly I just love seeing the little kids and the babies clapping hands and stomping feet and being lifted into the air by their mamas or their grandmamas or ignoring it all to wander or crawl about. Levon pushed a chair about six feet, walking behind it as if it were a push-toy. He did like the hand clapping portions of the event though, and clapped and clapped his own pudgy little hands and smiled as wide as the sun.
August sang with gusto, as he does, and I love the fact that he's not yet inhibited by social constraints about singing. Owen seemed to have been born with those. I remember how, when he was quite young and we'd start singing, he would go into paroxysms of embarrassment and beg us to stop. But not August.
Jessie and I had planned to go to a nursery for seeds but after the library it was either do that or go to lunch and you know what we chose.
We went to a little place that I've never been before which is actually in a complex of medical offices which is probably why I've never been before. I avoid driving by the hospital if possible and do not voluntarily visit any location having to do with the medical world.
I know. I'm crazy. Whatever.
But, it was a nice little place and Jessie and I got salads and August got a peanut butter and jelly sandwich which he devoured like a monster.

We sat outside and I enjoyed myself even as I was surrounded by labs and drug stores and all sorts of places where they do creepy things and determine your fate by analyzing the most secret parts of your body, etc. 

Then I drove to Publix where shopping is a pleasure to meet Lily. Publix is not only where shopping is a pleasure, it is also where the policy on men's beards has been changed meaning, they can now have them. I swear to god, it looks like the month before Pioneer Days in Montana there now- every guy in the place is growing facial hair. 
Jason included. He dropped off Maggie on his way to work (Lily had just gotten off her shift) and I made them pose for pictures. 

As you can see, Jason looks very good with a beard. And as you can also see, the ladies in his life approve. Is Magnolia not the most adorable child in the world? 
I"m sorry. I have to post another picture. 

She's so loving. When she saw me in the store she ran to me and I picked her up and hugged her to me and she hugged me back so hard. We ran into her best friend, Wiley Cash, and I watched as she walked up to him and said, "Hug, Wiley," and they wrapped their arms around each other, two little bitty kids who already know how to love. 

And as the day has gone on, I have felt better and better and I am glad for that. 

Supposed to start getting cooler. In fact, today may be the last day of the year we get temperatures in the nineties. 
I wouldn't bet money on that, but it may be possible. We're supposed to get what Rob Nucatola calls a "cold front" which means the high temperatures will be in the seventies. 
Don't laugh. It may sound absurd but we'll be so thrilled if that happens. 

One week ago we were in the last hours of Hurricane Michael. Relief efforts are increasing daily. There are so many little towns that got flattened where aid is not fast in coming. I drove home on the interstate today and power trucks are still caravanning their way to help restore power. And here I am, living my normal life. Hell- the county came by today and took that huge branch off our fence and hauled it away. Oh, yeah, I do have a massive four-hundred year old oak tree lying in my back yard but that's not lessening my quality of life. 
I have got to figure out where and how to help. There are so many people collecting stuff to take over there and I just don't know who to give to. I'll figure it out because my thoughts and prayers ain't helping one bit. 

Life is so strange and random and unexplainable and incredibly difficult and joyful and mysterious.
I guess the deal is to quit trying to figure it all out and just do something. 
Right this moment I'm feeling guilty and grateful which is pretty much my default setting anyway. 

Much love...Ms. Moon


  1. Magnolia is just so happy in those pictures. They are pictures she’ll come back to when she’s grown, and they’ll be so precious to her. I’m glad you had a good day. No guilt allowed. Love.

  2. Magnolia is absolutely gorgeous! As is the rest of your fam.......and yes, Jason does look handsome with a beard! No guilt allowed.......(as mentioned)........... take some food to people who have no power or who have lost it all. Food is what you do so magnificently......and it would be welcomed with open arms. Angel biscuits?
    Venison stew? Food.....and you, just that
    Susan M

  3. Guilty and grateful - I feel that way often, even though we should feel no guilt for our good fortune. There may be other things for which we should feel guilt, but not that!

  4. I imagine if I was a guy I'd prefer not to have to shave every day. and that Magnolia is a force of nature.

  5. Magnolia is the most adorable child in the universe! There's so much pure joy on her face! Much love.

  6. I keep reading "Rob Nucatola" as "Rob Nutella" and that's about as far as I've figured anything out tonight.

  7. I am always so amazed how life continues on even though awful things have happened. The first time this happened, I was sixteen and my uncle had died. Life carried on.

    You will find a way to help and guilty and grateful is my default setting too:) Who convinced us that we have to feel guilty when we are spared, when our loved ones are safe, when life is good?

  8. 'Hug, Wiley!' Maggie is a cure.
    I don't like driving past the maternity hospital, and I didn't even have a baby in there (thank god).

    Don't like ambulances, neither.

  9. Well, speaking of hospitals, my husband just got out of one. He will be fine. I've been home for a week and a half, and I couldn't remember your blog name (I read you at work, on my computer here), and I have been worried about you in the storm. Now that I am back at work I am happy to see you escaped most significant damage. Jenny

  10. Life is so random. Bless you and everyone, and that 400 yr old oak.

  11. When we lived in Louisiana, we used to just load up the car with "stuff", canned food, diapers, paper towels, pasta, rice, fruit (both dried and fresh), etc., etc. and go find somebody to give it too. Even tools and wood and stuff like that. You would be surprised what helps get people back on their feet. Don't forget duck tape!!!!!!

  12. It's interesting that Publix changed the beard policy. I remember friends in high school working there and they were so strict about that stuff -- length of hair, too. I don't mind facial hair but I do love Publix and I think as an employer they generally treat their people right.

    Glad you're feeling better. That peanut butter sandwich looks pretty serious!


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