Sunday, October 21, 2018

Good Seeds And Bad

Woke up this morning and I was COLD. I had a quilt and a down blanket on me and I was still chilly. Maurice was snuggled up so you know damn well it was coolish, at the very least. I was shocked as hell to find her there and I stroked and scratched her for a few moments and she seemed to like it well enough until without warning she did what she always does and grabbed my hand in her razor sharp claws and bit me with her razor sharp teeth.
Why do I never learn?
Oh well. The blood loss was minimal.

The crispness of the bluesky morning made me feel so good. It was, as Jessie texted me later, a "perfect" day. It never got above seventy-something all day long and after the unrelenting temperatures in the nineties we've been having, it seemed, if not arctic, at least heavenly. I went outside and opened the hen house door and the chickens raced out as if they, too, were excited to experience this good day. The baby chicks were all fine with their mama and it's so nice knowing that she will keep them at just the right temperature in their little safe place, no heat lamps required.

I decided to finally and at last go and buy the seeds for my fall garden and I did. I went to a nursery, not my favorite nursery but a decent one and finally found the seeds who's location changes every time I go in that store which at the moment is in deep preparation for the Christmas crap while already completely covered by the Halloween crap. I found all of the kinds of seeds I wanted and then decided to go out to the plant part of the nursery and I'm so glad I did. I could feel my blood pressure sliding right down as I wandered about a little. I watched two youngish guys shopping for succulents and they were so serious about it that they asked an employee to come and give them advice for a mixed pot of them. He told them about the different types and how they would grow and what sort of pot and soil they should use and they were as serious and attentive as a couple taking childbirth classes. I swear. I felt like going up to them and patting their arms gently and saying, "Don't worry. You will be great plant parents."
I almost decided to take back all of my seeds and just get some already started plants. I always have too many greens and work way too hard for what we actually need. But that just seems like lazy gardening and doing things the hard way is so morally pleasing to me that I just couldn't do it. I'm going to wish I had though when I'm down on my knees planting entire rows of seeds the size of an ant's ass.
But I need to get them in the ground as soon as possible. And oh hell. I just realized I didn't get beets.

I ran by Costco where I heard a woman say to her partner, "Look at that Christmas tree! Doesn't it look so real?"
And I actually said out loud (but not loud enough for her to hear), "No. No it does not."
And it didn't. I don't have a damn thing against artificial trees but I think they should look like this.

Don't you? 

On a much more serious note have you seen this?
Just read it. 

Those of you who know me well know that transgender issues are something I feel fiercely and strongly about on a very personal level. And now Trump, who is actually still shocking me with the depths to which he and his administration can sink, wants to not only take away protections for transgendered people but to deny their very existence. 
As my son Hank wrote on Facebook where he posted this article, "Y'all better be with us when this shit comes down."
And guess what? I'm pretty sure that transgendered people will be just the beginning. They're already chipping away at the rights and protections of your "regular" gay people like your hairdresser, your favorite aunt, your brother or sister or mother or father or doctor or nurse or son or daughter or teacher or landscaper or favorite blogger or you. 
I don't even know what the hell to do. 

Promise to be there when the shit comes down, I guess. Whatever that means. I'll fucking do it. 

Mr. Moon is home. I need to go make supper. It's going to get down to forty-something tonight and I'll be pulling The Duck out of the plastic bag where I rolled it up and stored it last spring, clean and ready for cozy duck down use. 
Mark it on the calendar. The Day the Duck Comes Out.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Just when you think T can’t take another right away he manages to do so. What next? And there will be a next?

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    1. I would like to follow you on FB. I enjoy your blog so much so I'm sure I'd like your fb too. If you're okay with that, please friend me or give me your fb name. Thanks.

  3. the article made me ill, as did the aluminum christmas tree! But.....seeds, earth, planting and chicks and nurturing and loving and cooking.....that is all good by me . ;-)
    Susan M

  4. Hank is right, and that article is now on my Facebook page, thanks to your link. I hope your seeds sprout...That article made me so mad I don't know what else to say.

  5. Just when I thought things couldn't get any lower. Hope this really galvanize voters! We're going backwards at the speed of light.

  6. I did see that story. I swear, it's like Trump stays awake at night actively thinking about what to screw up next. Sometimes it feels so personal, like he's thinking, "What will make Steve Reed the ANGRIEST? Let's do it!" (I'm sure you could insert your own name there as well.)

    I'm glad you've had a pleasant change of weather! Hopefully those temps in the 90s won't be back for a few months!

  7. What baffles me is that they call themselves Christians, followers of a Jesus who wouldn't put up with this kind of shit but would have turned over their tables, run them out of the temple and then educated them about love and acceptance. Assholes, the lot of them.

  8. Well said Hank - we are all very much in this fight with everyone that needs us. Pisses me off!

  9. yay for the cooler weather. I'd like to have some without rain though yesterday was a beautiful clear (well mostly) cool day. more rain is supposed to be headed our way though. I just can't even look on FB or the news anymore, gives me heart palpitations. that fucking Trump is about as depraved as a human can be. what the fuck. and what about those babies born with parts of both sets of genitals?

  10. I have been on the hunt for a tree just like that. We want fake because we don't want water on carpet, but I want it to look really fake and not like anyone was expected to believe that a plastic tree is real. That policy on the transgendered people makes me so mad. What about the intersex babies?

  11. The man who occupies my house up there in Washington has found this issue (and a couple more like the hordes of criminals wanting to come to the U.S.) to fire up his unintelligent, bible-thumping, white welfare collecting raciest base. For the next two weeks. So they don't pay any attention to the fact that he has promised to cut the SS that I worked so hard for and my Medicare that I also worked for. And, he will do that as soon as the election is over in order to pay for the millionaire tax cut that he gave to ...... millionaires and billionaires!

  12. Trump and his minions and those that support him can go to hell.

  13. I found you years ago when Maggie May linked your post "Bringing out the duck." I've been here ever since.

    As for Trump and his Trumpets, I don't know what to say. I'm pretty down right now about what they are getting away with. It shouldn't be possible to do what they are doing, and yet there is no calvary riding to the rescue. People say vote, and I will, but that is no guarantee either. Hackers. Gerrymandering. Voter suppression. We might be fucked. But tell Hank we'll be standing firm when the shit goes down. They cannot win.

  14. The Day the Duck Comes Out. I'll introduce it to my calendar.

    I met my first artificial xmas tree (straggly white, about waist high, flashing multicoloured lights) in my future in laws house and over the years grew quite fond of it. In fact, we all miss it dreadfully it wass simply too ugly to not feel sorry for it.


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