Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Come On In, Y'all

When I got home from the store and Lily's this afternoon, I found chicken poop all over the back porch which meant that some of the chickens had come in the dog door. While I was still cleaning it up, Ms. Nicey and Ms. Lucille strolled out of the back door from the house as if they owned the place.

Which, I guess, for awhile they did.

Maurice didn't give them a second look.

I suppose I should be a bit upset but frankly, I'm mostly charmed. Where in the world did I get this white trash gene? Next thing you know, I'll have a washing machine on the porch and insist that Mr. Moon start removing the tires from his vehicles and putting them up on blocks. And planting petunias in old, abandoned toilets.

Okay. Maybe not. Probably not.

But you never know.


  1. Chicken most definitely belong in the house.

  2. :—-)

    I talk about you all the time. You've made an impression. You're awesome, Ms. Moon.

  3. I would loove it if the chickens just came in and watched Netflix with you.

  4. A vivid description of white trash! - love it!

  5. Are you living in a Truman Capote novel?

    --Awesome Cat Mama

  6. The image of the chickens strolling out of the house is great.

    Hope your tooth thing goes well and you at least get some good drugs.

  7. my sister had a duck once that was enclosed by the backyard fence until one day it came in the house through the dog door. after that, it got a smaller area in which to roam which did not include access to the dog door.

  8. ditchingthedog- But might need little diapers.

    Nicol- So are you, dear Nicol!

    SJ- We could rent "Chicken Run" and "The Egg And I".

    Elsewhere- Thanks!

    Awesome Cat Mama- Combined with William Faulkner.

    Jill- Thank you, thank you!

    Ellen Abbott- We might have to do that. The dog door is mostly used for Maurice or I'd just shut that up.


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