Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Rains Came And Now They Have Passed

My god it is beautiful today and such a relief from yesterday when the weather got so freaky that I pulled things out of the tiny closet under the stairs and put a flashlight in there in case Maurice and I had to go to shelter. There were tornado watches and warnings and flood warnings and Jesus, it was weird and at one point it did start blowing so fiercely that I grabbed Maurice and brought her in the house and shut all the doors. The wind was whipping through the house and blowing things off the refrigerator door, pictures and phone lists and magnets were flying the air and oh, boy, it was exciting but not fun. All I did all day was eat (I texted May that I had all of my caloric needs covered for up to and including Friday and I wanted a pie) and sleep and I did mop the floor in the library with some sort of hardwood floor cleaner and it looks better in there. I did not make a pie but did make banana bread which was totally unnecessary and I now have my caloric needs covered through the weekend.

Maurice was playing in the hallway last night which is NOT like her and I went to check and see what the hell she was playing with and it was a perfect squirrel tail, clean and fine in every detail. Where the squirrel may be is a mystery. She couldn't have eaten the entire thing. I was a bit horrified but not shocked while Mr. Moon thought it was charming. "I think we should tie a string on it to make a toy for her," he said, and I said, "If she brings that thing into the bed tonight you are not going to believe the reaction I'm going to have."

But today is a new day and as far as I know, there is no squirrel tail in the bed and in very fine news indeed, Billy got his bandages off yesterday and he is SO happy with his new manly chest and he'll be flying home tonight.

I'm going to town to Costco shop with at least one of my kids and also go to lunch with Lily and the boys and hopefully Jessie and maybe Hank- who knows? And I have a dentist follow-up at 2:30 and I want that to be OVER WITH and I need to go to the library and so it's a busy, beautiful day, the rain water still dripping off the leaves, the birds at the feeder, the chickens ready to come out of the run to begin their day's work of pooping on my porches and hopefully laying a few eggs, and here we are, here we are, not blown away or floated away but with our feet on the ground and our eyes directed upwards by the trees whose very presence require us to look up, look up, look up! and it is cool and I am looking up and things are fine and good morning.

Good morning from Lloyd. Indeed.


  1. Honestly, there is magic in that garden. How beautiful. And yay Billy!

  2. We had freaky weather yesterday too. It's obviously freaky weather week.

  3. Angella- It restoreth my soul. And yes, YAY, Billy!

    Jenny Woolf- How weird, right?

  4. We had a huge storm that came through too. I was so out of it that I slept through the entire thing. But the plants were appreciative.

  5. You are truly rich in love Ms Moon and you created all of it. Sweet Jo

  6. Awww, poor squirrel. I don't suppose a squirrel can shed its tail and survive. (Wishful thinking!) It must have met its demise -- whether at the paws of Maurice, who knows?

    Anyway, I wouldn't want it in bed with me, either.


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