Monday, October 27, 2014

Lloyd Ain't Bad

Home and home and it is beautiful and I took my walk and reveled in the sunlight as it filtered down lace onto the earth under the trees and I am about to hang towels out on the line and get things ready for the boys although they don't need much to be ready. The playset is there for them to climb and swing on, to twist the swings and grow dizzy from the unraveling, the eggs will be there for them to gather and the chickens will take bread from their hands and Mer will be here to do their bidding, to kiss their faces, to hug them whether they want her to or not.

It is good to be home but oh, I how do think of that river, the blue against the green and the leafy bowers of bamboo and palm.
The link to the information to rent the little cabana house in Roseland is here. 
You, too, could go stay in heaven.
I highly recommend it.

I don't know about you but I will be so glad when this election is over. Here in North Florida it is truly getting vile. The ads on TV and the mail I get are simply disgusting. This candidate looks like Nancy Pelosi so you certainly don't want to vote for her. This candidate is the only one who will protect your right to bear arms, so vote for him. This candidate wears a pilot's uniform so vote for him. The Obama Liberal Democrats don't want you to vote so be sure to piss them off and get out and vote for The Fucking Right Wing Conservatives.
Okay, that one I sort of added to.
Hell, the NRA sent a mailing with a picture of Rick Scott that makes him look vaguely human. How the heck did they do that?
Dear god, please let it end.

In other news, I have GOT to get control of my diet again. I have been eating like I expect to be imprisoned on an ice floe and will have to live off my own blubber. I mean, it's been fun but good god. I love how when we start out our trips I begin by eating things like salads with grilled chicken and by the time we end them, I'm eating potato salad with as much mayonnaise as potato salad can be made with and please, yes, more pork.
Pass the blue cheese and hey! Might as well finish up this ice cream! Hand cut potato chips? Oh, yeah, baby.

I wish I could say it's made me feel like shit but I feel fine, to tell you the truth. Still, I should live off of beans and greens for about a month. Maybe a tomato now and then. A slice of pineapple. Etc.

Well, Jessie's coming out this afternoon too. She's bringing Greta which is great because Greta can keep the boys occupied and we can chat, chat, chat. I need to hang those towels and, um, go soak some beans.

Back to real life and I'm not complaining. Well, except for the election ads. Those I will complain about. And with great enthusiasm and vigor.

The rest? Nah. I love beans. And hanging towels out. And my woods where I walk are pretty fine too.

The colors of fall- purple and gold. Royal and sweet and the great oaks rise up to the blue cloudless skies and the nights are cozy cool and the cat slept on me all night and the chickens are out scratching, and politics aside, it is lovely to be alive.

Hope all is well with you.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I had a dream that Prick Scott was in my house and he attacked me with his python on ecstacy expression like a B Movie Dracula. It was ... ridiculous.

    Glad you're home - the candidate ads sound vomitous, I thought it was bad us having ugly billboards, but tv ads... guh.

  2. Thanks so much for the link! I am SERIOUSLY going to look into staying there.

    The New York Times did a story the other day about a poll showing that voters expect many Republican incumbents, including Rick Scott, to win -- and apparently asking people for their expectations is actually a better prediction of results than asking people who they plan to vote for. (Apparently people lie about who they're voting for. No one wants to say they're voting for Rick Scott -- even to a pollster!) Anyway, it was a bit discouraging -- but even that poll showed Scott only slightly ahead.

  3. I'll be glad when it's over too. I so hope that that awful Greg Abbott does not get elected here. And it pisses me off how every news article is ALREADY giving the elections to the Republicans. well, they gave the presidential election to Romney and we saw how that panned out. my only hope is that all this giving away of the elections will make Dems get out and vote but I'm afraid it will have the opposite effect.

    Fuck politics.

  4. I don't know why I missed this post. I am so unengaged this election cycle -- more so than I've ever been. There's part of me that just doesn't give a damn for the first time in my life. Perhaps it's cynical - and I will vote for the usual liberals -- but does anything really ever change?


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