Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Spending The Night

The boys are here to spend the night because they've been wanting to for a while now and Boppy's not at the hunting camp or auction and so here they are, making a fire to cook the steaks because steak is something that Owen does say that he will eat along with carrots, celery, and cut up bell peppers which we also have.

They are so beautiful to me. All three of them. The boys have their rituals for overnights and they must be attended to faithfully. Feed the chickens bread, drink chocolate milk, help Boppy with the fire. When Mr. Moon was splitting the wood, I said, "Remember, it's just three little steaks."
"I know what I'm doing," he said.
"Mer! We've been doing this since I was FOUR!" said Owen.

What do I know? Not much.

But that I love them. That I know.


  1. What a grandfather and grandmother to have.

  2. Owen's going to be tall like his grandad. What a beautiful photo of your men. I do like your new camera phone!

  3. Jo- Those boys seem to like us pretty okay. Tonight Owen said, "You know what I like best about being here?"
    "What?" we asked.
    "Mer Mer and Boppy," he said.
    My heart melted a bit more.

    Angella- I think he is going to be pretty tall. And Gibson may sprout up and outgrow him. One never knows. Jessie was always a tiny elf and then...all of a sudden...she was almost six feet tall.

  4. Aw, I can't wait to have grandchildren.

  5. I love that picture -- it's perfection. And you know what? That Mr. Moon just gets better and better looking as he ages. Ya'll are well matched with some serious beauty genes that you've passed along to subsequent generations!


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