Saturday, October 18, 2014

And So It Goes, Part Twenty One Thousand, Nine Hundred And Something

Ms. Jessie and I went shopping today. We thought we were going to Goodwill but we wanted to go see Billy first who is already back at work. It was such a sweet sight to see him there. Doesn't he look fabulous? Some people on this earth were just put here to make it a better place.
There's two of them, right there. We hugged Billy because you HAVE to hug Billy, but we were very, very gentle.

Then we decided to go into Ross which was right next door. Jessie tried on some dresses but didn't get any. I bought two things. I don't even know what to call them. Tunic-y things? One of them has fringe. One is more sweater-like. Then we decided to eat. We went down to another place in the same strip mall, an Indian place where we were surprised to see that they've begun having a lunch buffet on weekends, no doubt due to the fact that another Indian restaurant opened up just a few blocks away which always has a buffet.
It was awesome. It was so awesome that I'm still full as a dang tick. They kept putting things away while we were there (we barely made it in time) and we were like, "Uh, we want some of that rice pudding, okay?"
And we got it.
Oh, it was all so good.
Then, in the SAME strip mall, we went to Beall's and Jessie bought a rug and the most darling ceramic Buddha baby lying on an elephant's back and I bought a picture frame for the picture I forced her to give me.

Remember that picture? Wouldn't YOU have forced your kid to give it to you? 

I had really hoped that it would fit into a frame I bought a long time ago at the thrift store they run for the Bad Girls Who Get Saved By Jesus place. I payed $2.39 for this beautiful thing.

I'm not a big Jesus person, as you may know. Especially as portrayed in Western art. I call that one a Hippie Jesus. A hippie white-boy Jesus. And you know, I loved those hippie boys who looked like Jesus (and honey, there were a lot of 'em!) when I was a young hippie but somehow, I don't think that if Jesus did actually live and die on the planet, he looked anything like that.
Which, duh. 
But I love that frame. Some day I'll put something worthy in it. And I love the way Jessie's picture looks in the green frame. Rather perfect. 

After lunch and Beall's, I was fading fast. I either needed a nap or a cup of coffee and there was not room in my belly for a cup of anything but Jessie had a coupon for a free rotisserie chicken at Whole Foods if we bought $50 worth of stuff so we drove over there and wandered around and ran into Melissa! Which was such a sweet little lagniappe. We didn't quite buy $50 dollars worth of stuff but the very cool lady at the cash register just threw the rules away and gave it to Jessie anyway. 
Then I took Jessie home and drove back to Lloyd and here I am. 
I never did clean out the hen house but my sweet hens gave me five eggs anyway. It's driving me crazy that I don't know where Missy and Eggy Tina are laying. I went out with the flashlight and got down on my belly and looked under the old photo lab to see if they were laying under there but I didn't see one egg. I just keep visualizing a mound of eggs about four feet high. Somewhere. I've looked in the Nandina and Pyracantha bordering the yard and under my office, the old detached kitchen, and under the deck and I just don't know where else to look. It would probably be an interesting thing to do to follow them around one day, all day, until I figure it out.

Yeah. Maybe.

In the meantime, I hope that at least coons and possums are getting the good of those eggs and we have plenty, even without them. 

It was a good day and I was passing out compliments left and right to total strangers about dimples and earrings and I really wanted to tell the guy at Whole Foods that his afro made me sort of want to swoon but I restrained myself. 
I have no idea why. 

That was my day. And I still love my new phone and let me just say that the ear buds they include when you buy it are redesigned and it would appear that someone at Apple actually looked at a human ear canal and I love those too.

Maurice is meowing at me like I need to cook supper now but I'm still so full and so is her bowl so she needs to calm down and go with the flow but you know how cats love to stick to their schedule. 
Now she's hunting flies. I hope she catches all of them. I have spoken to Owen on the phone who asked me, "What did you need to do today?" and I told him that I really hadn't needed to do much but that I had gone shopping with Aunt Jessie.
I wonder if he thinks that the only reason he doesn't come to my house every day is that I have things I need to do.
I would not be surprised. When I talk to him on the phone I always say, "You know you're my sweet little prince?" and he says, "Yes." 
Fact of life, just like the sun comes up in the east and sets in the west. He and I have made our plans for this week. Lunch with sushi and noodles may be involved.

Oh god. The hog dogs have just started barking again. 
Life goes on. As usual. 
And isn't that sweet?

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I saw a guy the other day that looked exactly like Jesus if Jesus was a hipster. And you should look up Los Angeles Jesus because I've seen him, too, and it's wild. He walks around the city in a long robe with his hands out, like Jesus. Here's the link:

    I saw him the other day walking across the decomposed granite in front of the rock in front of the museum, and it was just like the desert in the middle east.

    Have I hijacked your post with my own Jesus sightings? I really should have just written that I loved this post, how it meandered around and onward.

  2. The biggest miracle Jesus ever performed was being brown-haired and blue-eyed in the Middle East.
    Years ago a forensics team got to the bottom of what he really looked like, and thank God not many Americans saw it, because they would have fainted dead away to see a Jesus who was short, black curly hair, and BROWN SKIN. Oh, the horrors. I can't find the original article, but here's a link to a Popular Mechanics (of all things) article of the same. It has the picture that most lily whites would never want to see.

  3. Duh. Link.

  4. I favor the trannie jesus, as my blog will attest. Your Jesus looks a bit pensive but with people bugging him all day with one thing and another, I'm not surprised.

    Oh your sweet prince...

    XXX B

  5. When our eldest grandchild (now about to turn 18!) was about three, she asked me one time why me and her PawPaw worked so much. It seems that every time she said she wanted to come see us, her mom would say, 'MawMaw and PawPaw are working.' So she decided that us working prevented her from seeing us six times a week! I've called her my princess since I saw her at the tender age of two hours old, and now that she's a teenager it REALLY fits! :-)

  6. Jesus is here. That's what I say whenever I am at a flea market or thrift store and see a picture of Jesus. Once you start to notice it, he is everywhere. Puns, sarcasm, etc TOTALLY intended.

  7. Elizabeth- That is awesome! Hipster Jesus. Amen. Hallelujah. Etc.
    The sunglasses are an especially nice touch.

    Laynie- Oh Lord, chile, don't tell the Sunday School class.

    Beth Coyote- Tranny Jesus is fine by me.
    Yeah, Jesus had a hard life what with all the fasting in the desert and the "Please raise the dead," and "Turn this water into wine," and "Come on, Dude, walk on the water! I know you can do it!"
    Not to mention suffering the little children.
    Poor guy.

    Catrina- Exactly! Why else would we not want them with us every single second of every day and night? Because, obviously, we love them more than life itself, right?
    Yes. Yes we do.

    Jill- Yep. Can't hardly escape the pensive eye of Jesus.

  8. I love the new picture frame with the picture of the bouquet -- it matches perfectly! The old frame is great, too. I kind of like the hippie Jesus, even.

    When I was a kid my babysitter had a painting of a blue-eyed Jesus on her living room wall. Of course that's what we all thought Jesus really looked like -- at least, those of us who went to Bible Camp at Baptist churches in the South. I never questioned it until someone pointed out that he probably didn't look like that and I thought, "Oh, yeah, I guess not!" Duh.

  9. what! no picture of the buddha baby on the elephant's back?

  10. Steve Reed- Or even Methodist churches. Hell, all of the Christian churches. They all had blue-eyed Hippie Jesus.
    Lie number one.

    Ellen Abbott- I know! I'll get one.

  11. Jesus was dark skinned and probably looked a lot like the fellows jumping up and down waving AK's in the air and shooting them. I have often wondered at the silliness of trying to pretend that he was Anglo Saxon and not middle eastern.


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