Saturday, October 11, 2014

YOU Try To Title This Shit, Version XXIV

(For Elizabeth and Sophie because I saw your sirena.)

Golden morning, cool and soft air, dogs barking down the road, chickens running up to the bird feeder to scratch and eat the seeds that fall beneath it. They spend hours there daily now. Miss Trixie is singing as she does all day long. I wonder why she is the only one with a song-voice. 

Mr. Moon has had his egg sandwich and is off to town to do whatever it is he does. Something-something. Lowe's? Cars? He told me but you know- it all sounds like blah, blah to me. I nod and smile. "Okay! See you in a little while!"

Jessie and Vergil have just gotten on the road. I am washing the sheets from the bed in the guest room because they may spend the night here. That drive is going to be hellacious and it would just make sense for them to stay here tonight, get up in the morning, drive to Tallahassee and start unloading that Chinese puzzle of a truck into their new house. Times like these make you wish for magic wands, don't they? It always seems absolutely impossible to me- the concept of moving. I mean, EVERY ITEM IN A HOUSE HAS TO BE PICKED UP AND PUT IN A BOX OR A TRUCK OR SOMETHING AND CARRIED OUT OF ONE PLACE AND TRANSPORTED TO ANOTHER. Every fucking paper clip. Every sewing needle. Every dish cloth and plate and toothbrush and leftover container and everything in the goddam junk drawers that no one can set up housekeeping without. Every book. Every towel and bowl and potato masher and bracelet and necklace and hoop earring and picture and pair of panties. Every piano even! Who came up with this crazy concept? Some crazy Nomads back in the day, I suppose.

My jaw hurts today. Is this normal? I don't know. I'm having some anxiety about it. It doesn't hurt like "Oh, I need a Hydrocodone," although I do have seventeen and a half of those left from the prescription of twenty I got and to be completely honest, I probably didn't need to take one and a half of those. No, today it hurts like a few Ibuprofen should take care of it. I just took some. We'll see if that's the case. Why is it that I got TWO Xanax and TWENTY Hydrocodone? I sure wish the pharmacist had mixed those 'scripts up. I have a lot more anxiety than I have pain. And I had a ten pound, two-ounce baby at home so we know I can deal with pain. (Not very well, actually, but I can.) Anxiety is a much tougher thing for me than pain. Not that I like pain. Please. 
Oh well. I only took one of the Xanax so now I have a total stash of two and one half. Plus one Valium. This feels pretty good. Just having them relieves some of my anxiety. And really, my anxiety hasn't been bad lately. I keep that stash for when I have doctor's appointments. 
I'm not kidding you.

Do I talk about drugs too much? Better talking about them than doing them, I suppose. Depends on the drugs. 

So obviously I don't really have anything to discuss today. I will say that Billy sent me a picture of himself last night and he is looking GOOD! Well, you know, if you ignore all the bandages. Here's a funny text we sent back and forth two days ago.

All right. That's about all the news so far today. I just got a spam e-mail with the subject line, "You don't have to live with obesity," which is very good news. I'm really glad to know that. 
Also, an actual e-mail came through from a company who would love for me to share their article about the documented positive health effects of owning a dog.


Is it nap time yet?

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. If you slap a title on it like "This is not about guns and drugs," you'll get a lot of traffic.

  2. Elizabeth- Whoa! I learn something from you every day!

  3. You have reminded me just how awful moving is. Makes me want to start getting rid of my shit before I decide to move again,But even getting rid of shit takes packing it up and taking it somewhere.

    Thanks for the update on Billy.

  4. Before we moved here, we got rid of sooooooo much stuff! We still have too much but for s few months, it was really scaled back. I guess compared to some we have lots and compared to others we have very little. It does suck having to move it though!

    I have one 5-year-old anxiety pill left in my possession. I keep it in case. It probably is useless at this stage or could totally kill me.

  5. ditchingthedog- God. You KNOW how much I want to get rid of stuff. Why is it so fucking hard to do? Are we all, at heart, pack rats?
    Yep! Billy's doing great!

    heartinhand- Yep. Moving will help you get rid of crap for sure. But just all breeds or something. And then...MORE STUFF magically appears!
    Kathleen's mother used to tell her that all ladies should carry a small bottle of gin in their purses in case they got the "vapors." I wonder if the vapors were actually anxiety. If I ever run out of my tiny stash, I'm going to get a small bottle of gin.

  6. Ok, I want to move so you've made me think, I don't to want pack all this crap, I have been here 29 years. I would think the jaw pain would be normal, if it doesn't persist, I hope it is gone now. Gail

  7. Gail- Well, it's hard to move but it's not impossible. Obviously. And it sure will make you prioritize what you really want and really don't. My jaw feels fine now. Thanks!

  8. we moved a mile and a half when we bought our house....i can't imagine what moving from one state to another would be like.


  9. Guns, drugs, and dogs. Beards are in too, ya know.
    Moving is the worst. Years ago a of us helped some friends move. We moved their kitchen wastebasket, still full. Going too far, I'd say.
    But ya gotta move your Xanax, that's for sure. If you have Xanax to move. Good luck with that jaw.

  10. hot baseball player... I love it.

  11. LOL @ the dog e-mail. Hilarious! You'd need even MORE Xanax. They sure did stock you up with Hydrocodone, didn't they?!


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