Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Stormy Dreams

It stormed all night long. Great house-rattling blasts of thunder and lightening, rain pouring throughout.  Maurice was fearful and wanted head-petting until she didn't and then she grabbed my hand with her claws, biting in her version of love. She cuddled up next to me the entire night, leaning on me in worry, I think.

When I finally got up this morning it had stopped raining but thunder still rumbled to the west. I went to let the chickens out to their run, trying to shake off the damn dream I'd had which ended with me going into a room thinking I was going to finally find my husband whom I'd been looking for but instead, was greeted by my mother who was crying and grabbed me and was rubbing me all over and she looked a little like Queen Elizabeth and I kept saying, "No. No! You're dead! Get away from me!" and she was so happy and I was so scared and I finally said, "This has to be a dream. Dead people don't come back and I need to wake up right NOW!" and I woke up and it was a dream but shitfire.
Brain- don't be doing that shit to me anymore. Okay?

Such a strange time of year and all of the spiders are dying, their once-so well-kept webs now in tatters, still strong enough to catch the falling pecan leaves making strange Halloween mobiles with invisible strings.

It's all a little creepy if you ask me. The gray sky, the distant thunder, the rain which comes and goes, the dangling brown leaves hanging in space. Or maybe that's just me and the dregs of the dream.

Maurice isn't very happy about it either.

She seems to think she could perhaps do something about it, but what?

I drank some leftover smoothie but now I think I need an egg. God knows I have plenty and it sounds like I just got another from Miss Nicey. Perhaps Maurice would like one too. I think I'll read today. This world is freaking me out a little. It would be a good thing to slip into another.


  1. My mother is visiting and has made me AND the cat an egg every morning. We all dig it. Hope you can shake off the dream soon.

  2. Dregs of a dream. I love it. These storms have me feeling like I'm living in the moors, in somebodies gothic romance story.

  3. SJ- Maurice didn't want any eggs. She's weird. She just likes cheap dry catfood, smoked turkey breast and sweetened Greek yogurt. Your mama is awesome.

    Ms. Vesuvius- Yeah, but where the hell is Heathcliff? All I have here is one lady cat, twelve hens and a rooster.

  4. Crrrreeepy, indeed! Maybe take a clue from the cat. Puff up. Make yourself look bigger than you are and chase that scary shit away.

  5. Dream hangover -- they're so weird, and coupled with low atmospheric pressure -- well -- I can imagine how heavy your head felt. I hope you sleep well tonight!

  6. Stormed all night here in Sydney too

  7. Yikes! It sounds like you're having a real Halloween experience! There's a reason our forebears considered this time of year creepy, after all.

  8. Your dream: is that about the affection you wished for from your mother or is that the dream ghost of your mother telling you how desperately she loved you even tho in this life she couldn't express it the way you needed? Such a strange upsetting dream. That Maurice is an uncommonly beautiful cat.

  9. Denise- After everything I ate yesterday, I don't really need to puff myself up. Ha!

    Elizabeth- I slept very, very well as the barometer righted itself. Thanks, sweetie.

    Agnes- Really? How amazing that we can share all of this.

    Steve Reed- I had that exact same thought as I ran into all of the dangling spider webs.

    Angella- You know, I've obviously thought a lot about that dream. I think it has a lot to do with my mother wanting me to just love her no matter what. And she was so mad at me for not...
    We humans. We have so much to work out, don't we?
    Maurice is a simple pleasure though. Disregarding the dead animals...

  10. Fall is a bit weird this year. I don't feel as excited about it. Lots of stuff happening that hasn't been good. Time for me to get to the boat soon.


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