Friday, October 31, 2014

It's Halloween!

No. That is not my family. That family looks like a nice family.
However, I swear to you, I had that same exact Halloween mask. JESUS we hated those masks but we loved them too. It was usually hot on Halloween in Roseland and we sweated like little bad demons behind them and it was hard to breathe out of that tiny mouth hole, so we'd flip them up between houses and then the cheap elastic would come undone and we'd have to hold them to our faces which made candy retrieval difficult, to say the least.
I have a very visceral memory of all of this. Mrs. Ferger, my best friend's mother, would load us all up in their brown station wagon to hit the houses of Roseland. We'd sit on the open tailgate and bump over the sand roads and of course you couldn't get away with that these days but it was so much fun. And better than riding IN the car because to be frank, it stunk.

Well, Happy Halloween. I have not decorated one bit although, as Vergil pointed out recently, I don't actually need to, what with all the spider webs on my porches. The spiders themselves are gone now, mostly, although what may be the biggest one of the year is still alive, right outside my back porch.

We don't get a lot of Trick-or-Treaters here in downtown Lloyd but I always get a little candy, just in case. Then of course, I eat it.

I did go into the little Harry Potter closet under the stairs to get the skeleton decorations but they're so little that I just left them where they were. But they look pretty cool in there. The skeletons in my closet:

They're really creepy, aren't they? I swear, I think I got them at the Dollar Store.

Well, I was going to stay home today and plant pansies but Lily called and I think I'm going to go with her and pick up Owen at school and then we're going to Japanica! because we love it and because it does my heart good to watch Owen eat miso soup and salad with ginger dressing. Plus, the couch and disco ball.

The fucking NRA keeps robocalling me to tell me to vote for Prick Scott. As that guy on Curb Your Enthusiasm always says, "That's just a big bowl of wrong."
Scott is so scary looking that he doesn't need a Halloween costume.

I'm also getting a huge number of robocalls from Steve Southerland, the local congressional candidate whom I loathe. Why does anyone think that robocalls persuade voters to vote for them? The other night when I was trying to get the boys to bed, I got yet another one from Southerland and as he was "talking" to me I snapped, "Suck my dick, Steve Southerland!" and hung up.
I wish he could have really heard me.

Lord. What am I going to have to bitch about when the election's over? Oh, I'll find something. Trust me. I haven't gone after religion in quite a while. Here's a little taste of that for you.

I don't know. Just made me laugh.

Dang. This post is all over the place!

I better go get dressed for my Japanica outing. Have to look good for my grandbabies.

Happy Friday, y'all. And have a lovely Halloween whether you dress as a witch or a princess or a zombie or an old woman in overalls drinking gin from the bottle.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Loved this whole post. Laughed out loud when you told the politician to suck your dick. And Jesus at the end. ha!

  2. I love the skeletons in your closet! I have to get me some to live in my closet. I don't decorate for Halloween, not even carving a pumpkin for the last several years. and that was always my favorite thing to do. I even carve a jack-o-lantern out of cantaloupes once on a river trip that happened over Halloween. and yah, shellfish? religion is just so crazy.

  3. The shellfish made me laugh and laugh. And I love the skeletons in your closet. Makes me want to run over to the Dollar Store and get me some.

  4. My dear man and I are wintering in Florida, and have been subjected to the ads for/against Crist/Scott. Half of my Florida family is all about Crist and the other half is all about Scott. I know all the bad stuff the ads say about the other candidate, but I don't know who I'd vote for or why because I haven't heard what GOOD they could do....only the bad they've already done. But given what I've seen so far, I think I'd vote for Crist simply because Scott's eyes scare the bejesus outta me! Luckily, we absentee voted in our home state of Illinois. You remember Illinois, don't cha? We're the state with the distinction of having not one but TWO governors in prison! Happy Halloween, Ms. Moon!

  5. I think I shall buy skeletons at the Hallowe'en clearance sale to hang in every closet. xox

  6. Jill- Really? Shellfish?

    Ellen Abbot- The more I know you the more I love you.

    Andrea- I got those several years ago. And you know the Dollar Store- here today, gone tomorrow. But they always have new treasures.

    Catrina- Scott SHOULD be in prison. Amen and that's all.

    John Grey- Me too. Uh-huh. For real.

    Denise- I know! Wouldn't that be awesome?

  7. As Rick Scott pictures go, that's actually not too terrible. He always looks scary. Didn't someone noteworthy recently say he looked like a python, or something like that? And he does.

  8. Yes, the skeletons in the closet are brilliant. And that God picture is perfect, too. I loved this post -- every damn word.


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