Thursday, October 9, 2014

Billy Got Something Off His Chest Today

Do y'all remember when I did this post? 
Well, he got his surgery today. In San Francisco.
His mama reports that he's doing great, surgery went great, all is great.
Billy, Billy, Billy, my god, the world loves Billy. Here's a picture of him and Waylon last Father's Day.

I just wanted all of y'all who contributed to his GoFundMe account to know that he's done it and he's that much closer to becoming who he already is and always has been. 

Thank you so much, those who contributed and those of who simply know Billy from this blog and who have come to like him. If you knew him, you would love him. 

As someone said recently when we were discussing Billy, "Everyone loves Billy. Even people Billy doesn't like, love Billy."

Love...Ms. Moon, Billy's #1 Fan


  1. In a world that sometimes lately feels like it's gone off the rails, it is damn wonderful to have something go so right today! Blessings Billy, quick recovery, and live the life you were meant to live! Love, Anon Suz

  2. Blessings and healing thoughts to Billy. Can't ask any more than for someone to be wholly comfortable as who they were meant to be.
    Susan M
    Love to you too, Ms Moon

  3. That's awesome. Thanks for the update!

  4. Sending love and thoughts for quick healing --

  5. Yay for Billy! It's great to see people become who they are.

  6. So happy for him and his family!
    Michele R

  7. I have been thinking about him this week so thank you for the update. :-)

  8. BILLY! Congratulations! Speedy healing indeed, and well done xx

  9. Thank you all so very much! I truly appreciate it.


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