Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Just Life

Here's my guys standing by the world's comfiest couch. Owen didn't want to have his picture taken but he told me that because he knows how much I love him and because I'm pretty, he would do it.

He's going to go far in this world, that boy.

We had to go back to Japanica again. It's our favorite. Owen is in one of those stages where he just doesn't like to eat much of anything. His favorite snack is iceberg lettuce, cut up into a bowl. With nothing on it. BUT, the salad they serve at Japanica and the miso soup make him happy.
Strange child.
As soon as we got there Gibson demanded "beans!" Last time we went Uncle Hank showed him how to eat edamame in the pod and he wanted some more of that. When they brought the bowl out, he wanted it right in front of him and he ate about 90% of them. He, too, likes miso soup, as well as sushi, salad AND white rice. A lot. No problems with his appetite.

Before we picked up Owen and went to lunch, though, Lily and I went to Goodwill where I struck up a conversation with a woman in the middle of the dress rack. Turned out we both live in old houses in the country and so we neither one of us have much need for fancy clothes and I said something like, "Can I feed the chickens in it?" being my criteria and she said, "Oh, I don't have chickens anymore. Thank God!"
She then proceeded to tell me that chickens are the stupidest creatures on God's green earth so you know she could never be my friend. I just can't even imagine how anyone could spend twenty minutes watching chickens and think they were stupid. Maybe if they're in a cage...
But hell, how smart does anything in a cage look?
I told her I disagreed with her on that point and that I find them fascinating and then we parted ways.

And I'm tired tonight. I've begun packing which means I've filled a suitcase with a bunch of stuff I won't wear and nothing I probably will wear but it'll all work out. I've also packed (but not in my suitcase) olive oil and vinegar and coffee and stuff like that and tomorrow I'll pack a cooler with eggs and cheese. I promised one of our landlord guys that I'd bring them eggs and we'll want our own too. Might as well. I'm drowning in eggs.

And so it goes and tomorrow we shall go and I'm finishing up laundry and need to get a supper ready for Mr. Moon and there's another damn Scott/Crist debate happening and I could listen on the radio while I'm cooking but I might just wait for Stephen Colbert to tell me the good parts at a later date.

Let's all sleep well tonight, okay? Sweet dreams and all of that, and please believe me- chickens are NOT stupid. Humans frequently are, but chickens are wise in their ways.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I know chickens are not stupid and I have proof, with that one that has survived for a year and a half, she knows how to get away from danger. I am just a little wound up watching this debate. Is it just me or does Prick sound like he has cotton in his mouth. Gail

  2. Chickens are beautiful in their chicken world. I automatically distrust anyone who doesn't like animals or children or trees or mountains..or chickens. Even bugs have their place. Except mosquitoes. Ok, well, alright. But they should bite dumbass politicians.

    There is so much in this world to love. And like it or not, we're all just a bunch of carbon atoms. Even mosquitoes.

    XXX Love and kisses, Beth

  3. I can't imagine having the energy and sanity to watch a political debate these days. Are they still the same? I, too, much prefer those comedy guys and their take on it all.

  4. Owen will be fine with just ice berg lettuce, believe me. My girl lived on that plus the odd spoon of French dressing and dry pasta for what felt like a year. It was a hard time, not because of her eating, she was gloriously healthy, but because of the constant remarks from all these well meaning people who felt they needed to get involved. For a while it was touch and go between my lovely mother in law and me.

    I think chickens are gorgeous and to judge an outfit for its chicken feeding potential is entirely the proper thing. I will only wear clothes and shoes that let me jump on a bicycle when I wear them. You can do an awful lot with a few clothes pegs to stop skirts getting in the way.

    Have a lovely trip!!!

  5. I've heard turkeys are stupid. Not that that has anything to do with anything.

    Sometimes you just have to agree to disagree, right? I have a lot of conversations like that!

  6. Oh, and I love the fact that Owen wants plain iceberg lettuce. Kids are so funny! My brother went through a phase where he LOVED black olives. He would happily snack on a whole can of them.

  7. Gail- I ended up not watching it. And I love your wild, smart chicken!

    Beth- Yep. Carbon atoms. And I'm so with you on the mosquitoes. Lord, they can be annoying. And you know, I don't ever want another dog but I can completely understand why people do and I would never call them "stupid" as a blanket statement. Mine were, but you know...

    Elizabeth- I didn't watch it. Lie, lie, lie, blah, blah, blah. Etc.

    Sabine- That is most reassuring. Thank you!

    Steve Reed- I think domestic turkeys are probably not bred for their intelligence but wild turkeys are amazing. As for the black olives- my kids ALL went through that. Hank never left that stage.

  8. no, chickens are many things, little dinosaurs, but they are not stupid. my neighbor down the street in the city, back when I had a house in the city, taught his chickens to sit. or at least one. he would kind of push the palm of his hand at it and say sit. it took a couple of times, just like with a dog but that chicken settled down on the ground.

  9. I love your chickens, and chickens in general. I doubt that any creature is stupid, now that I think of it.

  10. I am fascinated by your chickens. You have given me much new appreciation for them.


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