Sunday, November 8, 2009

They Are Home!

I just got a phone call from that boy who is definitely NOT wearing a paper scrubs outfit.
He and Shayla and Waylon are HOME!
They are about to have a celebratory beer and some supper and snuggles and just be HOME!
"How is Waylon?" I asked.
And that boy said, "I can't even tell you."
Which means he is wonderful.
And I feel so relieved.
So here's to Waylon and to Shayla and to Billy and to all the babies at home with their parents, asleep in their arms, nursing at their mother's breasts, breathing in the air of the places they live, knowing somehow that yes, now, they are HOME and there is no place on earth which is better to be because the walls are painted with love and the passion that brought them here and the floors and ceilings are barely enough to contain the joy they have brought home with them to share with the people who will always love them the most.


  1. You read my mind! I was about to call you to ask you if everyone had been sent home yet... WOO FREAKING HOOOOOO!

    Hey, I know they have a million friends and relatives, and etc... but are they getting meals made for them? If there is a list or whatever, let me know when I can make something for them. Or if you think it's just better that I do it!

    So happy for them, they will sleep well tonight. Thanks for the update.
    xo pf

  2. Ms. Fleur- The problem is that they live WEST of the airport. I'm going to take food by sometime this week. I think they will be okay. And I had to post something as soon as I heard. People have no idea how much we love our Billy, Shayla and now Waylon, too. But we do. Don't we?

  3. Very nice. I saw both my parents this weekend, and thought about you and the great way you talk about your kids. I wonder what they would say about me :)

    Sounds like you had a baby-filled weekend like me -they're the best!

  4. Yay! I'm so happy for this new family which is also my own.

    (And I love your sunset picture, Mama. Was that taken a few years ago?)

  5. SJ- I bet your parents do talk about you in a loving manner. Why wouldn't they? And those are some DARLING babies on your blog.

    HoneyLuna- Uh. Yes. And I believe you took the picture.

  6. Let me know when you are going and I'll send some tortellini surprise! It can be eaten hot or cold and lasts forever. It's a great grab n go thing... and maybe some punkin bread? Anyway, let me know. You can never have too much food can you? It's like love.
    xo pf

  7. great news!

    oh..i wish i d get some tortelini surprise too..damned..i m such a food person..:-)

  8. Hurray!

    It's so good tohear this, and know everything is a little bit righter in the world!

  9. Love the picture Ms. Moon

    Same happened to us when Jack was born. He lost weight, was jaundiced, and it took a few days for my milk to come in. And I REFUSED to supplement with formula. Harumpf

    I remember the night I was discharged and had to leave him in the nursery. I sobbed and cried to Bruce and said "I can still smell him on me". Well, Bruce packed me right up and took me back to the hospital and said "we're staying and she's just gonna nurse him till you let us go home". And that was that.

    So happy the new family can snuggle in their bed together. It's the best.

  10. I'm so glad to hear all is well and a family is home together. I need to go read and catch up though.

  11. I was so glad when I got that text. I'm gonna go see them this week as soon as I can get away, if the rivers don't rise. I want to nibble on Waylon's ears and fingers.

  12. Ms. Fleur- I will probably be taking something out tomorrow or Wednesday. I have an entire post partum meal planned. I am sure they would love tortellini surprise!

    Ms. Trouble- Yes!

    Danielle- Well. You would fit in nicely here. We love to eat. But then- who doesn't?

    Jo- It sure is for me.

    Michelle- Ah. What a good husband! Because when you're in that emotional state, you don't realize you have rights and he did and he made things right and I am so glad.

    Marsha- Ah, it's the same old.

    DTG- So many babies to nibble!

    Bethany- Again- yes!

  13. @ ms moon

    sadly there are enough people who arent foodies at all..who dont know that cooking/eating with passion has something to do with a happy spirit and with good life quality..people who dont know much love there is when you cook something for your kids or friends...or how much erotica is in the kitchen when you cook something for a lover...or for a future lover..:-)


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