Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Oh, Love

Here is a picture of Owen and Lis upon their first meeting which took place today in a recording studio where Lis's CD is being mixed. This is a CD of her own songs and one I have been waiting for her to record forever.

I got to listen to two of the tracks while I was there and all I can say is- don't be wearing your mascara when you hear this recording. And if you're smart you WILL hear this recording when it comes out and I WILL have a link to the website where you can order it. Shameless promotion- that is going to be what I am all about when the CD is ready for release which is scheduled for December 31.

Lis sings like an angel and when she's singing her songs that she has written from the depths of her soul and heart and experience and love, well- I described the songs I heard today to May this way: Like kisses from God.
And the CD has been recorded with so much love and respect and such great musicians. One moment you're soaring to the heavens with your eyes closed and the next you're in a cabaret and you want to be dancing in the arms of someone you love, you want to throw back your head and laugh with the joy of it.

Too much? Shit. Just wait 'til you hear it.
You are going to love it. I promise.

And there she is, holding my grandson and I feel so full of love right now that I can hardly stand it.

Lis and I don't live close enough to each other to see each other as much as we want to and sometimes I think I have to close the door on the part of my heart she lives in because I could not bear it otherwise. And then, when I see her, that door gets ripped off the hinges and I am so happy. Lon, her husband, makes me feel that way too. They are good as gold right down to their souls.

And today I heard Lis's songs and she got to meet Owen.
A special day for me.

A very, very special day. And really, that's all I have to say. That and start saving your pennies to buy the CD. I'd buy a thousand of them and give them away if I could. I promise. But I can't.

I really feel that if you like what you find here at blessourhearts, you will love what you hear on that CD because it comes from the same place my writing does. Different words, different form, different women.
Same heart, though. Somehow it's the same heart.

Plus. You can dance to what Lis does.

And when you hear this CD, you will dance.


  1. God knows I need some kind of obvious incantations of love in my life, because I am totally not feeling it today. So while I wait for her CD-and I WILL save my pennies, perhaps literally-I come here to read your words and see your pictures. So thank you for that.

  2. I can't wait to buy it!! I love music that's made by actual musicians who have their heart really in the process. Sounds amazing.

  3. Yep, I will buy it. I will dance... and when I get to know the words, I will SING too... albeit badly, but you know.

    Oh btw, I have the stuff ready for Billy and Shayla. I have a doc appointment tomorrow at 9:30 am so I will leave the stuff in a Newleaf bag by the back door for you, k? If this won't work, let me know by the morning if you can.
    xo m

  4. OK, I'm convinced. I don't dance and I don't sing, but I can cry.

  5. Oh man, I can't wait!
    This must be similar to how you felt waiting for the new Beatles or Stones album to come out!

  6. Kori- I wish you could have been with me there today, listening. My soul was CLEANSED and I think yours would have been too.

    Tiff- It fucking is amazing.

    Ms. Fleur- Yep. You'll dance and sing. You will.

    Sandra- And it will be crying in a very good way.

    HoneyLuna- Nah. This is way more exciting. WAY more.

  7. It sure sounds great, and I can't wait to get my copy. I'm sure that you'll keep us posted!

  8. Beautiful sunset at top--the best meditation.

    You got to mix old and new, a special day.

  9. Can't wait!

    Sweet story today. Yay.

  10. I'll take one, Ms. Moon. Advanced order.

  11. Ginger- Me too! Or me either. Whichever.

    Elizabeth- Without a doubt.

    Kathleen- I did.

    Jo- There was such sweetness.

    Ms. Bastard- Yours is definitely reserved.


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