Saturday, November 14, 2009

Inside And Out

There is a certain freedom about posting on weekends. Not so many people come by here on weekends and I don't feel a need to get a post up by a certain time and today is exceedingly free because I don't have anywhere I have to be until tonight at seven when I need to be back at the Opera House.
Last night went very, very well. Kathleen and I hit all our licks, the avalanches were under control. Okay, there were a few paper-bag explosions that didn't really make the grade but come on- it's all Fake Believe.
This is what I looked like before I left the house. I wish you could really see that hat. It is a thing of beauty. I look old, don't I? Well- fuck it- I am.

The best part about last night's performance was the fact that our playmate who had gone to Pennsylvania to have his eye removed on Wednesday and who didn't get back to Tallahassee until four o'clock in the afternoon yesterday, was sitting in his seat with his costume on when the lights went up.
It was like magic. We had a Plan B ready in case he didn't make it- and who in their right mind would have surgery to remove a cancerous eye and the surrounding tissue on one day and then be onstage the next night?
Well, thankfully our dear man is not in his right mind and he claimed not to be in pain and had taken a TYLENOL before the performance, just in case he got a headache. A Tylenol. Not even an Ibuprofen.
Let me tell you how many hugs he got that night- oh wait- I can't count that high.

The only real misadventure came when Kathleen whacked the FUCK out of her little finger when she was hitting a cabbage head with a big stick. It reminded me of last year when I injured my foot during a performance. Read about that here (with a picture and everything) if you want to.
Anyway, after the cabbage whacking, Kathleen whispered to me, "I think I broke my finger," and there it was, already swelling up, but what can you do? Go on with the play. And she did.
What a trooper!

So that was last night and I got a phone message from Mr. Moon who sounded very happy. He's gotten a large buck and so I'm sure his joy is abounding and that in a year or two, there will be a new deer head on the wall in his den. It takes a very long time for those taxidermists to do their work. I don't know why, but it does. And I'm proud of him. I can't wait to hear the stories.

And this morning I slept in and it's another perfect fall day and so I took my camera around and snapped whatever took my fancy. I was inspired by Maggie May (and when aren't we inspired by Maggie May?) who did this post which was inspired by this blog.
Are you keeping all of this straight, oh you faithful and steadfast weekend readers? You ones and ones of my loves?

So here they are. The pictures I took this morning. Click to make big.

My porch and some of my ferns and sago palms.

A very small green lizard who fell on the tiny porch behind my office when I opened the screen door. He's okay. I promise.

From the mantel in my bedroom. May made the the beautiful Spanish lady doll. She even has underwear. I meant the doll, but May has underwear too. And Lily made me the tiny sock monkey doll a long, long time ago.

On the wall in the mud room. Nice colors, eh?

The loquats are blooming. The bees are in a frenzy.

Woven okra.

The top of the kitchen hutch.

Treasures from Goodwill, treasures from El Marcado in Cozumel, old hand bags.

What I can see when I raise my eyes right now.

Okay. That's it. Run along. Go play. What did you have for breakfast? What are you eating for lunch? Have you kissed a baby? A chicken? Picked a flower, dreamed a dream, touched a lover, smoothed a pillow, drunk your coffee, checked the sky for cloud castles, yawned and stretched, washed the dishes in warm soapy water and then wrung the dishcloth out and hung it over the faucet? Been grateful for two eyes, two hands, two feet, ten fingers, ten toes, and a sweet, sweet heart?


Happy Saturday.


  1. I have gotten up at 5:30 and picked up the house and started my crock-pot yogurt (I'll let oyu know how THAT goes0. I have driven in the snow to delver two juvenile delinquents to school for Saturday School (and did the mom lecture the entire way, even though one is not my son). I got fresh hot donuts and orange juice for those of us at home, and washed dishes and done two loads of laundry.

    Wow. It's 10:00; it sounds like I have done a lot but it doesn't feel like that, just a normal morning here at Chez Jones. It is beautiful here now, sunny and white and blue, and perhaps I will go kiss MY owen and squeeze his sweet cheeks. I am always amazed at how sweet life can be.

  2. Wow. Just wow. Sorry we couldn't be there, but it's pretty busy with everything here. Break a leg tonight, and tell everyone we said "hello". And give Colin a hug for us.

  3. Oh what a sweet blog today. It made me happy with it's lovely pictures and sweet words.

    I'm so sorry that Kathleen broke her finger last night. I kind of worry about you two in these plays, because you do some pretty physical things, with giant rocks. Heh.

    By the way, you look so beautiful in your Folly Artist gear. I'm so excited to see you tonight, and I'm bringing Jason, Lil, and Owen!

  4. Kori- Okay. Now relax. You've earned the right! (And whenever I fuss a kid-not-my-own, I always say, "I may not be your mother but I am a mother."

    Jon- I will give him that hug.

    HoneyLuna- I can't wait!

  5. You look lovely, and your vignettes are eye candy. Your house is a work of art. So glad all went well at the opera house, except the smashed finger. Those hurt like heck.
    I haven't kissed a baby today, but I kissed a sweet furry dog who is my baby, and we frolicked in crunchy leaves and sunshine this morning - it's Saturday, to hell with the chores! Enjoy your weekend and your sweet, sweet heart!

  6. Here in 2 hours + GMT we are well past dinner and the day is done. Proud to say "yes/check" to all the above. Your priorities are right on!

    I love your home and your kitchen hutch. Good luck tonight. Want details!

  7. I have smoothed a lover's cheek, knocked the same lover backwards in his recliner on accident, enjoyed my coffee, stared at the clouds, and been grateful already today. I love Saturdays!

  8. He had his EYE removed?? Yikes!

    I got up at 3am, and fretted until about 6 about where I'm going to live in DC ;) Then I slept again til 8, took a 2 year old boy to the park, blew bubbles, swang, ate at Wendy's and am now home watching football :)

    The good stuff.

  9. I really love your porch and the trees and ferns and such in the photo. I need more of these photos, the stuff around like plants and stuff. Beautiful! When you go to bed at night, remember that landlocked missouri is jealous, very jealous. It's nice today, but it's been cold these past few days. And will be bitter cold in just one short month.

  10. Oh, I got lost on the other blogs, before I even finished reading yours. It is a bit confusing, but fun, and crazy too. Wonderful weekend writing and photos from you. You made me laugh with the underwear. It's a rainy, stormy Sunday here in New England, but I am enjoying the scent of simmering ginger/lime pear sauce, the comfort of lazy animals closeby, twinkle of white Christmas lights, a fantastic book and blueberry coffee. Thanks for asking.

  11. I want you to know that your words in this post today, for whatever reasons, were what I needed to feel like I can get dressed and do anything with the day besides sleep. THANK YOU. I love you.

  12. ps
    If you wrote a book about life in a small town that told lots of stories like the simple one you just told about the cancerous eye and fuck i broke my finger and hurrah, I would buy it and read it and read it. And so would lots of people.

  13. oh..can i please please please move in???

  14. how lovely.

    we played in the rain...i painted the faces of beautiful children in brooklyn; butterflies, penguins, leopards, and tigers. the line grew so long and the rain came down and i had to promise to paint the remaining faces in a few weeks at the children's winter fair.

    we ate pulled pork and grits and caesar salad and grilled cheese and french toast.

    we walked the long way back home, followed our noses and ended up right at our front door.

    i was amazed by how easy it is sometimes to please a small child.

    i was amazed at the exquisite castle painted on a lintel and how free one can feel to express when one knows their house is their very own home.

    i was amazed that it is november
    14th, and you have ferns, green and happy on your front porch while we have cold wet toes and only a few trees still clinging to their vestments, already fading and dry and wishing to return to the earth.

    and all you fans and you know it is the fair michelle's birthday?

  15. You look very regal with your lovely hat.

    I slept pretty late, because I was up late last night kissing a boy. :D

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  17. Hmmm...the day is at its end now and I am ready to hit the hay, but today I laid in bed nursing and napping with a baby and played with a toddler and cleaned floors and did laundry and rediscovered the joy that is the weekend when you work all week, and played Candy Land, and watched Tom and Jerry, but mostly, Mostly, MOST OF ALL, I just enjoyed spending ALL DAY LONG with my babies...Oh I did miss them so this last week.

    Thanks for the beautiful pictures of green things. There is a definite lack of green things around here these days, and it is getting chilly chilly CHILLY, and your pictures of green things make me happy :-)

  18. Mel- Sounds like a very good Saturday.
    And Kathleen's finger is okay. She's tough, that girl.

    Ms. Geeks- Perhaps details tomorrow. It was a good evening at the Opera House.

    Dish- That'll do!

    SJ- I think that sounds divine except for the insomnia. I hope you are sleeping well tonight.

    Rebecca- It will get cold here, too, and not look nearly as lush. Which is why we are enjoying it so now.

    Bethany- Oh yes. Sounds perfect.

    Maggie May- I am so glad I helped you get up. I am. And as to the book- I think I am writing it right here. Don't you?

    Danielle- Well. Okay.

    Adrienne- Thank you for telling us about your day and for telling us it is Michelle's birthday. I have never been able to paint on a wall where I lived. I think I always feel as if the adults will come home and say, "What have you done to my house?"
    Oh. I so wish I had some pulled pork and grits right now. I really do.

    Ginger- Okay. You're excused.

    JustMe- You used your Saturday wisely.

  19. @ ms moon

    i m off to pack my bags:-)

  20. Hey,

    Great pix... and I'd be taking more than a Tylenol on general principle if my eye had been removed. The lot of you are troopers. Yikes!

    Great pix. I had to read twice about the doll because I'm not too awake in the morning. I couldn't figure out what the Spanish doll had to do with May's underwear. I got it the second time. Those kids are so fun and creative. And I like that just incase the Spanish man doll wants to look up the Spanish lady doll's dress, she is prepared! ;-p

    Have a great Sat.
    xo pf

  21. How is he getting the Bucky home? Plane ticket? In parts in a freezer? Shipped? I have all sorts of pics in my head.

  22. Danielle- Okay. Bring your own pillow. I don't share my pillows. Tell me when your plane arrives.

    Ms. Fleur- Remind me to show you the doll next time you are over.

    Sally- He will probably leave the meat with his hosts and the head will arrive someday via some shipping company. I don't understand these things.

  23. I am mad for that picture of the front of your house. All those ferns!

    And re the post about Owen, the headline "That Boy is Fine," I feel like I've told you this, but I'm not sure I could have done that. Some sort of deja vu is going on.

    But when my sister had her son, 24 years ago, he had a bit of the jaundice. She dreaded telling our mother because she would worry. So my sister looked out the window when my mother walked in and said "that baby has jaundice." My mother said "WHAT baby?" and my sister said it another time or two before it was cleared up that it was my sister's actual baby who had jaundice.

    My sister admitted later that some crazy part of her brain was putting out the pretense that it would not sound so bad if she distanced by calling her very own newborn "that baby."

    So of course, to this day we call the tall, handsome, blue eyed blond one "that baby" now and then. Because it makes us laugh.

  24. I'm glad May has underwear. All the best people do.

    Love, SB.

  25. Glimmer- That baby. How wonderful.

    Ms. Bastard- I've heard that too.


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