Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Our Woman Baby Is A Woman Girl Now

And that is what Maggie looked like four years ago, just about right now. She was a husky little thing, eight pounds, 13 ounces but we tend to have big babies around here.
It was such a sweet, fast birth. One of my main memories is of Tanasia Huff, a then-midwifery student, coming in and getting things ready as calmly and quietly as anyone possibly could, radiating peacefulness as she set out the instruments she and Diana, the midwife, would need or might need for the birth. It's like she absorbed the very air and energy of the scene, analyzing it for what it could tell her about how things were progressing. She's now got her own practice and she delivered Maggie that night, wordlessly slipping the cord that was around Maggie's neck over her head so that our little girl could be pushed out into this realm of light.
It was so beautiful. Lily was so beautiful. Maggie was so beautiful.

Gibson meeting his baby sister. 

The announcement of her birth on the blog is HERE if anyone wants to read it.

Jason loving his new daughter then.

Jason with her today. 

Lily and the birthday girl and her daddy and Jessie and August and Levon and I went to the Chinese buffet to celebrate. It was a sweet lunch. 

And then I went to Target with Maggie and her mama and daddy and let her pick out a birthday present. Her cake and presents party is going to be this weekend and today was just for her- doing what she wanted to do. And what four-year old doesn't want to go to Target to pick out a present?
After much deliberation she chose a Peppa Pig play set. Lily sent a picture a few minutes ago of her playing with it. 

"She's been playing with it since we got home," Lily wrote. She looks happy, doesn't she? That girl loves to pretend. 

It's so interesting, watching each of my grandchildren grow from babies to kids and now, in Owen's case, to pre-teen. How different they all are, each one born with his or her own personalities right there from first breath. They all have their own interests, their own strengths and their own outlooks on life. 
But the hair often has to grow in later. 

I found this picture of August and Maggie. Maggie was a few days old, August three months. The difference then was so pronounced, wasn't it? But they were both beautiful then and they are beautiful now. 

After lunch, before Target, we went to a restaurant supply house right by the Chinese buffet and there was a little display of a cutting board with a pretend cheese that could be separated into sections. Before we knew what was happening, Maggie was cutting up the cheese and serving it to August  who was the Daddy, and Levon who was the baby. They played at this the whole time we were there and it made me so happy to watch this unfold. 
There is nothing in this world more beautiful than babies and children. 

Happy birthday, Magnolia June. You are loved more than you will ever know. 
Keep being you. 
As if you had a choice...

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Happy Birthday Maggie! I hope one day you'll read these posts and know what a wonderful family you have and how much your grandma Moon adores you.

    Another sweet day for you, Ms. Moon. Thanks for sharing it here.

  2. Love those children! Happy birthday, Miss Magnolia.

  3. Happy Birthday wee Maggie! May your imagination keep you dreaming your whole life through.

  4. what a day! Loved the day she was born........and love her even more now. The woman girl that will kick some butt as she grows up, no doubt. Love it! Growing up in the most loving family....how lucky you all are
    Susan M

  5. What a lovely poem your family, and how lucky they are to be greeted with such love. The pictures are so moving.

  6. As soon as I saw that first picture, before I even opened your post I knew that was Maggie! It just looks like her even at birth! Your grand babies are all about as beautiful and handsome as possible! Happy Birthday Miss Magnolia June!

  7. Lovely! Happy Birthday to the golden girl!

  8. Lovely! Happy Birthday to the golden girl!

  9. Is there a prouder grandmother in the world? I very much doubt it. Happy birthday to Miss Magnolia!

  10. Happy Birthday to Miss Maggie! August looks the same now as he did then.

    I'm glad you got to see her on her birthday.

  11. Happy 4th Birthday, Miss Magnolia!

  12. Yes, that sweet woman-child had us all from the start. Her kingdom is vast.

  13. Happy birthday dear Magnolia June!

  14. she is, as my friend Reya says, a force of nature.

  15. Happy birthday dear Magnolia June! it is wonderful to watch you grow!

  16. Thank goodness for babies and children. My neighbor, an Orthodox Jewish woman, just had her fifth (all under five years old), and I peered in the stroller yesterday at the newest little burrito. It brings me joy. So does this post. Happy Birthday Magnolia June.

  17. Happy birthday Maggie (love the name Magnolia too)!

  18. Happy Birthday Miss Magnolia! It's so hard to believe she's four already!

  19. Happy birthday (belated) to Maggie! August has the most remarkable eyes in that picture.


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