Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Day Of Beauty

Lily got her hair cut today and I went with her and the children to wrangle them while she was in the chair. We went to Costco first and got wet coming in from the parking lot as it was raining nicely. We had samples and as usual, Owen collected his to eat all at once. I sometimes think he does this merely to infuriate Gibson by eating his saved deliciousness to in front of him. Gibson understands that this is fair- he's already eaten his- but it still makes him crazy.
I am sure this only makes Owen enjoy his ravioli and cheese all the more because they are brothers and this is what brothers do.
As Lily says- all day it's play, play, fight, play, play, fight.

There's a picture I stole from Facebook of a playing moment. The next moment Gibson was probably saying, "Mommy! He said he was going to kill me!"

I'm not sure that Lily is going to survive this summer. 

Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, headed to St. Melissa's hair salon. 
We love this woman. I have mentioned her and her husband, our Juancho, before. Melissa has toys in her room in the salon. And an iPad. And she lets the children play with them. And then, when it's all over, she opens the bottom drawer on the magical cabinet and finds them Blow Pops. 
What could be better? 
Gibson begged to have his hair cut too but Lily said, "I am not paying for boy haircuts in the summer!" 
Wah, wah, wah. 
I think he just wanted to interact on a more intense level with Miss Melissa as he calls her. 
So there was toy playing and iPad game playing and Maggie walked about and played with whatever the boys would let her have and then she pooped and I changed her diaper on the floor on a changing pad and while all of this was going on around her very feet, Melissa gave Lily the cutest haircut ever. 

And then Maggie didn't want to leave with us but wanted to stay with Miss Melissa. And we asked her to go to lunch with us and Owen was bereft when she couldn't. 

"I think you have a little crush on Miss Melissa," I told him. "It's okay. I do too."

We all do. 
(Sorry Juancho.)

We ate our lunch, sans Melissa, at Jason's Deli. Here's Gibson.

He was making a face but he did let me take his picture. Progress.

After all of that, we went home. I don't know about Lily but I had to take a nap. 
(And I wouldn't have been surprised if Melissa hadn't had to take a drink.)

So it was a good day in that my mood of existential angst and depression didn't have enough room to take over, what with the child wrangling and so forth. Plus, those kids make me laugh so much. 
When I'm not thinking about pinching their little heads off. 

The sun has come out just in time to paint my yard gold as it sets but according to the weather widget we're supposed to get more rain tonight. Getting wet on our way in and out of places is nothing compared to knowing that the aquifer and lakes and rivers are getting some much-needed fresh water. We all have umbrellas but damn if we can ever remember to take them places with us. And as I heard one mother say to her little fellow as they came into Costco, "See? You didn't melt one little bit. I told you!" 

All right. That's what happened today in the merry, merry land of where I live. 

Mr. Moon's home! 

We'll talk tomorrow.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. My brother absolutely did things to make me angry. He admits it to this day! Actually, when he went into recovery and did the 8th step he came to me to make amends. I, of course, forgave him in a heartbeat and now we are great friends.
    Lily looks gorgeous as always. She is one of the people that could wear a burlap sack and still glow!

  2. Oh yes. Boys and their playing and their fighting. It never ends.

  3. Lovely haircut, and the boys...so cute.

  4. That's really great, warm greetings.

  5. Beautiful Lily. And dear Lord, I remember the endless summers, and my great relief once school started again and routine reasserted itself. Still these long boring summer days of having to entertain themselves will turn out to be bonding times for your grands. My two and their cousin could not be closer today, and i credit it to their spending all their summers together from the time they were 1, 3, and 5. They have great and hilarious stories, actually, about the things they got up to because they were bored. Some of their best childhood memories.

  6. Staying busy is, I have found, almost always a cure for existential angst and depression. Or maybe not a cure, but at least a remedy.

    Sounds like a fab day. My brother and I were the same way when we were little -- fight, play, fight, play.

  7. The beauty is all rolled up into those little munchkins you have. I love seeing their pictures. I love that Lily lets the kids get dirty in play. My mother was a dud in that way.

  8. PS Lily looks beautiful❤️


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