Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Visit, Trivia, Birthday

Oh, y'all. I am tired! So here are some pictures.

Lily brought the boys over after swimming. Yes, they were finally able to swim when the gator slipped back into the water lilies. Long story but that's the short version. Anyway, the boys were starving. So. Cheese toast and eggies. 
Like their new haircuts?
They do.

Cool or what?

Boppy getting sugar from his Magnolia.

Jason being all handsome and stuff, holding his daughter.

Waylon deciding he loves Boppy. A lot. Dang precious stuff right there.

Hank picking up Gibson to help blow out the candles.

Candles successfully blown out.

It was a great evening. Here are a few of us before pizza, before Trivia. Family. 

Hank is the Trivia Master. The joint was filled with his regulars. We had such a good time. And Owen got to be Hank's assistant. He did a fantastic job. 

And all the chickens survived and are asleep. 

Good day. A very good day.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I think the best part was Owen and Abbie realizing that they are cousins, sort of.

  2. That baby Magnolia is just stinking cute. I can hardly stand it.

  3. Gorgeous pictures. So many birthdays you all have :)

  4. That Hank- Owen and Austin figured it out at May's wedding. It's so cool how sweet Austin is with Owen. Did you see Owen hug him last night when we were all saying good-bye?

    Steve Reed- And I wore my shirt with my great-grandmother's pearls. I hope you noted that.

    Elizabeth- She's just a squishable, kissable baby doll and we adore her.

    Jo- And we make a big deal out of each and every damn one of them, don't we?

  5. So much wonderful life happening. Love the boys' Mohawks.


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