Sunday, June 12, 2016

Sunday Suck Day

 I obviously did NOT find the real source of the dead thing because now the whole house smells of deaded death and my laptop is just done pretending it's trying. 
Mr. Moon and I just had as close to an argument as we ever have around here and I'm going to town to drop my magic box off at the Computer Doctor and then come home and clean. 

Welcome back, Sunday blues. 
And bite my ass. 


  1. Oh, Mary Moon. You are such a prolific writer and I've been having trouble keeping up. But I read it all even when I don't comment. Thank you for all the photos and videos of your beautiful family, especially the grandchildren. Thank you for all your observations on the human condition. Thank you for being honest about your feelings. I hope your computer gets well quickly, that your cleaning uncovers the deaded thing, and that your emotions are evened out by the cleaning and by time. Hugs.

  2. the nation is in a state of shock and heartbreak today. hard for it not to seep into our psyches. may the rest of your day pass gently. I'm loving you from here.

  3. I hope you will soon be on the way to the closest thing to makeup sex you have around there.

    A truly awful day - maybe you're feeling the fall out.

  4. As I always say when a day sucks beyond comprehension. It is a good day to go to bed early. Sleep. Sweet escape.

  5. i wish that you finding the dead thing was the worst thing we all had to think about today.

    much love from the feral mitten


  6. It was a suck Sunday. And we had a spat as well, and then the horrible awakening to the deaths in Orlando. I am tired of it all. Every MFing part of it.


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